Aaron L. Brody

A two-day Active Packaging Conference in Chicago in October 2005, sponsored by the Food Products Association and orchestrated by FPA’s Jim Charbonneau and Ray Bourque, invited ten commercial suppliers to speak about their new active and intelligent packaging products. Here’s a summary of some of the products.

Pactiv’s Active Tech R3 technology provides “instant” red color reblooming. Meat packaged on a polystyrene tray wrapped with PVC film is placed in an outer modified-atmosphere package with an oxygen scavenger. When the inner package is removed from the outer package for shelf display, air permeates the PVC to rebloom the meat.

• Case-Ready Meat Packaging. Caseready fresh red meat under reduced oxygen supplemented by oxygen scavengers has been introduced commercially. Pactiv Corp., Lake Forest, Ill. (www.pactiv.com…

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