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Meet the 2024 Influencers

Get to know six dynamic, game-changing contributors to food system advancement.

By Julie Bricher, Kelly Hensel, Anna Klainbaum, Mary Ellen Kuhn, Emily Little

Brittany Towers Lewis: Food Science Influencer

When a lab-coated Brittany Towers Lewis slides into view from the left side of the screen, she’s on fire. Rapid fire, more precisely. In her popular, minute-long TikTok and Instagram videos, she delivers her signature intro at speed—“Science in sixty seconds, with me, Brittany the Black food scientist”—and it’s off to the races as she covers topics ranging from why popcorn pops to how to ensure leftover rice is hel…

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About the Authors

Julie Bricher
Julie Bricher is Science and Tech editor of Food Technology magazine ([email protected]).
Kelly Hensel
Kelly Hensel is deputy managing editor, print & digital, of Food Technology magazine ([email protected]).
Anna Klainbaum is a writer and brand strategy consultant with a master’s degree in gastronomy and a specialization in food and beverage content ([email protected]).
Mary Ellen Kuhn
Mary Ellen Kuhn is executive editor of Food Technology magazine ([email protected]).
Emily Little
Emily Little is an associate editor of Food Technology ([email protected]).