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A Lifetime of Discovery

Memorial University of Newfoundland’s Fereidoon Shahidi, the recipient of IFT’s 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award in honor of Nicolas Appert, talks about the need for compelling data in the nutraceutical and functional food space, as well as the importance of giving students room to make their own discoveries.

By Kayt Sukel
Fereidoon Shahidi

Photo courtesy of Fereidoon Shahidi

You’ve had a prolific research career. What are some of the bigger picture research questions that have driven your investigative work?

Waste and utilization are really the driving forces in our work. The most important question has been how to fully utilize resources and eliminate wastage of food, whether you are talking about waste from the farm or from processing discards. For example, if you look at seeds, from cereal grains or legumes, they all have an outer skin there to help protect the pl…

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