May 2024
Illustration of silhouettes of people and food.

Beyond the Bench: Building Business Skills Into Food Science Curricula

College and university food science programs are evolving to prepare students for the workplaces of today and tomorrow by bridging the gaps between science and business knowledge.

By Kayt Sukel

April 29, 2024
Women farming Maize in Zambia.

Cultivating a Crop of Food System Solutions

Five organizations dedicated to eliminating hunger and sustainably boosting nutrition earn top honors in this year’s Seeding The Future Global Food System Challenge.

By Dale Buss

May 3, 2024
Asian-inspired, plant-based lineup from Konscious Foods

Frozen Fusion: Asian Inspirations Stirring a Sensation

Teriyaki, biryani, dumplings, sushi, kimbap, and more are on a roll behind the freezer door.

By Carolyn Schierhorn

April 29, 2024

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