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The New Not So Normal

Ongoing financial concerns will affect what, when, and where America eats in 2024, with consumers opting more often for multi-functional foods, frequent snacking, and easy-to-prepare meals.

By A. Elizabeth Sloan
Money on a plate

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High prices and ongoing economic pressures, time constraints stemming from the return to more traditional work patterns, and a new set of health and lifestyle improvements promised by premium functional foods will prompt many U.S. consumers to reprioritize food and drink decisions in 2024.

Three-quarters of consumers are very concerned about inflation and high food costs, and 46% are still cutting back on restaurant meals, according to a 2023 year-end review by Datassential. Student loan repaymen…

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About the Author

E. Liz Sloan

A. Elizabeth Sloan, PhD, a member of IFT and contributing editor of Food Technology, is president, Sloan Trends Inc., Escondido, Calif. ([email protected]).