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IFT offers internships through the IFT Intern+ Program.

"The Intern+ experience with bioMérieux brought immense value, perspective and enrichment to my career. To me, it was an immersive cultural experience, working with diverse people on exciting projects that made a real impact on Food Safety. I gained exposure towards different facets of the food science industry which I couldn’t have achieved without bioMérieux."

- Utki Joshi, Intern , Recipient 2020

“My internship with PepsiCo has been an amazing educational opportunity where I was able to work on a project that added value to the company. I not only supported the Sensory & Consumer Products Insights team, but was able to work on an intern innovation project with one of the company's top brands and enjoy a wide variety of intern activities.”

- Christopher Craddock, PepsiCo Intern+ Recipient , 2018

IFT’s Intern+ Program is designed to connect student members with a variety of professional internships and trainee programs, plus (+) support the recipient with an academic scholarship or travel scholarship to attend the IFT Annual Event.  

The Benefits of an Internship 

The Intern+ Program allows students to explore career interests, develop skills, and gain experience. Employers are much more likely to hire someone with internship and work experiences. Internships can help set the foundation for your career. 

They also help you to:

  • Apply what they have learned in the classroom to a real work experience.
  • Find out how to prepare for a career in a certain field.
  • Determine an appropriate career path.
  • Build a strong resume.
  • Develop a network of professional contacts for future opportunities and references.
  • Learn which workplace skills they need to develop. 

Intern+ Opportunities

Intern+ opportunities are open throughout the year with various deadlines. Internships listed below represent a sampling of current internships, as well as those open within the last 12 months. Click on a listing below to learn more about that opportunity.


Our industry partners offer compensation through paid internships or housing stipends. In addition, students receive an academic scholarship for academic tuition and/or a travel scholarship to attend the IFT Annual Event.

How the Intern+ Program Works

  • Promotes opportunities to 3,000+ IFT student members and university chapters
  • Collects and shares basic application information with partnering organizations
  • Directs eligible applicants to partner's application process
  • Celebrates and recognizes recipients at IFT annual event and through digital media

Partnering organization: 

  • Identifies HR contact to determine criteria, eligibility, location and other intern details
  • Communicates regularly with IFT team to ensure communication with applicants, notification of recipient(s) and feedback on the program
  • Contributes funding annually to IFT to distribute scholarship ($1,500 for undergraduate student, $2,000 for graduate students) and stipend to recipient

“The quality of candidates from the Intern+ program was outstanding. Our intern, Ukti Joshi, came with a fresh and relevant perspective from her background in food science and microbiology and made immediate and impactful contributions to our team. It was a wonderful experience to support the future leaders of our industry. Companies that are looking for bright, eager, and motivated candidates entering the science of food should look no further than the Intern+ program.”

- Joy Dell’Aringa, Scientific Marketing Manager , bioMérieux, Inc

Interested in offering an internship+ opportunity?

We partner with organizations like yours to promote internships for IFT student members.  Offering internships is a great way to:

  • Nurture your company’s talent pipeline.
  • Provide additional support and increase an organization's workforce.
  • Allow experienced professionals the ability to share their skills and cultivate the next generation of leaders in their field.

Learn more about Intern+ and contact us to get involved.

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