March 2024
An Illustration of a Sensory Perception: showing a Five Human Senses: sense of Smell, sense of Taste, sense of Touch, sense of Hearing and sense of Sight.

The State of Sensory Science

Three seasoned sensory scientists share their thoughts on the complexity of measuring consumer perceptions, the value of academic/industry collaboration, the evolution of the discipline, and why they love what they do.

By Kayt Sukel

February 22, 2024
Map of Innovation Hotspots

Mapping Food System Innovation

Here’s a look at six clusters of cutting-edge entrepreneurship around the globe.

By Dale Buss

March 5, 2024
Smart Steps to Peak Traceability

Smart Steps to Peak Traceability

Creating an effective road map to advance your food traceability program is key to overcoming data, process, and stakeholder challenges.

By Julie Bricher

March 1, 2024
Dried vegetables chips from carrot, beet, parsnip and other vegetables

A Better-for-You Crunch

Products formulated using pulses and beans, upcycled ingredients, and meat and dairy protein are among the trending alternative savory snack options.

By Carolyn Schierhorn

March 1, 2024
red gummy candy

Toxicologists Worried About ‘Patchwork’ of Safety Laws

Participating in an IFT webinar, two toxicologists analyzed the impact of the California Food Safety Act, which prohibits the use of four common food additives.

By Dale Buss

February 22, 2024

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