Prinova has partnered with Agrumaria Reggina, a citrus-based essential oils and juice manufacturer in Italy, to be the exclusive distributor of essential oils in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Southeast Asia, and the Asia Pacific. The partnership will give Agrumaria expanded sales and marketing reach for its essential oil line to fulfill the growing demand for “true-to-fruit” experiences in the flavor and fragrance, food and beverage, and beauty and homecare industries.

The offering will consist primarily of essential oils derived from orange, lemon, blonde/blood orange, mandarin, clementine, and bergamot. All fruits are sourced exclusively from Italy and the oils obtained with the company’s proprietary cold-press technology.

“We are extremely excited to start this collaboration with Prinova as we look to establish a global sales presence for our essential oil offering,” said Felice Cherico, sales and marketing director of Agrumaria, in a press release (pdf). “Our passion for citrus fruits has been inspiring our activities for more than 35 years. Our flavor and fragrance customers will only benefit from it!”

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