Donald Pszczola

Donald E. Pszczola

Infused dried vegetables . . . Breading systems not made from bread . . . A sweetener that won’t break down in high temperatures . . . Mashed potatoes using soy flakes . . . A flavor enhancer combining yogurt and mayonnaise . . . A black grain that looks like caviar. And many, many other novel ingredients.

Infused dried vegetables, produced by an adaptation of a process used for fruit, is one of several emerging ingredients. This development makes possible the creation of a wide range of novel food concepts.These examples can mean only one thing—it’s time for another installment of what I have come to affectionately call, Emerging Ingredients. For the past six years, I have been doing an annual In…

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Food Technology magazine Senior Editor and key member of the Food Technology editorial staff for 26 years.
Donald Pszczola