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This year’s IFT Annual Meeting + Food Expo® in Las Vegas should not be missed, especially if you are interested in nutraceuticals and functional foods. The technical presentations and exhibiting companies on the show floor will provide attendees with the latest information on key consumer trends and the ingredients that will help create foods that consumers are clamoring for: nutritious, health-promoting, high in protein, low in carbohydrates.

Nutraceuticals & Functional FoodsThis Nutraceuticals preview is divided into seven categories: Antioxidants, Amino Acids and Proteins, Botanicals, Ingredients for Enhancing Gut Health/Immunity, Nutritional Fats, Soy, and Vitamins and Minerals. It provides an overview of what innovative ingredients you can expect to hear about in the technical sessions and on the show floor.

For example, ingredient exhibitors will show great-tasting high-protein products. They have made improvements in protein offerings by tailoring their flavor and functionalities, making them more versatile ingredients. Fiber ingredients will be showcased as having increased usage in low-carbohydrate formulations. While displacing net carbo-hydrates, some fiber ingredients can offer a sweet-to-bland flavor and enhance the texture or mouthfeel of a product. And to make foods healthier for consumers, several suppliers will be showcasing oils that have little to no trans-fatty acid content.

The technical presentations will prove to be just as informative. Here is a sampling of some you may want to attend:
• Session 24, “Probiotics in Health: Their Potential Against Allergic Diseases.” Speakers will discuss the current consumer perceptions of probiotics and the beneficial roles they play in health. Going beyond gut health, research is now showing that probiotics may lower the incidence and symptoms of allergies.

• Session 38, “Challenges in the Development of Functional Foods with Omega-3 Fatty Acids.” Speakers will tell how encapsulation and emulsion technologies can be used to protect omega-3 fatty acids in food products. They will also discuss techniques for fortifying foods with omega-3s.

Session F3, “Addressing Obesity: Ingredients.” Speakers will discuss the role ingredients such as calcium, beta-glucan-concentrated oat bran, and prebiotic fibers play in weight management and weight loss.

Session 53, “Dietary Supplements for Obesity and Weight Control.” Speakers will discuss certain botanicals, almonds, and green and black tea and their potential to aid in consumers’ battle with the bulge.

Session 70, “A Role of Dairy Foods in Weight Management.” Research shows that whey, calcium, and overall dairy food consumption may aid in losing weight.• Session 71, “An Update on Antioxidants in Fruits, Vegetables, and Whole Grains.” Learn about the mechanism of action behind the health benefits of these foods. The effects of processing conditions on antioxidants will also be discussed.

• Session 71, “An Update on Antioxidants in Fruits, Vegetables, and Whole Grains.” Learn about the mechanism of action behind the health benefits of these foods. The effects of processing conditions on antioxidants will also be discussed.

• Session 75, “Functional Fats and Oils.” Speakers will discuss conjugated linoleic acid, healthier oils, structured lipids, indicating that fat is no longer a bad thing.

So, there is much to take in at this year’s IFT Annual Meeting + Food Expo. We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!

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Novel delivery system for lutein into beverages
Add the power of lutein to water-based beverages without sacrificing optical clarity. When added to a water-based product, FloraGLO® with ClearTec™ is finely dispersed, and individual crystals are no longer visible, even after a year of storage at ambient temperatures, according to Kemin Foods, LC, 600 E. Court Ave., Ste.A, Des Moines, IA 50309 (phone 866-536-4666; fax 515-248-4050; As a fat-soluble carotenoid, lutein is difficult to incorporate into water-based systems and limits a manufacturer’s ability to produce functional beverages with the nutritional benefits of lutein. Sucrose monolaurate is dissolved in water, the carotenoids, is added, and a proprietary patented drying process creates a final product concentration of 15% lutein. The concentrated product is dispersible in water, yields optically clear beverages that do not ring or settle, and is substantially stable to thermal processing and storage. In the United States, the combination of sucrose monolaurate and lutein is Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) in bottled waters, carbonated beverages, meal replacement beverages, ready-to-drink teas, and fruit and vegetable juices, and other products. Inclusion levels range from 0.5 to 3.0 mg lutein per Reference Amount Customarily Consumed (RACC).

Lutein, present in the eye’s macula and lens, appears to filter high-energy blue wavelengths of visible light—from both natural sunlight and indoor light—as they enter the eye. Lutein also appears to quench free radicals that may lead to oxidative stress that can damage cells in the eye. Suggested daily intake for eye health is 6–10 mg. Lutein’s light-filtering, antioxidant qualities may help protect the outer and inner layers of skin through use of oral and topical skin-care products. Paper 1-4 and Kemin Foods, Booth 353.

Natural tomato lycopene source
At one time, the observed health benefits of tomatoes were attributed to the carotenoid, lycopene. Recent research findings, however, indicate that it is not lycopene alone, but rather the synergy of lycopene with the other tomato phytonutrients that is responsible for this biological activity. These new findings show that the optimal health benefits are obtained when the human diet includes the complete natural complex of tomato phytonutrients.

Lyc-O-Mato Powder, a new functional food ingredient developed by LycoRed Natural Products Industries, Ltd., contains this complete natural complex of tomato phytonutrients. The powder is produced using a patented technology, which allows for the solvent-free mechanical separation and drying of fine tomato pulp containing high levels of lycopene and other tomato phytonutrients. During the manufacture of the powder, more than 90% of the soluble tomato solids are removed from the tomato pulp by centrifugal separation, leaving behind a finished ingredient that is composed mainly of the insoluble portions of the tomato solids. The result is a powder with a mild “neutral” flavor that blends well with other food ingredients without affecting the flavor profile.

Unlike conventional tomato powders, the powder contains a very low concentration of sugars. Consequently, it is not hygroscopic. Rather, this proprietary branded ingredient maintains the consistency of a free-flowing powder throughout processing. Despite this lack of hygroscopicity, when properly rehydrated, the powder will absorb and hold water up to 20 times its weight. This unique new ingredient incorporated in food products both as a natural red colorant and as a source of tomato phytonutrients for food fortification, offers many improvements over conventional tomato powders.

The natural tomato complexes are offered by LycoRed-Biodar USA, 551 5th Ave., Ste. 1100, New York, NY 10176 (phone 608-783-0872; fax 608-783-0952; Paper 1-3 and LycoRed-Biodar USA, Booth 2696.

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New collagen hydrolysates suitable for protein beverages and bars
Solugel and Polypro collagen hydrolysates are available in cold-soluble spray-dried powder or clear amber liquid. Multifunctional, they are well suited to the development and formulation of protein beverages and energy bars because they provide a source of high quality purified protein in addition to providing a soft texture and extending the shelf life of nutrition bars. They can also function as an excellent protein source for dietary supplements.

In addition, cold-soluble gelatins Cryogel and Instagel are also offered by PB Leiner, 366 N. Broadway, Ste. 307, Jericho, NY 11753 (phone 516-822-4040; fax 516-822-4044; The ingredients do not require heat to dissolve or activate the gelatin. Therefore, combined with an excellent flavor release and great mouthfeel, the gelatins are ideal for dessert, mousse, and other dairy applications. Pork skin, beef hide, and bone gelatins for use in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and photographic industries are the company’s focus. The company’s technical support staff is available to help customers utilize gelatin, a pure protein, in innovative applications, such as low-carbohydrate products. PB Leiner, Booth 655.

Catering to low-carbohydrate lifestyles
For the low-carbohydrate lifestyle, a non-GMO soy protein isolate is offered by Protient, Inc., Ste. 200, 1751 County Rd. B, St. Paul, MN 55113 (phone 651-638-2600; fax 651-697-0997; Soy Protein Isolate 6000 is membrane-filtered for bland flavor and high solubility.

In addition, muffin mixes for commercial or home-bake use are also available to satisfy low-carbohydrate dieters. “The muffin mix base is available for both sweet- and savory-type muffins. Many flavor options and inclusion suggestions are available, all of which fit into the low-carbohydrate dieters’ lifestyle. The resulting muffins have excellent flavor and mouthfeel, a real treat for the low-carb dieter,” stated Shannon Koski, product development scientist.

The company is passionate about research, innovation, and development of superior protein isolates, hydrolysates, and extruded proteins. Equipped with the latest technologically advanced microfiltration equipment, Protient’s manufacturing facilities in rural Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Nebraska manufacture the best possible protein products. Protient develops, manufactures, and markets quality nutritional products to the dairy, bakery, nutritional, and pharmaceutical industries. Protient, Inc., Booth 3415.

Non-mammalian source of collagen will be featured
A new non-mammalian source of collagen, Peptan F fish collagen hydrolyste is offered by Protein Products Inc., 76 Carlton Ln., North Andover, MA 01845 (phone 978-689-9083; fax 978-975-4325;

Peptan hydrolysates are highly soluble and have good organoleptic properties and are also used in cosmetic applications. Peptan hydrolysates are derived from fish, beef, and pork sources.

The company is a producer and marketer of high-quality collagen and gelatin hydrolysates for use in high-protein bars and drinks. Protein Products Inc., Booth 464.

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Reference kit on botanicals will be offered
New corporate presentation kit is now available from Bio-Botanica, Inc., 75 Commerce Dr., Hauppauge, NY 11788-3943 (phone 631-231-5522; fax 631-231-332; It describes the company’s broad-range of manufacturing capabilities and services including blending, compounding, extracting, willing, spray-drying, and vacuum distillation. The kit also includes a comprehensive reference guide on common uses of botanicals. Bio-new kit serves as a valuable resource when looking for solutions to botanical-based food and beverage applications.

Bio-Botanica is a leading developer and manufacturer of botanical extracts, servicing the food and beverage industries with high-quality products for more than 30 years. The family-owned/operated company offers more than 300 products in powder, liquid, solid, and semi-solid forms.

Products are manufactured in the company’s FDA-registered, pharmaceutically licensed, certified organic/kosher facility that is cGMP and compliant. manufacturing services include blending, compounding, extracting, milling, spray-drying, and vacuum distillation. In-house QC/R&D labs ensure identification and validation of product integrity and quality.

Company representatives will be on hand to discuss specific botanical needs, custom formulating, and the comprehensive uses of botanicals. Bio-Botanica, Booth 3507.

Botanical approach for balancing body weight will be highlighted
Want to maintain a balanced body weight in a natural manner? An innovative nutritional concept that contributes in a natural manner to a balanced body weight, Xlim, will be highlighted by Plantextrakt, Inc., 2 Sylvan Way, Ste. 101, Parsippany, NJ 07054-3809 (phone 973-683-1411; fax 973-683-0177;

Various combinations of herbal and tea extracts have a positive effect on body metabolism by supporting weight loss or by maintaining a comfortable weight. Depending on their function, these 100% natural herbal and tea extracts serve to increase the rate of metabolism, reduce appetite, and purify the body system. The highlighted approach encourages healthy nutrition and a new sense of well-being over the long term. Representatives will be available to discuss this new approach and the benefits that it offers over other methods.

As part of the Martin Bauer Group, Plantextrakt produces tea and herbal extracts as well as decaffeinated teas for the food and beverage industry. The company has a nationwide network of warehouses for expedient service to its customers. Sourcing of raw materials is from 300 worldwide cultivation areas. Agricultural areas are closely supervised and follow GAP procedures (Good Agricultural Practices). All products are GMO free. For quality control, as well as research and development, the team of more than 200 scientists can assure quality and maintain cutting-edge technology. Plantextrakt, Booth 3090.

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Blue-green algae has antioxidant properties
California-grown spirulina, a blue-green algae which has antioxidant properties, is produced and distributed by Earthrise Nutritionals Inc., 2151 Michelson Dr., Ste. 258, Irvine, CA 92612 (phone 559-855-3804; fax 559-855-3979;

Earthrise Spirulina is produced under an ISO-QMS, is kosher certified, and available certified organic. The blue green algae has GRAS status as a food and supplement. According to studies, spirulina has profound antioxidant health benefits and provides strong immune system support. It is produced to deliver high levels of phycocyanin, zeaxanthin, beta-carotene, chlorophyll, GLA, and protein. Earthrise Nutritionals,Inc., Booth 3620.

Technology improves survival of probiotics
Four divisions and their products will be highlighted by Lallemand Inc., 5494 Notre Dame est Montreal, QC H1N 2C4, Canada (phone 800-840-4047 or 514-251-3607; fax 514-255-6861;

Institut Rosell/Lallemand will be giving a scientific presentation in the New Products and Technologies Session on Tuesday, July 13. Henri Durand will present “Probiocap™: a protective technology to improve viability of probiotics in food.” Before Probiocap, probiotics’ applications in products were limited due to industrial food processes where elevated temperatures, pressure, oxygen, and moisture can adversely affect survival rates. To solve this problem, Institut Rosell has developed a revolutionary patented microencapsulation technology, Probiocap, for the improved survival of probiotics in stressful conditions.

Probiotic bacteria can now be used in many new dietary and food applications as Probiocap offers increased heat resistance (up to 50°C), improved compression (during tableting manufacturing process), and enchanced gastric acidity resistance.

In addition, thanks to strong technical expertise and to several collaborations with research institutes, Institut Rosell has built a range of probiotics selected and documented for their health benefits, namely Lactobacillus acidophilus Rosell-52, Lactobacillus rhamnosus Rosell-11, Bifidobacterium bifidum Rosell-175, and Lb acidophilus R-52 ME1.

Lallemand Bio-Ingredients will introduce their Lyfe brand of nutritional yeasts that are tailored specifically for the vegetarian market, along with other yeast products designed as suitable alternatives to beef stock as well as to enhance the flavors of meats, tomatoes, mushrooms, Cheddar cheese, and roasted notes, among others. Lallemand Bio-Ingredients presents two new products: LBI 2246 DeBittered Brewers Yeast and LBI LS55 beef broth type yeast extract.

Macco Organiques, Inc. is a leader in dust-free ingredients. It manufactures organic acid salts of propionates, benzoates, and acetates, as well as calcium chloride USP for Pharma applications. Dust-free antimicrobial agents are used in the food, animal feed, and pharmaceutical industries.

Lallemand Advanced Baking Solutions offers a full range of ingredients for the baking industry including Essential ® and Fermaid® dough conditioners and shelf-life extenders; baking enzymes; Eagle® fresh bakers yeast and baking powder; and Fermipan® and Instaferm® Instant Yeast. Products are available through its subsidiaries, Lallemand Distribution (Canada), American Yeast Sales (USA), and Galliapan S.A. (Mexico). Paper 1-5 and Lallemand, Booth 3315.

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Fiber ingredient to be offered
Inulin, under the brand name Oliggo-Fiber™, is available from Cargill Health & Food Technologies, 15407 McGinty Rd. West, #110, Wayzata, MN 55391 (phone 866-456-8872; fax 952-742-7573; The company is a developer, processor, and marketer of science-based, health-promoting ingredients for food and dietary supplement industries worldwide. It utilizes consumer insight, regulatory, and scientific expertise to bring customers ingredients that add value to food and beverage products. Other commercial products include AdvantaSoy™ isoflavones, Ascend™ trehalose, CoroWise™ plant sterols, and OptaFlex™ chondroitin. Booth 1543.

Functional ingredient supports the immune system 
An ingredient that supports the immune system will be highlighted by first-time exhibitor NutraGenesis, LLC, 76 Highland St., Brattleboro, VT 05301(phone 802-257-534; fax 802-251-6981; Called OptiNutrin™, the GRAS-affirmed ingredient was developed to build and support natural immune defenses to help maintain good health naturally.

Effective in very low doses, the ingredient is suitable for easy incorporation into a wide array of health-providing, value-added products. It represents a new, safe, effective, affordable, and convenient way to boost immune health in popular food and beverage products, including snacks, cookies, nutrition bars, candies, chewing gum, meal replacements, juices, bottled waters, yogurt products, throat lozenges, cereals, coffee, tea, and other products.

In association with its marketing partner Flavor & Fragrance Specialties of New Jersey, the ingredient’s support team offers a variety of delivery formats, including custom flavoring systems that are suitable for a wide spectrum of food and beverage applications. NutraGenesis, LLC, Booth 3513.

Technological properties and applications of lactoferrin
Apart from essential nutrients for growth and maintenance, milk also contains components for defense against potentially harmful environmental invaders like microorganisms. Lactoferrin, an iron-binding glycoprotein identified in high concentrations in human breast milk more than 40 years ago, plays an important role in this defense system.

Lactoferrin has also been identified in the milks of the cow, pig, horse, buffalo, goat, and mouse. On a commercial basis lactoferrin is isolated from cow’s milk, in which reported levels range from 20 to 200 mg/mL.

The first major application of bovine lactoferrin was the addition to infant formulas to further humanize breast-milk replacers. Many other applications followed in line with new insights from lactoferrin science. Nowadays, lactoferrin is applied in nutritional iron supplements and drinks, fermented milks, chewing gums, immune enhancing nutraceuticals, cosmetic formulas, and feed and pet care supplements. Dosage per 100 g of product ranges from 10 to 100 mg. This broad application range requires knowledge on effective incorporation of this bioactive component based on the prediction of its properties during processing, storage, and consumer use. Physical-chemical properties like heat stability, pH sensitivity, iron release and enzyme sensitivity are relevant in this respect.Some selected examples will be presented to illustrate this by J.M. Steijns, II, DMV International, P.O. Box 16, Wageningen, 6700 AA, Netherlands. Paper 91-4.

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Fiber ingredients for low-carb formulations
New low-carbohydrate bakery and beverage formulations will feature BeFlora Plus™ and BakeFlora™ ingredients from Roxlor LLC, 1300 N. Market St., Ste. 401, Wilmington, DE 19801 (phone 302-778-4166; fax 302-778-4170; BakeFlora is inulin-based and has a sweetness equivalent to sugar. It is used as a bulking agent and fiber supplement for sugar-free or low-carbohydrate foods. It can used by itself or can be blended with sugar-alcohols. Using BakeFlora will improve the mouthfeel and texture of a product, improve the sweetness profile, and remove the need for any additional high-intensity sweetener. In addition to improving the taste of a product, it also will supplement it with soluble fiber. BeFlora Plus is oligofructose-based and is 10 times sweeter than sucrose. It can be used as a masking agent for soy, as a sweetening agent by itself, or can be blended with high-intensity sweeteners. All products can be used in nearly any application to create low-carb products that have the mouthfeel and taste of full sugar products. Roxlor LLC, Booth 772.

Nutritional benefits of diacylglycerol oil
Diacylglycerol (DAG) oil which has been shown to enhance reductions in body weight and fat mass will be featured by ADM, 4666 Faries Pkwy., Decatur, IL 62526 (phone 217-424-5200; fax 217-451-2233; The oil contains 80% or greater of DAG with natural fatty acids, 70% of which is in the 1,3-DAG isoform. Its energy value and digestibility are practically the same as ordinary oil containing triacylglycerol (TAG).

In a randomized, double-blind, parallel study using overweight or obese Americans (n=127), 15% of energy were taken from test oils in hypocaloric diet (500–800 kcal/d deficit) containing either DAG or TAG oil for 24 wks. DAG oil consumption was observed to significantly increase fat oxidation and decrease respiratory quotient values over the course of 36 hr in a metabolic chamber. Specific subjective appetite ratings were significantly decreased as well.

From these results, DAG oil-containing foods promoted weight loss and body fat reduction and may thus be useful as an adjunct to diet therapy in the management of obesity. Other health benefits will also be discussed in the technical presentation by B. Flickinger of ADM Research.

On the exhibit floor, solutions to the required labeling of trans-fat content of food products will be highlighted by a number of prototypes using NovaLipid™ line of zero and low-trans oils. Paper 75-3 and ADM, Booth 2547

Second-generation oilseeds: Healthier oils
The use of biotechnology to create healthier oils will be discussed by R. T. Fraley, Monsanto Co., 800 N. Lindbergh Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63167. Traditional breeding and genetic enhancement of oilseeds via biotechnology will provide solutions to market demands such as no- trans and low-saturated fatty acids.

By reducing the expression of alpha linolenic acid in soy oil, it will be possible to reduce the need for hydrogenation and subsequent formation of trans fats. Meanwhile, the saturated fatty acid content of soy oil will be reduced to less than 3.5%, producing soybean oil that can claim to be saturated fat-free.

To meet the needs for additional sources of omega-3 fatty acids in the diet, a specialty vegetable oil is being developed via biotechnology that is bio-converted to EPA with an efficiency four times that of alpha-linolenic acid, making it a better dietary source of omega-3s than other vegetable oils. This oil, which can be added to a variety of foods, will provide consumers with additional options beyond those provided by fish and fish oil supplements to increase their intake of health-promoting omega-3 fatty acids. Paper 13-2.

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Nutritionally advanced oils for fried foods
The development of nutritionally advanced cooking oils for the foodservice industry can have a significant impact on American’s diet. Nutritionally advanced cooking oils that feature a balanced fat profile can actually help improve the nutritional value of fried foods enjoyed in restaurants. This will be discussed by H. J. Cardello, Source Food Technology, Inc., 2530 Meridian Pkwy., Ste. 300, Durham, NC 27713.

Nextra™ cooking oil was created using a patented purification process developed at General Mills and a unique formulation developed and patented by researchers at Brandeis University, who were seeking a healthier alternative to partially hydrogenated vegetable oils. Nextra contains zero trans fats from hydrogenation. Nextra’s patented purification process eliminates cholesterol and other naturally occurring impurities, offering foodservice companies and their consumers a healthier product that provides superior performance and better tasting food. Paper 75-2.

Nano-emulsions of soy isoflavones for new beverages
The use of isoflavones in functional food products is limited to solid food systems and opaque beverages due to the fact that isoflavones are insoluble in water. Moreover, drinks containing isoflavones often exhibit undesirable effects such as sedimentation and “sandiness” resulting from the particle characteristics of the commercial isoflavone complexes. This will be addressed by E. Pinthus, Adumim Food Ingredients, 36 Charuvit St., Mishor Adumim, 90610, Israel, and N. Garti, Casali Institute, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 91904 Jerusalem, Israel.

The researchers will discuss their success in formulating oil-based concentrates that are easily diluted in aqueous systems to form nano-emulsions. Commercially available soy complexes with as low as 10% isoflavone content were solubilized in these clear concentrates. The main characteristics of the final beverage containing these were an active load of up to 50 mg isoflavones in 250 mL, no off-flavor, and no sedimentation, making them applicable in transparent beverages. Data related to the nano-emulsion formation and solubilization of the isoflavone guest molecule in commercial beverage systems will be disclosed. Paper 1-2.

Benefits of high-moisture extruded soy proteins
According to a nationwide survey sponsored by the United Soybean Board (USB National Report 2003– 04), 62% of those surveyed agreed that soyfood consumption can help to reduce obesity and 38% were aware that daily consumption of 25g of soy protein can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. In addition to healthy benefits related to soy protein, the overall consumer awareness of soy products increased significantly. The percent of consumers who tried soymilk, soy burgers, soy protein bars, and other soy products increased in 2003. To date, soy-based products for meal applications are still limited.

High-moisture extruded soy proteins are new generation meat-like products developed for sophisticated meal applications, especially those for mainstream consumers. in a technical session, Y. Li, Solae, LLC, Checkerboard Sq., P.O. Box 88940, St. Louis, MO 63188-1940 will discuss how these products satisfy market requirements due to their nutritional value, variety, versatility, and convenience. Sensory evaluation indicated that these applications have similar overall-liking scores to commercial meals with real meats. In comparison to low-moisture extrusion cooking, high-moisture extrusion is considerably mild in processing conditions and more flexible in fiber creation. The company’s studies indicated that high-moisture extrusion process can effectively inactivate trypsin inhibitor, but at the same time maintain good nutritional value. In comparison to soy flour and soy concentrate, soy protein isolate can deliver high-moisture extruded, meat-like products with better texture and flavor due to their functionality and cleaner flavor profiles.

In addition, a health claim petition regarding consumption of soy protein-based foods and a reduction in cancer risk was submitted to the FDA by The Solae Co., P.O. Box 88940, St. Louis, MO 63188-1940 (phone 314-982-983; fax 314-982-1121; The petition, which is currently under review, focuses on 58 studies supporting the relationship between the consumption of soy protein-based foods and the reduced risk of developing certain types of cancer. The Solae Co. offers soy flours, soyprotein concentrates, soy protein isolates, soy fibers, and soy lecithins. Paper 41-3 and The Solae Co., Booth 2966.

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Precipitated calcium carbonate has small particle size
Precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) is new from Specialty Minerals, Inc., 35 Highland Ave., Bethlehem, PA 18017 (phone 800-801-1031; fax 610-882-1570; ViCALity Albafil is distinguished for its small particle size (0.7 micron) that yields smooth textured opaque beverages and frozen dairy items. It exhibits good suspendability and minimizes the settling often inherent in fortified beverages.

The small particle size does not affect taste or mouthfeel. ViCALity GF USP ground calcium carbonate (GCC) is a fine ground, low-lead calcium carbonate that works well in fortified baked goods, nutritional bars, and snack foods. DiCOM A100 is a directly compressible calcium carbonate that can be used to fortify chewable confectionary products. All products meet USP standards and offer low lead limits, below 125 ppb.

Various grades (different particle sizes) allow flexibility for formulating products such as powdered and liquid beverages, nutritional bars, baked goods, and calcium supplements. All products are 40% elemental allowing low usage levels. Specialty Minerals, Inc., Booth 2010.

Tool helps select key ingredients for fortification
A unique tool for food technologists to select key performance ingredients, such as vitamins and minerals for fortification, has been designed by Univar USA, Inc., 6100 Carillon Point, Kirkland, WA 98033-7357 (phone 646-530-5915; fax 425-889-4138; The Univar Food Ingredient Function Library will be showcased at the booth.

The company can deliver a full portfolio of food ingredients and local services to its customers. Univar has distribution centers in every state to simplify business. It offers extensive categories of ingredients for acidulation, leavening, fortification, shelf-life extension, texture modification, carbohydrate replacement, and new innovative sweeteners. Univar USA, Inc., Booth 1878.

Premixes offer nutritional benefits 
Nutrient systems to improve the nutritional value of foods and beverages are offered by Watson Foods Co., Inc., 301 Heffernan r., West Haven, CT 06516 (phone 203-9320-3000; fax 203-932-8266). Custom vitamin/mineral premixes eliminate the need to scale each ingredient and assure potency.

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Watson also microencapsulates vitamins, minerals, botanicals, and amino acids to mask odors/flavors while preventing ingredient interactions and increasing stability of the nutrient. In addition, the company provides beta-carotene and water-soluble films.

The company’s capabilities include wet/dry blending, microencapsulation, granulation, hot-melt granulation, fluid bed drying, spray drying, trituration, drum-to-hopper blends, vitamin/mineral premixes, wet/dry grinding, and micronizing.

A variety of innovative prototypes demonstrating the functionality of premixes will be highlighted. Watson Foods Co., Inc., Booth 2029.

Nutritional ingredients help add value
Value-added nutritional ingredients are developed, marketed, and distributed by Interhealth Nutraceuticals, Inc., 5451 Industrial Way, Benicia, CA 94510 (phone 707-751-2800; fax 707-751-2801;

The ingredients are sold worldwide to manufacturers of dietary supplements and nutraceutical food and beverages. The company’s line of specialty ingredients include Super CitriMax®, ChromeMate®, Aller-7™, OptiBerry™, UC-II™, LOptiZinc ®, Protykin®, and others. Interhealth Nutraceuticals, Inc., Booth 2731.

• A comprehensive line of antioxidants, food additives, functional food ingredients, and nutritional/healthy ingredients are offered by Helm New York, Inc., 1110 Centennial Ave., Piscataway, NJ08854-4169 (phone 732-981-1160; fax 732-981-0965; The Helm organization is a worldwide partner with more than 70 subsidiaries, offices, and participations in 32 countries. The company’s offerings contemplate the beverage, food, and nutritional product development needs, trends, and technological advancements. Booth 1921.

• Tomato powder that offers 0.8% lycopene, Lyc-O-Mato®, for functional and conventional food applications will be highlighted by RFI Ingredients, 300 corporate Dr. #14, Blauvelt, NY 10913 (phone 845-358-8600; fax 845-358-9003; A manufacturer of innovative, natural products for the food, functional food, and dietary supplement industries, the company also produces OxyPhyte® natural antioxidants made from GRAS ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, teas, and herbs; a proprietary cocoa extract called Chocamine™; and botanical products and other nutritional ingredients. Custom formulations that have antioxidant properties can also be produced. The company has global manufacturing facilities in North America, South America, and china. Booth 2535.

• A new line of high-potency betacarotene emulsions will be introduced by Allied Biotech Corp., Taageskovvej 21, Everdrup, Tappernoeje, 4733, Denmark (phone 45-32-621-234; fax 45-32-621-235; This product has been developed particularly to address the increasing demand from the beverage industry. Other food manufacturers can also enjoy the benefits of this new line of emulsions, when beta-carotene on liquid water-soluble form is preferred over the traditional powders. Initially, the company is offering the new line of beta-carotene emulsions in a 5% version, but is open to entertain specific customer demands.

Allied Biotech Corp. is a Taiwan-based basic manufacturer of synthetic nature-identical beta-carotene for the food and dietary supplement industries. The product range is marketed under the Altratene brand, and consists of oil suspensions, powders, and a brand new line of emulsion. Allied Biotech Corp., Booth 162.

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• New amino acids including beta alanine, D-phenylalanine, L-arginine, Lpyroglutamate, L-citrulline, L-ornithine HCL, propionyl, and L-carnitine HCL are offered by DNP International Co., Inc., 3035 Red Hat Ln., Whittier, CA 92691 (phone 562-692-8645; fax 562-692-8116; The company is a global importer and distributor of raw materials, sourcing more than 2,600 products. With three strategically located North American warehouses stocking 500 products, DNP International offers fine ingredients and valuable solutions. Booth 2435.

Nutritional and functional whey proteins for the food, beverage, and nutritional processing industries are offered by Grande Custom Ingredients Group, 301 E. Main St., Lomira, WI 53048-9548 (phone 920-269-7188; fax 920-269-1445; Applications include nutritional fortification, flavor enhancement, and quality improvement. The company operates a pilot plant and testing laboratory to support customer projects.Booth 2421.

Amino acids are among the products offered by a biochemical pharmacy cooperative enterprise group, Beijing Jianli Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Room 603, Tower D, Zizhu Garden, Zizhuyuan Rd. 88, Haidian District, Beijing, 100089, China (phone 86-10-8855-2346; fax 86-10-8855-2502; founded in 1992, the company possesses GMP, HACCP, kosher, and halal certificates and produces more than 80 kinds of products in three categories: amino acid serial medicine raw material, food additive, and healthy products. Booth 2714.

Tablet-grade creatine and amino acids are among the new products offered by Helm New York, Inc., 1110 Centennial Ave., Piscataway, NJ 08854-4169 (phone 732-981-1160; fax 732-981-0965; The Helm organization has more than 70 subsidiaries, offices, and participations in 32 countries. Helm New York, Inc. provides a comprehensive line of antioxidants, food additives, functional food ingredients, and nutritional/healthy ingredients. Booth 1921.

Amino Acids are now offered by CJ America, Inc., One Executive Dr., Ste. 245, Ft. Lee, NJ 07024 (phone 201-708-3309; fax 201-461-9926; The company, which began in 1953 as a producer of sugar, manufactures lysine, nucleotides, and MSG, and recently added amino acids and other ingredients. Booth 2596.

• Water-soluble botanical extracts of green tea, olive, grape, hawthorn, echinacea, ginseng, and more are available from Naturex, Inc., 300 Waverly Ave., Mamaroneck, NY 10543 (phone 914-381-5995;fax 914-381-5985; which offers these for applications in food products and beverages. The company is a manufacturer of natural ingredients for the food, flavors, and nutraceutical industries. Naturex is FDA registered and kosher certified. Booth 2167.

• Standardized aloe vera is available from Aloecorp, 100 Technology Dr., Ste. 325, Broomfield, CO 80021 (phone 800-458-2563; fax 303-635-2300; The ingredient guarantees not less than 10% polysaccharides by weight as verified through NMR and SEC (HPLC). Active Aloe® retains and even enhances the biological activity of native aloe vera gel. In a study measuring recovery of the immune response (measured as contact hypersensitivity), native aloe vera gel provided a 21% recovery compared to a 75% recovery with patent-protected Active Aloe.Booth 3658.

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• Lycium berry extract is high in polysaccharides, has anti-aging properties, and is a new product from Amax NutraSource, Inc., 14291 E. Don Julian Rd., City Of Industry, CA 91746 (phone 626-961-6600; fax 626-961-2890; The company is a vertically integrated botanical extract and nutritional supplement supplier known for its innovative products, such as EGCG, Rhodiola rosea, 5HTP, resveratrol, huperzine A, conjugated linoleic acid, octopamine and evodiamine. Booth 1235.

• Clinically supported botanical extracts are the specialty of PL Thomas & Co., 119 Headquarters Plaza, Morristown, NJ 07960 (phone 973-984-0900; fax 973-4-6666; The company offers 50 years of global experience securing reliable, high-quality raw materials for the food, functional food and nutrition industries.Booth 611.

• A line of botanical solutions are available from RFI Ingredients, 300 Corporate Dr., #14, Blauvelt, NY 10913 (phone 845-358-8600; fax 845-358-9003; RFI Ingredients is a manufacturer of innovative natural products for the food, functional food, and dietary supplement industries. The company has global manufacturing in certified-organic facilities in North America, South America, and China. Products include certified-organic fruit and vegetable powders, purees and concentrates, cereal grasses, and lycopene-containing tomato powder. A wide range of food applications will be showcased. Booth 2535.

• A patented natural carbohydrate with unique biological properties, WGP® Beta Glucan, stimulates the immune system to defend against foreign challenges, including extremes such as pathogens and radiation. These immune-enhancing properties have been the subject of scientific studies, including oral intake on humans. DKSH SiberHegner North America, 300 E. Lombard St., Ste. 1175, Baltimore, MD 21202 (phone 410-385-1666; fax 410-385-1266;, an international marketing and services group, agreed with U.S.-based Biopolymer Engineering Inc. on an exclusive partnership for introducing WGP Beta Glucan in Europe and Asia. Booth 1695.

• Dietary fibers under the brand names of Solka-Floc functional cellulose fibers and JustFiber vegetable fibers are offered by International Fiber Corp., 50 Bridge St., N. Tonawanda, NY 14120 (phone 716-693-4040; fax 716-693-3528; Booth 3277.

• An ingredient for bone health, soluble CalciLife™, provides a plant-derived calcium with the calcium boosting power of scFOS. This effective calcium ingredient is available for beverages and ice cream thanks to GTC Nutrition Co., 600 Corporate Circle, Ste. H, Golden, CO 80401 (phone 800-522-4682; fax 303-216-2477; Other health-promoting ingredients include NutraFlora® scFOS™, a proven prebiotic fiber with benefits to digestion, immune function, and calcium, magnesium, and soy isoflavone absorption. Natureal® oat bran is heart healthy and high in β-glucan. GTC Nutrition and Corn Products International recently announced the formation of a strategic alliance in which Corn Products will acquire a majority ownership stake in GTC Nutrition and construct a production channel to produce GTC’s short-chain fructooligosaccharides products in Ontario, Canada, by the end of 2005. Booth 2375.

• Cracked wheat, cracked rye, cracked oats, oat flour, rye flour, and triticale flour are new ingredients from Hesco Inc., P.O. Box 815, Watertown, SD 57201 (phone 605-884-1100; fax 605-884-1133; The company is a specialty grain and grain-based ingredients Co. It offers identity-preserved and organic products, as well as custom milling to the industry. Booth 2495.

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• New, exciting innovations in granola will be featured by Sovex Foods, P.O. Box 2178collegedaleTN 37315 (phone 423-396-3145; fax 423-396-3402; Stop by the Company’s booth to sample five exciting new flavored granolas on Tuesday, “spicy” granolas and bar bases on Wednesday, and “tropical” granolas and bar bases on Thursday. The company will show that granola is not just for breakfast anymore. Sovex Foods provides the food industry with granola clusters, toasted oats and grains, and dessert toppings that, when used as cereal, snack inlays, or toppings, create exciting blends and varieties in textures. The company specializes in industrial cereal ingredients, granola clusters, private-label cereals, contract manufacturing, customized product creations, flavored toasted grains, graham and granola pie shells, and research and development assistance. Sovex Foods, Booth 2479.

• Boosting soluble dietary fiber levels with gum systems will be highlighted by TIC Gums, Inc., 4609 Richlynn Dr., Belcamp, MD 21017-0369 (phone 800-899-3953; fax 410-273-6469; This also reduces the “net carbs” of formulations. During the show, TIC Gums’ research chef, Walter Zuromski, will prepare and sample several low-carbohydrate soups thickened with gums as replacers for traditional starches. Booth 153.

• Certified-organic, non-GMO grains, beans, seeds, sweeteners, and specialty soy products are offered through American Health & Nutrition, 3990 Varsity Dr., Ann Arbor, MI 48108 (phone 734-677-5570; fax 734-677-5572; A sampling of grain products include amaranth, buckwheat, flax, quinoa, and wheat. Booth 3613.

• A seed-to-table strategy is followed by SunOpta Ingredients, 25 Wiggins Ave., Bedford, MA 01730 (phone 800-353-6782; fax 781-276-5101; The company has the ability to source grains and other agricultural products through its Grains and Soy Products Group, processing these inputs in its processing facilities focusing on transforming these inputs into value-added food ingredients through its Specialty Food Ingredients Group. Booth 2135.

• A wheat-fiber concentrate is available from Cereal Ingredients, Inc., 10835 Ambassador Dr., Kansas City, MO 64153 (phone 816-891-7606). Called HK® Wheat Fiber Concentrate, the ingredient is a stable source of fiber and protein with desirable taste.Booth 637.

• Healthful indulgent baked goods formulated with trans reduced shortenings will be highlighted by Bunge Foods, 885 N. Kinzie Ave., Bradley, IL 60915 (phone 800-828-0800; fax 8150-523-8081; A wellness product offering can also be sampled that is formulated with a novel oil. Booth 2769.

• Certified-organic palm fruit oils and shortenings are available from CIRANDA Inc., 221 Vine St., Hudson, WI 54016 (phone 715-386-1737; fax 715-386-3277; Organic Palmfruit™ oils and shortenings offer neutral flavor, high-temperature stability, and enhanced product shelf life for the organic snack food, baking, and prepared food sectors. Booth 372.

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• EPA/DHA LC-omega-3 oil will be showcased by Puleva Biotech S.A., Camino de Purchil 66, Granada, 18004, Spain (phone 34-958-240152; fax 34-958-240160; The oil is specially deodorized and stabilized for functional food use. Patented functional probiotics isolated from human breast milk, prebiotics (FOS, GOS), and protein hydrolysates will also be featured. The company focuses on development, production, and sale of health ingredients for proven functional food and added-value nutraceuticals. Booth 3521.

• A zero-trans fat frying oil, Ultima (high-oleic) Canola Oil is a non-hydrogenated high-stability oil that was specially developed for high-heat applications by Catania-Spagna Corp., 1 Nemco Way, Ayer, MA 01432 (phone 978-772-7900; fax 978-772-7970; Ultima Canola has an equal or better fry life than hydrogenated oils and because it is not hydrogentated it does not overpower the food’s natural flavors. Ultima Soy (Expeller Pressed Soybean Oil) is an extended fry life soybean oil which also has zero trans fat. Ultima Soy has a fry life equivalent to hydrogenated oils because of its unique refining method that provides the maximum amount of naturally occuring tocopherols (antioxidants). Booth 3392.

• Specialty food oils are supplied by Oilseeds Intl., Ltd., 8 Jackson St., San Francisco, CA 94111 (phone 415-956-7251; These include high-linoleic safflower oil along with high-stability rice bran oil, high-oleic safflower oil, and high-oleic sunflower oil. Visit the booth to discuss your trans fat solutions. Booth 319. 

• New soy ingredients will be introduced by Devansoy, P.O. Box 885, Carroll, IA 51401 (phone 712-792-9665; fax 712-792- 2712; New Benesoy products feature a variety of liquid and powder soy proteins, soy flours, and soy fibers. Benesoy 2100 is a high-protein, lowfat soy protein available in liquid or powder form for use in beverages and other applications. Benesoy 4000 is a complete powder system for producing a retail soymilk using dairy milk processing equipment. Booth 3342.

• Meatless barbeque sandwiches, as well as fajitas and Italian pasta containing NutriSoy® Next™ meat alternatives, served with breads and tortilla chips featuring a low-carbohydrate mix of ingredients will be highlighted by ADM, 4666 Faries Parkway, Decatur, IL 62526 (phone 217-424-5200; fax 217-451-2233; Booth 2547.

Textured soy protein is produced by Legacy Foods, LLC, P.O. Box 1099, Hutchinson, KS 67504-1099 (phone 620-663-5711; fax 620-663-7195; The Ultra-Soy product line provides unflavored textured products rich in quality vegetable protein that can be used in a variety of food products from pizza toppings to stews. The Imagic line includes flavored textured soy proteins or analogs designed to simulate the texture of meat products. The company added private-labeled soy concentrates to their product line after executing a marketing and distribution agreement with Solbar Industries, Ltd. for Solcon, Solcon S, Solpro 900, Contex, and Bontex product. Booth 1785

• Untoasted and toasted soy flakes can weproduced by MicroSoy Corp., 300 E. MicroSoy Dr., Jefferson, IA 50129 (phone 515-386-2100; fax 515-386-3287; The untoasted MicroSoy® flakes receive very little heat during the process, preserving the wholesome quality of the soybeans. Suitable applications include such products as soymilk, tofu, processed meat applications, and mashed potatoes. The toasted products are ideal for cereal, yogurt and ice cream toppings, piecrust, and other bakery products. Booth 1798.

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• Soy protein products are manufactured by Cargill Soy Protein Solutions, 15407 McGinty Rd. West, #46, Wayzata, MN 55391 (phone 866-769-7768; fax 952-42-6879; Ingredients include Prolisse™ soy protein isolate, Soy Crunch™ soy protein crisp, Prolia™soy flour, Prolia Soy Crunch™ soy flour crisp, Prosante™ textured soy flour, and Prosante Plus flavored textured soy flour. Booth 1543.

• High-quality mineral lactates and gluconates are offered by Purac America, Inc., Ste. 100, 111 Barclay Blvd., Lincolnshire, IL 60069 (phone 800-423-0457; fax 847-634-1992; Puracal is a range of natural calcium sources. It offers the food industry highly soluble calcium sources with a neutral flavor. Additional mineral offerings include magnesium, zinc, ferrous, potassium, manganese, and copper. Booth 2335.

• A broad line of nutritional ingredients include fat- and water-soluble viamins and omega-3 fatty acids from BASF Corp., 3000 Continental Dr. N., Mount Olive, NJ 07828-1234. Products include vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin C, carotenoids, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, polyunsaturated fatty acids, and L-lysine. Booth 542.

•Vitamins, minerals, nutricuticals and herbs are available from Barrington Nutritionals, 500 Mamaroneck Ave., Harrison, NY 10528 (phone 914-381-3500; fax 914-381-2232; The product line contains many valueadded granulations and custom formulations, including blending and particle size reduction services. Booth 3071.

• Vitamin raw materials are supplied by Pat Vitamins, Inc., 9849 Joe Vargas Way, El Monte, CA 91733 (phone 626-350-5100; fax 626-350-5116; company partners with top manufacturers to provide its customers with products of the highest quality. Booth 2015.

• Ferrous gluconate powder, granular zinc gluconate powder, granular magnesium gluconate powder, and granular calcium gluconate powder are among the new ingredients offered by Liaoyang Fuqiang Food Chemical Co., Ltd., Emei Village, Hongwei Div., Liaoyang, Liaoning 111005, China (phone 86-419-415-8001; fax 86-19-415-8163; The company is mainly engaged in the production of gluconates, and also the only manufacturer and exporter who is able to produce a series of gluconates in China. Booth 2511.

• Global sourcing and distribution of vitamin, minerals, and other nutraceuticals is provided by Aceto Corp., One Hollow Lane, Lake Success, NY 11042 (phone 516-627-6000; fax 516-627-6093; The company has sizable inventories and more than 50 warehouses in the U.S. Booth 369.

• Nutraceutical raw materials and speciality blends are supplied by Anmar Nutrition, P.O. Box 2343,Bridgeport, CT 06608 (phone 203-336-8330; fax 203-336-5508; anmar The product line includes amino acids, botanical extracts, vitamins, chelated amino acids, mineral aspartates, and citrates plus speciality formulated blends. Booth 3541.

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