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Frozen Fusion: Asian Inspirations Stirring a Sensation

Teriyaki, biryani, dumplings, sushi, kimbap, and more are on a roll behind the freezer door.

By Carolyn Schierhorn
Asian-inspired, plant-based lineup from Konscious Foods

The Asian-inspired, plant-based lineup from Konscious Foods includes onigiri, sushi, and poke bowls. Photo courtesy of Konscious Foods

Increasingly popular with American consumers, Asian entrées and appetizers are edging out other types of cuisine in the supermarket freezer case. East Asian (especially Japanese and Korean), South Asian (Indian, Pakistani, and even Nepalese), and Southeast Asian (mainly Thai and Vietnamese) frozen meals and snacks are making inroads in mainstream American grocery stores. In addition, many North American food startups and established firms are rolling out Asian-influenced fusion fare and flavors;…

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About the Author

Carolyn Schierhorn is a writer and editor whose areas of focus include the food and beverage industry ([email protected]).