Attendees at SupplySide West 2009, Nov. 11–13, at The Venetian & Sands Expo in Las Vegas, Nev., will be able to learn about the latest developments in healthy and innovative ingredients and sample creations made with these ingredients in a new program called Taste of SupplySide. Exhibitors offering samples of food and beverage applications incorporating their ingredient or technology will be listed onsite in the Show Guide and online at

Some of the food and beverage offerings will include oatmeal cookies fortified with calcium from Albion (Booth 30015), high-fiber breakfast cookies from Grain Processing Corp. (Booth 24014), nutritional bars with Clarinol CLA for weight management from Lipid Nutrition (Booth 22036), berry colada icy drinks for bone health from GTC Nutrition (Booth 19043), and natural chewy cereal grain nutritional bars using organic and natural rice and corn maltodextrins from SunOpta Grains & Food Group (Booth 12075).

In 2008, nearly 8,000 visitors attended SupplySide West with more than 1,000 exhibitor booths.     

In addition to the sampling program at this year’s event, SupplySide West will host dozens of educational sessions. The Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) will present a workshop, “How the Changing Economy is Affecting Consumer Attitudes, Behaviors and Usage of Supplements and Functional Foods,” on Wednesday, Nov. 11 from 9:00–11:30 a.m. NMI’s Steve French and Greg Stephens will lead an in-depth, interactive workshop surrounding the latest data and insight from a range of NMI’s proprietary research databases including the Health & Wellness Trends Database, Healthy Aging/Boomer Database, and others. Discussion and group participation activities will address how consumers’ usage of foods and dietary supplements has changed with the economic downturn; how their lifestyle and shopping habits have changed; and how these behaviors will affect consumer purchases of health and wellness products and brand loyalty.

The education programming features four tracks—Nutrition Track 1, Nutrition Track II, Food & Beverage Track, and Cosmeceutical Track. Some of the sessions in Nutrition Track 1 include “Smart Sourcing of Omega-3 Fish Oil: A Technical Discussion,” “Nanotechnology for Ingredients: Opportunities and Risks,” and “DSHEA: 15 Years Later.” Nutrition Track II will feature such sessions as “Eating Berry Fruit Nourishes the Aging Brain,” “Understanding Organics: Current Ingredient Trends, Safe Sourcing and Sterilization, and a Look Ahead,” and “A Focus on the Global Weight Management Ingredient Market: Current Trends, Future Opportunities and Sustainable Growth.”

The Food & Beverage Track will present market data, food science, formulation and application ideas, and regulatory updates. Some of the sessions include “How Nutraceuticals are Changing Food Innovation,” “Getting in Front of the Next Food Revolution,” and “The Role of Flavors and Related Materials in Functional and Health Food.”

The Cosmeceutical Track will highlight natural ingredients and new ideas in “beauty from within.” Sessions in this track will focus on the issues that are changing the face of the personal care and cosmetic industry. Some of the sessions include “You Are What You Eat: Trends in Cosmeceuticals,” “Scientific Review of Natural Fats and Oils for Topical Use,” and “The Future of Cosmeceutical Skin Care.”

On Thursday, Nov. 12, at 9:00 a.m., Ellie Krieger, author and host of Food Network’s “Healthy Appetite with Ellie Krieger,” will be the featured speaker. Krieger will discuss eating healthy in a realistic, delicious, and easy way.

In the exhibition hall, companies and scientists will present their scientific research in a one-on-one format with attendees in the Poster Displays. New for 2009, the SupplySide Scientific Excellence Awards will be presented to an ingredient supplier/technology provider together with a consumer packaged goods manufacturer for an innovative finished product. Award winners will be announced in September and presented with the award onsite on Friday, Nov. 13 at 2:00 p.m.

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