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Members Say IFT Offers Everything You Need to Prepare for an Uncertain Future

Since 1939, IFT has been the place for science of food professionals to collaborate, learn, and contribute. As the industry faces an impending recession and potential impacts on the food system, IFT remains the consistent community that members rely on to drive them forward with cutting-edge science, powerful education, and inspiration for their next innovations.

If you’re not a member of IFT, now is the time to get connected so that when you need it, you too can draw on the network, efficiency, and inspiration we offer. Here’s a look at how IFT makes a difference for members.

Nourish Your Network

In an uncertain economic environment, your network becomes increasingly important. And IFT members say that tapping into our community of science of food professionals from down the street and around the world is one of the most valuable aspects of their membership.

The value of IFT “is about people, it's about that sense of community, it's about bringing them together into the same place,” says Allison Leibovich, customer innovation advisor at Cargill. “In IFT, we are bringing together academics with industry members with government, so we can all look at the science of food from different perspectives.” Leibovich also says her IFT membership has given her a sense of belonging and a community where she can discuss science and technology topics with others who understand.

In addition to creating a sense of belonging, connecting with a far-flung community of people helps members build successful careers over the long term. “Early in my career, I had no idea of all the companies that are out there and the things they're doing,” says Erica Boyd, technical sales specialist at Givaudan. “IFT continuously provided the opportunity for me to learn about what other companies are doing and creating, and how we can work together to create food solutions for the world. Networking and making connections has been the biggest boon to my career.”

Increase Your Efficiency

For IFT members, having that network in place can boost their efficiency at work. “If I need to reach out to a supplier, or I'm looking for a specific ingredient or other company, just to have that network [of IFT members] is really valuable,” says Nayara Jordan, scientist at the Kraft Heinz Company, who has been a member of IFT since she was a college student.

Members rely on IFT to provide them with access to the information or people they need to quickly overcome challenges. IFT “helps me get the resources that I need to keep up to date with the science of food as the science is constantly changing,” says Kaitlyn Davey, process development engineer at Oberto Snacks. “Food Technology magazine helps me keep up with trends. I also use the Journal of Food Science a lot as I'm working in research. IFT has really helped me get to where I am so far in my career.”

Inspire Your Innovation

As changing food needs demand new products and solutions for feeding a hungry world, food science professionals seek inspiration for the innovations of the future. And IFT members find the inspiration they need through IFT’s novel research and reviews, industry news, consumer trends, and scientific breakthroughs.

For Muthu Muthukumarappan, PhD, distinguished professor and head of the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering at South Dakota State University, IFT has helped inform his research for the past 33 years. Through IFT, Muthukumarappan says he has been able to work with researchers throughout the world. “I am a distinguished professor at SDSU, primarily because of my continuous membership in IFT and the opportunities it gave me,” he says.

A supportive community right at your fingertips, along with easy access to the latest technical applications of science, means IFT members are consistently inspired to meet the needs of the future. “To me, the most valuable benefit of IFT is having access to the meetings, webinars, and online events, so that you can meet people, learn new information, and attend technical seminars,” says Karen Graves, senior director of sensory and consumer sciences at Bell Flavors and Fragrance. “And as a volunteer, I’m able to teach others, especially teaching students or first-time industry professionals, so that they can learn and grow in their skills and then also refine their careers.”

Don’t wait to experience the benefits these members describe. An IFT membership is valued at more than $1,000 yet costs only a fraction of that price. Learn more about IFT membership and join us today.

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