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Outlook 2024: Flavor Trends

This first in a series of three trend articles surveys flavorists, chefs, trend-spotters, futurologists, and entrepreneurs to find out what flavors consumers will be looking for in the year ahead.

By Dana Cvetan
Spoon of mixed salad with avocado, tomatoes and edible flower

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Consumers’ desire to feel good is steering the direction flavors are heading, but not in the “eat-drink-and-be-merry” way. Health—of the body, mind, spirit, and planet—rather than hedonism (well, okay, maybe a splash of hedonism), informs what flavors consumers are expected to flock to in 2024.

“We’ll continue to see heightened consumer demand for new food and beverage experiences that express [their] true desires, with unapologetic abandon for the flavors they deem tasty—in any format,” while t…

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About the Author

Dana Cvetan is a freelance writer based in Barrington, Ill. ([email protected]).