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Email, Digital Advertising, and Re-targeting

Reach industry professionals and IFT members through our email newsletters, which include member-only and open access newsletters, as well as customized email blasts.

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Email and Newsletters

Email Marketing - Customized IFT Blast

Customized email messaging with client-provided content to the precise audience you want to target. Sent by IFT on behalf of the client to a targeted audience from IFT’s database.

  • 36.4% Open rate average (average)
  • 1.1% Click rate (average)
  • 0.6% - 3.6% Click through rate (range)

Special Report Newsletter- Exclusive Sponsor

Curated IFT content on a sponsor-selected topic. The target you want to engage with the content to draw them in. IFT provides a selection of editorial material for the client to select and feature in the newsletter. The sponsor may also include featured content, i.e., whitepaper or other research. (Limited availability)

  • 5,000 Target subscribers
  • 38.5% Open rate (average)
  • 2.7% Click rate (average)

Food News Now Newsletter

Powered by AI, the Food News Now daily newsletter offers a personalized look at the most important food industry news, ranging from the latest news in scientific research, policy, and food product development to sustainability and food security initiatives.

  • 30,500 Subscribers (+16.8% increase over last year’s subscriber count!)
  • 38.1% Open rate
  • 3.1% Click rate
  • 8.0% Click through rate

All-New Category Newsletters

Introducing a suite of four, category-focused newsletters specifically designed for product and ingredient specialists in the dynamic segments of bakery, dairy, snacks, and plant-based alternatives!

  • Bakery News Now
  • Dairy News Now
  • Snack News Now
  • Plant-Based Foods News Now

Each monthly newsletter delivers a targeted collection of news, research, trends, and innovation from IFT and around the web.

IFT Insider Newsletter

Delivered every month to IFT members, highlighting what’s new and exciting in education, policy, and benefits.

  • 6,500+ Subscribers
  • 39% Open rate
  • 2.6% Click rate

Digital Advertising

Interstitial Ads on News & Publications Exclusive Weekly Opportunity

Appears once a day as a transition ad prior to accessing any of the News & Publications urls.

  • 5,000 Impressions per week (average)
  • 2.1–4.8% CTR (range)

News & Publications Pages on

  • Average monthly pageviews: 123,516
  • Unique monthly pageviews: 108,069
  • Average time on page: 8:19

Native Advertising

  • InText Leaderboard within Food Technology editorial 
  • Ad Options
  • Image, headline and description placed within selected editorial

Brain Food Blog on

  • Average Monthly Page Views: 6,450
  • Unique Monthly Page Views: 5,655
  • Average Time on Page: 6:56

Events pages on

  • Average monthly pageviews: 12,873
  • Unique monthly pageviews: 5,655
  • Average time on page: 6:56

Mobile Ad Exclusive Sponsor

  • Average Monthly Pageviews: 97,904
  • Pageviews Annually:  1,174,857
  • Ad Options
    - 320 px x 480 px
    - Close feature on ad
    - Include link to URL or designated landing page

Search Pages on

  • Average Monthly Page Views: 4,790
  • Unique Monthly Page Views: 2,926
  • Average Time on Page: 01.21

Career Development pages on

  • Average Monthly Pageviews: 19,308
  • Unique Monthly Pageviews: 16,480
  • Average Time on Page: 04:10

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