Archer Daniels Midland Co. launched Enova™ cooking oil in December. The product has been clinically shown to help with the fight against body fat and obesity. It will be marketed by ADM Kao LLC., a joint venture between ADM and the Kao Corp. of Japan formed in June 2001. Enova oil will initially be available in the Atlanta and Chicago metro regions in 20-oz. bottles through grocery and other retail food stores. Developed in Japan by Kao, Enova oil was introduced as Healthy Econa Cooking Oil in Japan in 1999. Enova oil is produced from a patented process that increases concentrations of diacylglycerol, a naturally occurring component found in all vegetable oils. While Enova oil contains the same amount of calories and fat as conventional oils, it is metabolized differently. Because of its chemical structure, more of Enova oil is burned directly by the body as energy, rather than stored as fat. A study recently completed by the Chicago Center for Clinical Research has shown that, over a 24-week period, people who incorporated Enova oil into a calorie-controlled diet reduced their weight by an average of 3.6 % and their body fat mass by 8.3%. Studies have also shown that Enova oil can help reduce post-meal serum triglycerides by 30–50 %. ADM is based in Decatur, Ill.

Elgin Dairy Foods has introduced Flav’r Top® Plus non-dairy, ready-to-whip topping for bakeries and operators. The topping has stability for superior hold for intricate designs and combines flavor and freshness without an oily or waxy aftertaste. It is packaged in cases of six four-lb cartons. Elgin Dairy is based in Chicago, Ill.

Quorn Foods has introduced a meat-free Turkey-Style Roast. The product offers vegetarians and those looking for healthful options an alternative to meat products. The roast can be slowly cooked in the oven and is ideal for slicing. It contains two-thirds less fat than roasted turkey breast. Quorn products are made from mycoprotein. Quorn is based in Riverside, Conn.

Schwan’s Consumer Brands North America introduced Red Baron Deep Dish Pan Style Pizza™ in November. The frozen pizza provides the pan-style taste of national pizza chains right out of the microwave. It is the first microwavable 8-in deep-dish style frozen pizza. The product delivers a crisp crust pizza in about 5.5–6 minutes in the microwave. It comes in Pepperoni, Cheese, Supreme, and Meat Trio® varieties. Schwan’s is based in Marshall, Minn.

S.C. Johnson has introduced SaranDisposable Cutting Sheets. The absorbent plastic and paper cutting sheets help cut-down on clean-up and help home cooks avoid potential cross-contamination. The sheets give consumers a sanitary surface to start with each time they cook. After preparing such items as raw meat, poultry, or seafood, the sheets can be thrown away. The top layer is cut-resistant, the middle layer absorbs juices, and the bottom liquid-protection layer helps prevent liquids from overflowing on kitchen surfaces. S.C. Johnson is based in Racine, Wis.