Slimming Down with Oatmeal
Touted for its cholesterol-lowering properties, oatmeal and its soluble fiber are now taking on a new claim—weight management. Quaker Oats, Chicago, Ill., is launching Weight Control Instant Oatmeal. The product, which has no added sugar, is formulated with more whole grains, fiber, and protein to increase its satiety and help consumers feel full. Each packet provides two-thirds of the USDA’s recommended daily servings of whole grains.

“One of the biggest downfalls of watching your weight is feeling hungry and foods high in whole grains, fiber, and protein go a long way in filling the hunger void,” said Mary Donkersloot, a registered dietitian. “These types of foods are especially important at breakfast time because when you feel full in the morning, you’re less likely to overeat later in the day.”

Playing with your Food
Although moms often remind their children not to play with their food, a new ketchup from H.J. Heinz, Pittsburgh, Pa., actually promotes its recreational value. Heinz Silly Squirts ketchup comes in a 20-oz plastic bottle with a special cap incorporating three flip-top drawing nozzles. Each nozzle dispenses product in a different design. This allows kids to express themselves creatively and probably use more ketchup in the process.

“New Heinz Silly Squirts helps moms achieve what they wish for most at mealtime: kids who want to eat what mom has prepared,” says Wendy Beitsinger, Senior Brand Manager for Heinz Ketchup. “Better yet, Heinz Silly Squirts’ easy-to-squeeze bottle is perfectly sized for small hands to grip, giving kids a feeling of independence and sense that they can do—and create—anything.”

Bite-size Indulgence
To take advantage of Americans’ penchant for snacking, Edy’s, Oakland, Calif., has rolled out bite-size ice cream treats under the Dibs brand name. “We're creating the next trend in ice cream snacking,” says Suzanne Saltzman, Marketing Manager for Edy’s Dibs snacks. “We know today's mom craves convenience, less mess, and portability. Dibs bites couple the convenience of portable snacks with the delight only ice cream offers, appealing to both kids and adults.”

The product comes in two sizes—a 60-count, family-size carton and a 26-count, single-serve package that fits in car cup-holders. The packaging,with its fire-engine-red facade, stands out in the freezer case. A removable and closeable lid enables quick retrieval of the individual-portion novelties.

Halloween-style Packaging
To grab attention on the grocery store shelf, some packages use an unusual shape. That’s the case with UK-based Premier FoodsCrosse & Blackwell Scooby-Doo Vampire Tomato Soup with Pasta Ghouls. The product comes in a cauldron-shaped can from Crown Holdings, Philadelphia, Pa. The 370-g metal container features an easy-open Eole III end and is brightly decorated in seasonal hues using a 5-color printing process.

“Crown used creative shaping and vibrant decoration to produce a can that perfectly underscores the Halloween theme and appeals to our target market,” explained Martin Hall, Head of Brands and Strategy, Convenience Foods at Premier Foods. “The modern package reflects the high quality of the Crosse & Blackwell brand and creates significant impact at point of purchase.”