Sensory and Consumer Sciences Achievement Award

Partner: Sensory and Consumer Sciences Division Fund of Feeding Tomorrow

Award Description: Honors an individual who has demonstrated distinguished leadership and research within the field of sensory and consumer sciences.

Award: $3,000 and a crystal award from IFT

Criteria & Eligibility: Nominees must reflect dedication and leadership throughout their career and demonstrate the lasting impact of their work to advance the field of sensory and consumer sciences.

2023: Henriette DeKock

2022: Gail Vance Civille

2021: John Hayes

2020: Zata Vickers

2019: Suzanne Pecore

2018: Jacqueline Beckley

2017: Michael O'Mahony

2016: Anne Goldman

2015: Hildegarde Heymann

2014: Herbert Stone

2013: Daniel Ennis

2012: Harry T. Lawless

2011: Howard Schutz, Chris Findlay