Food Packaging Award in Honor of Don Riester, Rees Davis, and Aaron Brody

Partner: Food Packaging Division of IFT

Achievement Award Description: Recognizes lifetime achievement for top innovators in food packaging technology.

Award: $3,000 and a crystal award from IFT.

Eligibility: The award will be based on achievement in food packaging technology in which the awardee was the key person.

Award Criteria: Nominations should include innovation in action: concepts that function; developments that advance food packaging; research that leads beyond current frontiers; ideas that spark students; or similar. The application of science to food protection through packaging is imperative.

Materials to Submit:

  • Nomination Statement (no longer than four typed pages). Nomination statement should include examples of achievement in food packaging technology and reflect award criteria.
  • Letter of Reference that should speak to the Nominee’s achievement in food packaging technology and reflect award criteria.

The submissions for the 2022 Achievement Awards are now closed.

2021: Dong Sun Lee

2020: Claire Koelsch Sand

2019: Kit L. Yam

2018: Jung H. Han

2017: E. Jeffery Rhodehamel

2016: Brian Wagner

2015: Gordon Robertson

2014: Tom Dunn

2013: No Recipient

2012: No Recipient

2011: No Recipient

2010: Kay Cooksey

2009: Joe Marcy

2008: John Krochta

2007: Marcus Karel, Theodore LaBuza

2006: Tom Powers

2005: Stan Kopecky

2004: Anne Bieler

2003: Charles Barmore

2002: Michael Rooney

2001: Bruce Harte

2000: Barbara Blakistone

1999: Marvin Tung

1998: Larry Bell

1997: Ray Bourque

1996: No Recipient

1995: Rauno Lampi

1994: Lyle Ernst

1993: Burt Lundquist

1992: Dick Perdue

1991: Tee Downes

1990: Mike Gigliotti

1989: Seymour Gilbert

1988: Aaron Brody,

1987: Arnold Kopetz

1986: Don Riester, Rees Davis