Aaron L. Brody

In those long-forgotten days when all things were better—or perfect, as some of our elders would tout, compared to today’s chaos—food products when packaged were in one and only one form. Every historian knows that Coca-Cola was in a 6-oz wasp-waisted green glass bottle with crown closure; Hershey’s chocolate bar was 1 oz in dead-fold foil inside a chocolate-brown paper sleeve; and water was obtained from faucets in our kitchens or bathrooms. And everyone was happy with this paucity of choice.

Clockwise from top left, (A) Campbell’s single-strength soup in multilayer barrier can with easy-open metal end closure, designed for microwave heating and portability—an alternative to condensed soups in cans and single-strength soups in cans, glass jars, polyester jars, etc.To…

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