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Global Food Traceability Center Research and Resources

The Global Food Traceability Center (GFTC) is a global leader in the food traceability space. We conduct applied research and develop resources to advance end-to-end traceability efforts across the food supply chain.

Discover how the GFTC’s work has advanced the science and practice of food traceability.

Traceability Pilots

The GFTC works with industry, regulators, and NGOs to test and study product tracing practices in food supply chains. Learn more about how organizations can conduct effective product tracing investigations and implement traceability solutions.

GFTC Leafy Greens Pilot
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GFTC collaborated with industry stakeholders to support the New Era of Smarter Food Safety through traceability pilots in leafy greens supply chains.

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TrazApp Vessel Level Traceability Pilot

Seafood industry actors piloted the collection and communication of traceability data using GDST standards in Peruvian mahi mahi supply chains.

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On-Demand Content

Explore the latest ideas and thinking in food traceability and deepen your knowledge in key traceability topics.

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Food Traceability: Current Status and Future Opportunities

On Demand Webcast

The ABC’s of Traceability

Tech Talk

TechTalk Podcast: Tech-enabled Traceability in the New Era of Smarter Food Safety. (Allison FDA Podcast)

Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability (GDST) >

The GFTC and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) organized the GDST in 2017 as an international, business-to-business platform to advance interoperable seafood traceability. The GDST brought together seafood supply chain stakeholders from around the world to create the first-ever, global industry standards for seafood traceability, released in 2020. The GFTC continues to support technical development and implementation of the GDST standards.

Learn more about our work with the GDST at

Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability



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The IFT Traceability Library contains traceability Best Practice Guides, Journal Articles, White Papers, Case Studies and the latest news. Visit the Library.

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