First IFT Press book published
The first book in the IFT Press series is now available. Preharvest and Postharvest Food Safety: Contemporary Issues and Future Directions presents the latest scientific research on the major pathogens associated with meat, poultry, produce, and other foods, and goes beyond other professional reference books by identifying the research needed to assure food safety in the future. The book is edited by Ross C. Beier, Suresh D. Pillai, Timothy D. Phillips, and Richard L. Ziprin.

The authors of the 32 chapters reviewed the current literature in each of their areas and also provided insights into the development of new research strategies. Some of the topics addressed in the book are pathogen/host interactions; the ecology, distribution, and spread of foodborne hazards; antimicrobial resistance; verification tests; decontamination and prevention strategies; and risk analysis.

The IFT Press reflects the mission of IFT—advancing the science and technology of food through the exchange of knowledge. Developed in partnership with Blackwell Publishing and crafted through rigorous peer review and meticulous research, IFT Press books serve as essential textbooks for academic programs and as handbooks for industrial application and reference.

Topics of future books in the series include water activity, fermented foods, functional foods and nutraceuticals, and sensory and consumer research.

IFT members receive a 20% discount on all IFT Press books. More information is available at 800-862-6657 or Manuscript proposals are welcome and can be sent to Mark Barrett, Commissioning Editor, Blackwell Publishing, 2121 State Ave., Ames, IA 50014-8300 (phone 515-292-0140 ext. 613, e-mail [email protected]).

Staff Changes at IFT
Key IFT staff positions have been changed and realigned to improve services to IFT members and strengthen support to IFT Sections and Divisions.

The former Field Services and Information Services Departments no longer exist. A new Membership Experiences Department has been established, consisting of three teams: Membership Relations, Data Operations, and Membership Development. Under the guidance of Tekla Syers, Vice President of Membership Experiences, each team will work with IFT volunteers and other staff to improve IFT members’ experiences.

The Membership Relations team will support and strengthen IFT Section and Division leadership and be responsible for the Distinguished Lectureship and Employment Services. Gail Wiseman has been promoted to Director of Membership Relations. The team members include Kristen Distelhorst, Patti Pagliuco, and Nora Schabold.

The Data Operations Team will oversee the maintenance of member and subscriber records, including membership renewals and inquiries, and will provide periodic reports on these numbers, and will handle subscription inquiries, refunds, and address and status changes. Marlene Chlypniacz has been promoted to Data Operations Manager. Esteban Cabral, Kathy Danner, Debbie Prahl, Dana Ramey, and Elois Sharpe are the members of this team.

The Membership Development Team will create membership marketing materials, activities, and events to recruit and maintain the interest of IFT members. Joan Finn is Manager of Membership Development. The team member is Aviva Mermelstein.

A new position of Manager, Executive Office Operations has been established, and the position was filled by Andrea Lohse on June 9. She has 10 years of progressive administrative, program management, and communication experience. She served as assistant to the executive officer and a research assistant at the American Sociological Association and has held a manager position at the American Society for Microbiology.

Elizabeth Seidlitz, who joined IFT in January 2004, has been promoted to Executive Assistant. She will serve as key liaison to the Executive Committee and support Executive Vice President Barbara Byrd Keenan and the Presidents. She will also work with the Committee on Worldwide Interests and maintain the database and communication with IFT’s counterpart organizations.

Slade and Levine present Tanner Lecture

Louise Slade and Harry Levine recently presented the 42nd Tanner Lecture during a meeting of the Chicago Section. The two researchers, recognized around the world for their development of food polymer science, presented their research on glass transitions and water plasticization in foods and discussed how these affect the structural aspects and mechanical properties of foods.

They stressed the importance of moisture management in maintaining food systems that are kinetically metastable and in dynamically constrained glassy or rubbery states, rather than allowing the foods to “run down” to equilibrium thermodynamic phases as found in staling. The discipline of food polymer science, they said, stresses the fundamental and generic similarities between synthetic polymers and food molecules and helps scientists understand and predict food functional properties during processing and storage.

Slade and Levine, Professional Members of IFT, have received many awards from academia and industry, including the 1999 IFT Industrial Scientist Award for their technical contributions to the food industry. Together they hold 24 patents and have authored or coauthored more than 195 publications and presentations. Both are Kraft Foods Fellows and work for Kraft Foods North America Inc., East Hanover, N.J.

The Chicago Section thanked Slade and Levine for their generous donation of the $2,000 honorarium associated with the Tanner Award for the section to use for scholarships. The section donated the money to the IFT Student Association as part of the Fun Run fundraising at the IFT Annual Meeting + Food Expo®.

The Fred W. Tanner Lectureship was established to advance the profession and practice of food technology by bringing to Chicago outstanding persons in this field or its related sciences to speak on advances in their fields of specialization. It is named in honor of the late Fred W. Tanner, a professor of bacteriology at the University of Illinois, world-renowned authority on food microbiology, founding member of IFT, and IFT President in 1946.

Chicago Section honors Blaschek and Giron
Two Chicago Section members were recently honored for their work in the food industry. Hans Blaschek, Professor and Assistant Dean, Dept. of Food Science and Human Nutrition, University of Illinois, received the Achievement Award for his continued studies on food safety. Tricia Giron, President, The Culinary Palette Ltd., Darien, Ill., received the Ellery H. Harvey Service Award for her service to the Chicago Section. Giron is also Chair Elect of the section. Past Chair of the Chicago Section, Linda Perucca of Kraft Foods, presented the awards.

Min receives research award
David B. Min, professor in the Dept. of Food Science and Technology at Ohio State University, received the Distinguished Senior Faculty Research Award from the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, Ohio State University.

Recognized around the world as a pioneer in lipid research, particularly on singlet oxygen oxidation in foods, Min received in 1995 the Stephen S. Chang Award for Lipid or Flavor Science. He has published more than 200 research publications, edited four books on lipid and flavor chemistry, and served as an editorial board member or editor of six journals.

He received his B.S. degree from Seoul National University, M.S. degree from the University of Minnesota, and Ph.D. degree from Rutgers University. A Professional Member of IFT, he has been active in many national and local IFT committees and divisions, is a former chairman of the Ohio Valley IFT Section, and has served as an IFT Councilor.

Boon named Fulbright Scholar
Caitlin Boon was recently awarded one of 10 J. William Fulbright Grants for study in the United Kingdom during the upcoming academic year. She will earn an MSc. degree in food policy from City University, London. This academic program focuses on the scientific, economic, and political concerns that shape food policies and regulations. Boon is a graduate of North Carolina State University and currently attends the University of Massachusetts. A Student Member of IFT, she has received many IFT scholarships during her academic career.

Students’ prototypes highlight dairy ingredients
From grab-and-go macaroni and cheese to a color-changing beverage, the student entries in the 6th Annual Discoveries in Dairy Ingredients Contest emphasized taste, convenience, innovation, and indulgence. The student teams created product prototypes for snacks, desserts, candy, and beverages that highlighted the versatility of dry and condensed milk ingredients, fluid milk, whey and whey derivatives, milkfat, and cheese ingredients.

Sponsored by Dairy Management Inc.™ and funded by U.S. dairy farmers, the contest gave students the opportunity to formulate foods and beverages using dairy ingredients. A panel of food and beverage industry professionals judged the entries based on taste, marketability, originality, feasibility, use of dairy ingredients, and financial analysis.

The team from the University of Minnesota won the Best Overall Award for its Ice Cream Poppers, a premium, reduced-carbohydrate, bite-sized frozen novelty. The high-protein, high-fiber treat combines whey protein concentrate, milk, cream, and vanilla into a creamy frozen core, surrounded by a crunchy, reduced-carbohydrate base made from almond flour, wheat bran, whey protein, wheat starch, and sugar.

Berry Blasters, developed by students from Cornell University, won the Most Creative Award. The product is a color-changing dairy and fruit juice beverage for children that contains white cranberry juice and microfiltrate whey. The consumer adds color-changing gummy balls—stored in the beverage container cap—to the liquid in the container, mixes the two together, and sips the drink through the straw.

Two products won the Most Marketable Award, one for a retail product and the other for a foodservice offering. Washington State University students created Barner’s Ready-Bake Crackers, refrigerated dough pieces available in buttermilk ranch or onion poppyseed flavors made with Grade A milk. Consumers bake the product for 10 minutes to get crispy crackers. The team from North Carolina State developed MacnCheese Grabbers, macaroni-and-cheese-filled products similar in look to mozzarella sticks.

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