Trends in Food Science: History at Penn State
In 2000, in preparation for the building of a new, state-of-the-art Food Science Building at Pennsylvania State University, John Floros, Chair of the Dept. of Food Science, asked for volunteers to participate in writing a history of the department. Manfred Kroger, who retired in 1999 after 36 years on the faculty, volunteered to write the entire history. He spent five years on it, and this book is the result. It is more than just a history of the department—it also describes the evolution of food science as faculty and students at Penn State contributed to it.

Kroger points out that Penn State was engaged in food science from its earliest days. It was founded in 1855 (not under the current name), and it established the Agricultural Experiment Station in 1887, the University Creamery in 1895, the Division of Food Science and Industry in 1966, and the Dept. of Food Science in 1975. The new Food Science Building was dedicated in 2006.

The book is very detailed but well written and very readable. It is not a dry historical treatise but is full of interesting anecdotes and reminiscences. For example, several chapters list food research theses, dissertations, and papers, giving an overview of the progress of food research at Penn State over the years, but Kroger enhances the lists with interesting asides and anecdotes about some of the people involved, what they later accomplished or where they ended up.

The book should be of interest not only to Penn State students and alumni, but also to food scientists in general, as it details many of the developments in food science.

DEStech Publications, Inc., 1148 Elizabeth Ave. #2, Lancaster, PA 17601. Visit ISBN 10932078-66-5. 2007. 334 pp. $39.95.

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