Jamie Valenti-Jordan, CFS


Jamie Valenti-Jordan is first and foremost focused on feeding 9 billion people by 2050 - the year his son turns 35. For Jamie, the 2050 crisis is not for a future generation to solve. It is here, now.

Jamie is the CEO of Catapult Commercialization Services, a technical and operational services group of 90 people targeting emerging and scaling food brands. Jamie is focused on building bridges between our industry and the emerging sector to ensure that consumers are presented with nutritious, safe, and ever-evolving opportunities. By drawing on the resources historically made available to those at established brands and sharing them with newer brands, Jamie hopes to accelerate the pace of innovation of global food systems.

Jamie also teaches Food Engineering and Food Processing at Mount Mary University to inspire the next generation of Food Scientists to pursue their passions. By learning from his professional and academic predecessors, Jamie was able to find the perfect spot for him in the industry, and he hopes to share that with those that come after him.