Outstanding Young Scientist Award in Honor of Samuel Cate Prescott

Achievement Award Description: Awarded for outstanding research in food science and technology.

Award: $3,000 honorarium and a crystal award from IFT

Eligibility: The nominee must have received their highest degree within the previous 10 years by July 1 of the year of the award.

Award Criteria: Nominations should include documented contributions in methodology and research toward the advancement of food science or improvement of the human condition through food.

Materials to Submit:

  • Nomination Statement (no longer than four typed pages). Nomination statement should include examples of contributions in methodology and research and reflect award criteria.
  • Numbered List of nominee’s publications and patents (to save space, refer to them in the nomination statement using these numbers)
  • Letter of Reference that should speak to the Nominee’s contributions in methodology and research and reflect award criteria.

The submissions for the 2022 Achievement Awards are now closed.

2021: Xiaonan Lu

2020: Guodong Zhang

2019: Han-Seok Seo

2018: Barbara Kowalcyk

2017: Emmanuel Hatzakis

2016: Lili He

2015: Julie Goddard

2014: Hang Xiao

2013: Nitin Nitin

2012: Qixin Zhong

2011: Soo-Yeun Lee

2010: Mario Ferruzzi

2009: Manuel Castillo

2008: F. Xavier Malcata

2007: Jochen Weiss

2006: Dong-Hyun Kang

2005: MaryAnne Drake

2004: Sheryl A. Barringer

2003: Martin Wiedmann

2002: Kathryn J. Boor

2001: Q. Howard Zhang

2000: Susan L. Hefle

1999: D. Julian McClements

1998: Casimir C. Akoh

1997: Eric A. Decker

1996: Kathryn L. McCarthy

1995: Marc Hendrickx

1994: James L. Steele

1993: No Recipient

1992: Shelly J. Schmidt

1991: Michael J. McCarthy

1990: Carl A. Batt

1989: Todd R. Klaenhammer

1988: James J. Pestka

1987: Michael P. Doyle

1986: Jozef L. Kokini

1985: Barbara Olds Schneeman

1984: Henry K. Leung

1983: J. Gregory

1982: R. Paul Singh

1981: Paul Carroad

1980: John Erdman

1979: No Recipient

1978: James M. Flink

1977: Larry R. Beuchat

1976: Lowell D. Satterlee

1975: Anthony J. Sinskey

1974: Thomas W. Keenan

1973: Norman F. Haard

1972: Theodore P. Labuza

1971: Darrell E. Goll

1970: Steven R. Tannenbaum

1969: Harry Yamamoto

1968: Herbert O. Hultin

1967: Robert G. Cassens

1966: No Recipient

1965: Ernest J. Briskey

1964: Edgar Allan Day

1958: Lawrence S. Spiegel