The effort to sequence the human genome, and subsequently to make the results publicly available, has created a new paradigm in the biological sciences. Now that we have access to the blueprint of our very structure and those of organisms from viruses to plants to animals, a mechanistic understanding of all the processes involved in our growth and metabolism is possible. Characterization of the genetic differences among us is underway, and should provide the information basis for a new approach …

Fig. 1—Milk is a good example of a food the synthesis and digestion of which are naturally bioguided. A mechanistic understanding of these pathways should improve the processing of milk and other products.

Fig. 2—Scanning electron micrograph of native bovine milk fat globules. Bar is approximately 5 μm.

Fig. 3—Milk fat globular membrane. This material was recovered by ultrafiltration and supercritical extraction of the aqueous phase which results from butter production.

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