The Institute of Food Technologists convened its first Research Summit on January 12–14 in Orlando, Fla., to facilitate an in-depth interchange of information among world-renowned investigators and other scientists conducting basic and applied research on the physiology of bacterial spores and other dormant microbes, rapid quantitative measurement methods, and advanced techniques for evaluating microbial viability. The main goal of the interchange was to ultimately identify the needs for further…

Events occurring during the lag time of an individual spore of nonproteolytic Clostridium botulinum strain Eklund 17B. From left, phase bright dormant spore, phase dark germinated spore, cell that has emerged from the spore, mature cell, and start of a chain of cells. Photos courtesy of Sandra C. Stringer, Martin D. Webb and Michael W. Peck, Institute of Food Research, Norwich, UK.

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