In Memoriam: John B. Klis
John B. Klis, Professional Member of IFT and formerly IFT Director of Publications/Editor of Food Technology, died of cancer May 8, 2000, in Barrington, Ill. He was 69.

Klis earned a B.S. from Loyola University of Chicago in 1952 and his M.S. in food science from the University of Illinois in 1958. During the interim years, he served two years in the military and was employed as a quality control technologist at Kraft Foods Co. and Oscar Mayer. After graduate school, he was employed by General Foods Corp., where he was involved in product development of bakery mix products. For several years, he was group leader at Armour & Co. Research & Development Laboratories, developing freeze-dried products and serving as Armour’s liaison on freeze drying at the ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Fisheries’ research facility in Scotland.

From 1961 to 1968, Klis added journalism to his scientific background, serving as Assistant Editor of Food Processsing magazine and Editor of Food Ingredients and Equipment quarterly for Putman Publishing Co. He joined the IFT staff in 1968 as Director of Advertising, where for two years he was involved with the advertising and marketing operations of the Institute’s publications and Annual Meeting exhibits. In 1970, he was appointed IFT Director of Publications/Editor of Food Technology, with responsibility for Food Technology, Journal of Food Science, and the IFT Membership Directory. As Director, he influenced the education of an entire generation of food scientists and was an innovator in dispersing food science education through IFT’s publications.

Over the years, he expanded the size and quality of the magazine, adding new departments, features, symposia, and columns, and setting a standard in association publishing. For example, he directed all research papers to the Journal of Food Science, enabling Food Technology to publish more, and more timely, news, opinions, reviews, feature articles, symposia, and reports of interest to its readers. In the 1970s, he widened the scope of Food Technology by adding IFT’s Scientific Status Summaries, Washington News, and Overview sections. During the 1980s, Food Expo in Print appeared, as well as the Special Report and Product Update sections. Further expansion occurred in 1993 with the introduction of consumer, business, and foreign columns written by contributing editors. Many of these innovations remain today as important features of the magazine At the time of his departure from IFT in 1996, he was the longest-serving editor in the food industry, and Food Technology was consistently considered the #1 magazine in the industry.

In addition to his publication duties, Klis served as staff liaison to IFT’s Annual Meeting Program, Basic Symposium, and Continuing Education Committees, and Publications Subcommittee. As staff liaison, he provided an institutional memory invaluable to committee members.

John was an IFT member for 44 years, having joined as a Student Member in 1956. He was a member of the Chicago Section, serving as editor of the Section’s newsletter from 1960 to 1967, and as a member of the Tanner Lecture Committee in the late 1990s. He also served as a member of the editorial board of AVI Publishing Co. and as a member of the University of Illinois Food Science Industrial Advisory Board. In 1996, he was named an IFT Fellow in recognition of his more than 40 years of service to the industry and the Institute.

Zinnen accepts Congressional Science Fellowship
Thomas M. Zinnen, biotechnology education specialist, University of Wisconsin Biotechnology Center, Madison, was awarded the 2000–2001 IFT Congressional Science Fellowship. Zinnen’s fellowship will begin Sept. 1.

The IFT Congressional Science Fellowship allows a qualified member to work for one year for a member of Congress or for a Congressional committee or organization. The Fellow serves as a legislative staff member and has the opportunity to share scientific perspective on food and agricultural issues with Congressional members and staff directly responsible for science and food policy.

Zinnen’s term begins with a two-week orientation, provided by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, which coordinates the fellowship program. IFT is one of more than 20 engineering and scientific societies participating in the AAAS program. IFT’s fellowship is sponsored by the IFT Foundation.

For information about the program, contact Mary Helen Arthur in IFT’s Department of Science and Communications (call 312-782-8424; E-mail: [email protected]). Additional information is available from the Information Resources section of the IFT Web site at

Durso accepts Mass Media Fellowship
Lisa Durso, a doctoral student in food microbiology/food science and technology at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, has been chosen as the 2000 IFT Mass Media Fellow. Durso’s ten-week fellowship will begin mid-June.

The IFT Mass Media Fellowship, coordinated by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, places an advanced student of food science, food technology, nutrition, or related field at a U.S. newspaper, consumer magazine, or radio or television station. The goal of the program is to strengthen the connections between science and the media. Fellows get the opportunity to participate in the process by which events and ideas become news, improve their communications skills by learning to describe complex technical subjects in a clear manner to nonspecialists, and increase their understanding of editorial decision-making and effective dissemination of information. Durso will be working in the news room at The Oregonian, a 1999 Pulitzer-Prize winning newspaper in Portland, Ore. The Oregonian is the largest newspaper in the Pacific Northwest, with statewide distribution of nearly 350,000 copies daily.

For information about the program, contact Mary Helen Arthur in IFT’s Department of Science and Communications (call 312-782-8424; E-mail: [email protected]). Additional information is available from the Information Resources section of the IFT Web site at

Golomski receives industrial engineering award
William A Golomski, Professional Member of IFT and President of W.A. Golomski & Associates, International Technical and Management Consultants, has received the Frank and Lillian Gilbreth Industrial Engineering Award, the highest award of the Institute of Industrial Engineers.

Golomski received the award for his innovations in linear programming in food formulation enterprise, and for his pioneering work in food quality assurance.

ACDI/VOCA seeking bakery specialists for foreign assignment
ACDI/VOCA, an international private voluntary organization funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development, is seeking qualified personnel to donate their time and expertise for two to three weeks at a time for technical assistance projects overseas.

The organization is mainly an agricultural development organization charged with helping foreign countries to develop their agricultural markets. Currently, their Russia program, called the Farmer-to-Farmer Project, is requesting bakery specialists for a large number of technical areas, including production, marketing, and equipment in the development of bread, pastries, and cookies. Though the assignments are voluntary, ACDI/VOCA covers all expenses, including air fare, hotel, drivers, and translators. In addition, there is a daily per diem for meals and incidental expenses.

For more information, contact Kirill Reznik, Project Coordinator, ACDI/VOCA, 50 F Street N.W., Suite 1075, Washington, DC 20001 (call 202-383-4987; fax 202-783-7204; E-mail: [email protected]).

IUFoST announces new Fellows for its Academy
The International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST), with a country membership of 62, has elected the second class of Fellows to its International Academy of Food Science and Technology (IAFoST). These new Fellows were inducted at the Tenth World Congress of Food Science and Technology held in Sydney, Australia, in October 1999.

The inaugural group of Fellows was elected in 1997. Individuals in both groups are listed below. Additional Fellows will be inducted every two years at IUFoST World Congresses, the next being the Eleventh Congress scheduled for Seoul, Korea, April 22–27, 2001.

The purposes of the Academy are (1) to identify and recognize individuals distinguished by their scientific and professional contributions to food science and technology; (2) to further improve international cooperation and exchange of information; (3) to promote food science and technology and other sciences of importance for this area; and (4) to stimulate international education and training in food science and technology.

More specifically, the Academy will nominate candidates for the IUFoST Scientific Council, members for Centre Working Groups and Scientific Commissions, and individuals for the Founder’s Lecture (keynote speaker at each Congress); select members for award jury panels; and provide advice to the IUFoST President and the Management Committee.

Activities of the Academy are administered by an elected Executive Council composed of a Chair (Owen Fennema, USA), a Vice Chair (Ken Buckle, Australia), and two other Fellows (Estrella Alabastro, Philippines; and Octavio Paredes-López, Mexico), each having terms of two years. The Secretary for the Council is Judith Meech, Secretary-General of IUFoST.

Nominations for Fellow status may be made by country members of IUFoST (through delegates), the IUFoST Governing Council, and individual Fellows of the Academy. Nomination forms are available from Judith Meech, Secretary-General, IUFoST, 522 Maple Avenue, Oakville, Ont., Canada L6J 2J4 (phone 905-815-1926; fax 905-815-1574; E-mail: [email protected]; Web site:

The following are the distinguished members of IAFoST:
IUFoST Past Presidents and Secretaries-General
Peter Biacs, Hungary
Richard Hall, USA
D.E. Hood, Ireland
Joseph Hulse, Canada
Jack Kefford, Australia
Jack Meyers, Canada
Erik von Sydow, Sweden

Members of the Academy
Inaugural Members—1997
Ken Buckle, Austalia
John Pitt, Australia
Gordon Timbers, Canada
John Vanderstoep, Canada
Pekka Linko, Finland
Christiane Mercier, France
Fritz Diehl, Germany
Ricardo Bressani-Castignoli, Guatemala
Janos Hollo, Hungary
Hisateru Mitsuda, Japan
Eduardo Mendez, Mexico
Lars Aukrust, Norway
Estrella Alabastro, Philippines
Antoni Rutkowski, Poland
Ai Kim Kiang, Singapore
Felix Escher, Switzerland
Jürg Solms, Switzerland
Saipin Maneepun, Thailand
J. Ralph Blanchfield, UK
John E. Smith, UK
Malcolm C. Bourne, USA
Frank F. Busta, USA
Owen R. Fennema, USA
E.M. Foster, USA
Daniel Y.C. Fung, USA
Marcus Karel, USA
Daryl B. Lund, USA

Members Elected—1999
Jorge Chirife, Argentina
Denise Simatos, France
Fritz Käferstein, Germany
Walter Spiess, Germany
V. Prakash, India
F.G. Winarno, Indonesia
John Lupien, Italy
Kyoden Yasumoto, Japan
Tai-Wan Kwon, Korea
Octavio Paredes-López, Mexico
Andrew Cleland, New Zealand
Caj Eriksson, Sweden
Michiel van Schothorst, Switzerland
Philip Sherman, UK
Ralston Lawrie, UK
Hugh Symons, UK
Colin Webb, UK
James Behnke, USA
Al Clausi, USA
David Lineback, USA
Theodore P. Labuza, USA
Sanford Miller, USA
Nevin Scrimshaw, USA
Keith Steinkraus, USA
Alina S. Szczesniak, USA

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