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Each month, IFT curates theme-based content and delivers it to you in this space in hopes that it propels your work to feed the planet and advance the science of food. Our August Content Spotlight is dedicated to the fascinating and complex field of sensory and consumer sciences.  

IFT provides the following resources to inform, inspire, and enable the science of food community to navigate challenges in sensory and consumer sciences faster and more efficiently. Explore how sensory cues affect consumer perception and behavior. Learn about tech startups harnessing the biology of smells to boost food development. Check out an engaging pair of podcasts brought to you in collaboration with IFT’s Sensory & Consumer Sciences Division, plus peer-reviewed journal articles, on-demand learning, and more.   

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Food Technology  

Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety 

Journal of Food Science 

On-Demand Learning Resources 

Sci Dish Podcast 

  • Episode 20: Sensory Science Series, part 1   
  • Episode 21: Sensory Science Series, part 2 

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