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Your All-In-One Resource for Comprehensive Traceability Training

With new regulations looming, like the FDA Food Traceability Rule taking effect in January 2026, food and beverage companies have a lot of preparation to do in a short time—a task that can come with a hefty price tag.

Furthermore, even the most detailed traceability program is only as effective as those collecting the data for it—have you taken the necessary steps to train all parties involved in your plan’s execution?

IFT has made it efficient and affordable for you to deliver comprehensive training and guidance to your entire organization, with our Enterprise Traceability Education Suite, developed by unbiased, world-renowned experts at the Global Food Traceability Center.

From a basic awareness of food traceability principles to detailed guides on how to design and implement - or evaluate and enhance - your traceability program, our all-in-one suite comes with three courses included and is designed to meet all your company’s traceability compliance needs.

Each course is thoughtfully designed to educate professionals across all levels and business areas, emphasizing the significance of traceability and its practical application within your business operations.

  • Traceability Awareness: Train the Trainer and Plant Staff Resources
  • Traceability Fundamentals: Cross-Functional Manager Training
  • Traceability Implementation: Step-by-step Guide to Designing a Traceability Program

All three courses are included for one enterprise-wide price of $28,000 plus implementation fees.

Prepare for fast-approaching regulations, reduce the risks of recalls, litigation, and decreased public trust, and make information management more cost-efficient.

Contact our sales team today to learn more about this one-of-a-kind education solution.

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Traceability Infographic

Want a sneak peek at the course content? Download our Quick Guide to Traceability infographic, included in our Traceability Awareness course, for FREE.

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Three Courses Included for One Price.

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Traceability Awareness: Train the Trainer and Plant Staff Resources

Raise awareness of basic traceability principles, definitions, and best practices for your staff. This course includes:

  • Quick Guide to Traceability Infographic
  • Traceability Manager Training: Best Practices for Training Staff Members Responsible for Data Collection
  • Ready-to-use downloadable posters, videos, PowerPoint templates and job aids

Variety of food including oil, red cabbage, watermelon, peanuts, and oats.

Traceability Fundamentals: Cross-Functional Manager Training

Learn the importance of traceability, how it impacts business functions and outcomes, and how to support traceability best practices for risk management. This course includes:

  • Food Traceability Fundamentals
  • What is Traceability?
  • Why is Traceability Important?
  • How Do We Achieve Traceability?
  • Who is Involved in Traceability?
  • Traceability Best Practices

Variety of food including green and red bell peppers, onion, cantaloupe, bananas, green beans, papaya, sausages, red meat, and chicken.

Traceability Implementation: Step-by-step Guide to Designing a Traceability Program

This guide provides instructions, examples, and interactive worksheets to help you evaluate, design, and implement a comprehensive traceability program for your business operations. This course includes:

  • 6-Step Guide
    • Lay the Foundation
    • Scope and Objectives
    • KDEs & CTEs
    • Gap Analysis
    • Digitizing Data
    • Implementation
  • Traceability Workbook