Tracing Chicken Back to the Farm
Gold’n Plump Poultry, St. Cloud, Minn., has introduced Just Bare all-natural chicken products in SuperTarget, Hy-Vee, and other supermarkets in the United States. The company partners with about 300 family farmers in Minnesota and Wisconsin to produce the vegetable-fed chickens, which are raised cage-free and without added hormones or antibiotics.

The Just Bare line includes breast fillets, tenders, thighs, drumsticks, and whole chickens. The product packaging—recyclable plastic tray and clear film lid—is transparent for better viewing in-store. Every package has a three-digit code that allows consumers to track the local farm where their Just Bare chicken was raised. In addition, the trayed products are fixed-weight and feature a scannable barcode. This means that every package of breast fillets weighs and is priced exactly the same, which simplifies product selection for consumers while eliminating the added store labor of weighing and pricing each package. Plus, it enables retailers to make instant price changes and easily implement new promotional offers (like a two for $10 vs a single hot price point on one package).

Sleep Supplement Drink
Many people experience difficulties in falling asleep and/or remaining asleep throughout the night. FluidEssenitals Inc., Escondido, Calif., has launched a dietary supplement, TotalSleep, to help the sleep-deprived. “The unique formula in TotalSleep increases serotonin levels naturally, helping you fall asleep more easily, stay asleep longer, and wake up ready to go,” explained Matt Titlow, COO. “Healthy serotonin levels also mean improved response to stress, fewer carbohydrate cravings, reduced tension, and increased energy and focus throughout the day.”

Available in Apple Tea & Cinnamon Tea flavors, the powdered supplement comes in convenient stick packs that can be mixed with cold or hot water. The product’s main ingredient is L-tryptophan, which, according to the company, boosts serotonin and begins the body’s natural sleep cycle.

‘Super’ Fruit Cocktails
Del Monte Foods, San Francisco, Calif., is reinventing the traditional canned fruit cocktail with a line of chilled Superfruit in plastic 8-oz cups with peelable membrane lids. Varieties include Pear Chunks with Acai Blackberry juices, Peach Chunks in Pomegranate Orange juices, and Mixed Fruit Chunks in Mango Orange juices. The products are targeted to busy moms and women ages 25–44 motivated by taste, health, quality, and convenience. Each product contains 100% DV of vitamin C and is packed with 100% fruit juice—no syrup. The pear and mixed fruit products contain 140 calories per cup; the peach chunks provide 120 calories. The products carry a suggested retail price of $2.39.

Foolproof Sugar for Baking
Imperial Sugar Co., Sugar Land, Texas, helps take some of the guesswork out of baking with its Redi-Measure Light Brown Sugar. The baking ingredient comes in convenient, premeasured ¼-cup individual packets. “Redi-Measure is another example of how Imperial Sugar provides its customers with a superior product that produces dependable results with each recipe,” said John Sheptor, CEO. “High-quality, time-saving solutions are a necessity for today’s busy consumer and that is precisely what we offer with Redi-Measure.”

Packaging keeps the brown sugar fresh for each use and prevents it from clumping—a no-mess alternative to traditional bags of brown sugar. Moreover, the individual packets offer convenience and ease, especially for those who like to involve children in their baking projects—without the mess. Each carton contains 12 individual quarter-cup pouches.

Kid-friendly Seasonings for Veggies
It’s no secret that parents have a hard time convincing their children to eat their vegetables. That persuasive conversation, however, may get easier thanks to Raven Mfg., Neenah, Wis., and its Pop’rs flavored seasonings for sprinkling on vegetables, desserts, and other foods. Pop’rs contain carbonated sugar crystals, flavors, and added vitamins especially designed for kids ages 5–14. Each 0.1-oz serving contains 25% DV for vitamins C & B6, thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin. The products come in taco, buffalo, butter, strawberry, raspberry, color burst, chocolate, and cinnamon flavors.

“The popping and tickling and laughing sensations will explode in your mouth,” said Lynn Hesson, CEO, Raven Mfg. “It’s a fun and effective way for parents to get their young ones to eat healthier foods. Kids can get their vitamins even while eating their ice cream or yogurt, if they still have room.”