Ripe Technology—better known as—a startup bringing blockchain to the food industry, has announced a partnership with FlavorWiki, which uses digital sensory technology to evaluate flavor, texture, aroma, and mouthfeel simultaneously.’s mission is to bring transparency by digitizing the entire food supply chain, with data taken at the soil and seed level all the way to data captured at consumption. Through this partnership, will have access to the FlavorWiki platform for flavor, texture, and aroma data acquisition and analysis, with FlavorWiki’s full suite of data attributes captured and stored onto the blockchain-based platform.

FlavorWiki brings a new approach to sensory data collection, coupling social sciences with AI, which does not require participants to be trained in traditional sensory evaluation, yet provides consistent results. All data comes directly from consumers, through a user-friendly interface, and results are available in real time.

The partnership will help the companies understand if and how different soil, seasons, processing, and transportation conditions impact consumers’ taste perception and preference. Collecting flavor data adds the last step to achieve full transparency from “farm to fork.” In turn, improved food supply chain transparency could lead to production of better-tasting foods.

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