One new IFT Press book is now available from Wiley-Blackwell.

Hydrocolloids in Food Processing, edited by Thomas R. Laaman (ISBN: 978-0-8138-2076-7. 2011. 346 pp.), provides detailed information as to which hydrocolloid—alone or in combinations with others—should be used and how in salad dressings, muscle foods, bakery products, bakery fillings, frozen dairy desserts, cultured dairy products, restructured foods, and flavor stabilization. There is also introductory information that presents 15 tips to successfully use hydrocolloids in applications; guides to help those responsible for purchasing hydrocolloids, including grade selection and quality assurance standards for each hydrocolloid; and actual product formulations and processing procedures in each chapter to help in choosing and using hydrocolloids.

Although most of the book’s chapters cover the use of hydrocolloids in specific food product applications, the insights about a particular application learned in one chapter can extend beyond that specific application, explained Laaman in the book’s Preface. He added that much of the information present in the book is new and differs from material found in hydrocolloid suppliers’ technical brochures. “In most cases, the chapters explain not only how to successfully use hydrocolloids but most of the keys toward making those food categories themselves. Thus, the chapters are actually practical guides to making specific foods,” he wrote.

The intended audience of the book includes product developers, quality assurance scientists, and purchasing directors and managers, but professors and students, particularly those in product development courses, may find the industry-based applications information useful. The contributing authors have advanced degrees and years of practical, hands-on experience (lab, pilot plant, and processing) in hydrocolloids applications, and this is why they were chosen to contribute to the book, said Laaman.

Laaman is President of Guaranteed Gums and Past Chair of the Institute of Food Technologists’ Carbohydrate Division. He has worked in senior technical and business positions for a number of food companies, including Kelco, FMC, Pronova, Kimica, Coca-Cola Co., PepsiCo, and Rich Products. IFT Press books, developed in partnership with Wiley-Blackwell and crafted through rigorous peer review and meticulous research, serve as leading-edge handbooks for industrial application and reference and as essential texts for academic programs.

Topics of future books in the series include nanoscience and nanotechnology, food laws and regulations, food ingredients for the global market, emerging food processing technologies, naturally derived food flavors and colorants, resistant starch, nonthermal processing technologies, fats and oils, proteins and peptides, and dairy ingredients.

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