Donald Pszczola

Donald E. Pszczola

One of the exhibitors at the 2008 IFT Food Expo will be showcasing a “Foodoo” Café at its booth. Which brings to mind the question: If there is such a thing as foodoo, what kind of foodoo do you do? Or to put it another way, what kind of power does foodoo possess to help today’s food formulator address a changing marketplace?

Naturally, the term shouldn’t be confused with voodoo, which is a type of religion characterized by certain rituals closely associated with nature. And for those who watch movies late at night, it might conjure up an image of a zombie or two, as well.

No, foodoo is nothing like that. If we were to guess, it might mean the magic that happens when food science, technology, and culinary artistry come together to produce innovative products that foreshadow emerging trends and the things to come in the marketplace. If that is so, we can expect to see a lot of foodoo being practiced at this year’s show in New Orleans.

For example, imagine a natural colorant that enables food-product developers to obtain a shelf-stable blue hue at a lower pH than conventional anthocyanin-based products. Or an “acid marshmallow” that has a low-pH environment necessary for the incorporation of citrus flavors such as lime, lemon, or grapefruit. Or an enzyme that can be used to reduce acrylamide formation. Or a wide range of new flavor concepts for beer.

When you think of New Orleans cuisine, you may not necessarily think of blueberries. But that will change when you visit some area restaurants that feature blueberry-inspired menu items. The Blueberry Restaurant Guide contains information about restaurants that serve sweet and savory dishes containing blueberries.

Several ingredient developments promise to enhance or modify the flavors of finished products. Soy sauce, yeast extracts, Asian sauces, and reduced-sodium blends are all part of this foodoo kit.

The foodoo gods will be working their magic on a wide range of innovative applications. How about a Floribbean crab cake with a chimichurri drizzle served with cooling lime and habanero plantains? Or hash browns that have been reformulated with cheese for a tasty breakfast item, Cheesy Hash Browns? Or a wide range of snacks made with new soybean oils? Or a Cajun-inspired Turducken served with a sweet potato crawfish spread on a hush puppy andouille pancake?

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And if you should happen to “order” a Double Bourbon and Cola, keep in mind that things have definitely been jazzed up around here. This prototype happens to feature Bourbon vanilla ice cream twisted with a Bourbon-, whisky-, and cola-flavored water ice.

Several companies also will be celebrating their anniversaries, and as part of the festivities, will be launching new developments. And many others are expanding their business efforts by forming strategic alliances, building new development and processing facilities, and introducing their ingredients into new food products and markets.

Is there no end to the magic of foodoo? Well, you’ll have to decide for yourself as you go through the following pages of this Ingredients preview. And if you should happen to see a zombie at this year’s IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo, tell him that he’s at the wrong place. Based on the wide range of innovations highlighted in the preview, everyone’s wide awake here and alive with new ideas.

Explore flavors of the coast
With a collective coastline spanning more than 137,800 miles, the seacoast of the United States and Canada boasts a diverse array of regional ingredients, flavors, and cooking techniques. Experience coastal cuisine, the flavors of the Maritimes, the Floribbean, the Pacific Northwest, California, and Hawaii.

A Floribbean crab cake with a chimichurri drizzle served with cooling lime and habanero plantains will be available for sampling. Also, a Lu’ua rubbed BBQ pork sandwich with tamari and peppercorn slaw will be served, along with sugar cane and tamarind banana chips.

The flavors from the Coastal Cuisine portfolio are suitable for proteins and snacks. The crab cake, for example, is made with a whole-grain coating system, GrainBake™, that is free of trans fats. Griffith Laboratories,, Booth 2739

On the go
On-the-go food occasions are a growing category fueled by irregular working hours, busy schedules, long commute times, and frequent travel schedules. People are eating more frequently in their cars, on planes, at their desks, or at sporting events.

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Time-pressured consumers need foods and beverages that are designed for their special needs. On-the-go beverages and snacks made with a variety of flavors and ingredients will be available for sampling. Virginia Dare,, Booth 2731

Right on-the-bean trends
A new line of natural bean powders, Vegefull™, provides a source of fiber and protein without affecting the taste or texture of the food. It may be incorporated in such foods as baked goods, snacks, dips, and cereals. Attendees will be able to sample prototypes made with the ingredient, including panini, soup, and snacks.

High-protein crisps are suitable for snacks, bars, and cereals. With 85% soy protein, the crisps have the highest protein content on the market. Also, they are offered in different protein versions, including 60% and 80%, and can be paired with custom flavors and sweeteners.

And for cocoa lovers, attendees can sample a new line of De Zaan® Huysman bright cocoa powders featured in chocolate milk. Or they can try Yucatan® Seventy Wafers, a 70% cacao version of Merckens® dark chocolate. For a limited time each day, visitors will have the opportunity to experience a chocolate fountain flowing with Merckens Falls Dark Chocolate, ideal for dipping fruits or snacks to create an indulgent treat. ADM,, Booth 3415

Prototypes capture authentic cooking flavors
Through a combination of culinary expertise and patented technology, the authentic characteristics special to a specific cooking process can be captured. The Flavors of Cooking™ line enhances any application by replicating the culinary cooking methods of roasting, sautéing, frying, pan drippings, and grilling.

This product development innovation allows food processors to achieve authentic, consistent, savory flavors without increasing cooking and manufacturing times. Several products made with ingredients from this line will be available for sampling.

For example, how about trying a Fire Roasted New York Strip made with a Fire Roasted Flavor? Or a Cedar Planked Shrimp Vera Cruz, featuring a Fire Roasted Cedar Plank Type Flavor, a Roasted Garlic Flavor, and Cuisine of Mexico? Or Woodfired Chipotle and Butternut Squash Bisque with Woodfired Chipotle Flavor? Photo also shows a tasty number: a taco that is not made with beef or poultry, but fish, perfect for New Orleans. Kraft Food Ingredients,, Booth 3127

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Foodoo Café?
A variety of Cajun flavors will be available for sampling at New Orleans Foodoo Café. On the menu will be several courses, all showcasing the expertise of Edlong Dairy Flavors.

On the menu, we’ll start with a Tri-Color Lentil Salad with creamy goat cheese and tomatoes. This will be followed by Cheesy Baked Grits, an entrée course made with tasso ham and scallions. And then for dessert, there’s Pecan Cupcakes with praline mousse frosting.

In addition, ED-Vantage™ line of no-added diacetyl dairy flavors will be featured. This line has an extensive variety of more than 80 profiles. Vegetarian concerns also will be addressed with the Vision™ line of kosher, pareve certified flavors that convey dairy-like impact. Edlong Dairy Flavors,, Booth 1022

The economics of soy
Soy protein products offer sustainability benefits, may be used as alternatives to more expensive proteins, and are suitable for use in health-oriented products. Their capabilities and applications will be described and showcased in a number of prototypes.

Supro® brand soy protein isolates will be demonstrated in systems, such as beverages, nutrition bars, and sauces. Applications will show how blends of dairy and soy proteins can result in improved textural and flavor experiences vs products based on singular protein systems.

In meat applications, SuproMax® brand technology adds value to low-cost meat and poultry inputs, enabling the creation of high-value, high-quality entrees and menu items. The structuring capability of the technology will be demonstrated in vegetarian entrees, where it delivers traditional meat-like texture and eating experience.

Supro® extruded soy crisps will be highlighted in nutritional bars and novel snacks and cereal products. Solae,, Booth 3727

Trumpeting the use of wheat ingredients
Tasty and nutritious “trumpets” containing Wheatex® RediShred textured wheat protein will be among the high-fiber, protein-enhanced product samples that attendees can try. Or if you want something a little sweeter, cinnamon rolls made with the ingredient will be available for sampling.

Another showcased ingredient is a new-generation resistant starch, Fibersym® RW, which delivers dietary fiber, performs as a partial fat replacer, and reduces caloric content in a variety of processed foods, including salad dressings, sauces, confections, and dairy-based products.

Also featured are Arise® wheat protein isolates which possess elevated protein levels and deliver both processing and finished product benefits to dough systems, pasta and noodles, and certain types of food coatings. MGP Ingredients,, Booth 4527

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11 prototypes demonstrate innovation
In response to demand for health-promoting, tasty, and convenient products, 11 prototypes will be showcased from the bakery, beverage, snacks, and cereal categories.

This array of prototypes will include a juice smoothie and a cereal to promote digestive health; an indulgent chocolate milk and snack; reduced-sodium salsa; gluten-free cake; a kid-friendly breakfast cookie with enhanced nutrition; a white tea with protein; a beverage that promotes heart health, and several others.

From addressing consumer health and nutrition interests, such as digestive health, sodium reduction, heart health, and gluten-free diets, to satisfying cravings for pure indulgence, Cargill will demonstrate how it helps customers develop new products by leveraging market insights, technical capabilities, and ingredient innovations in flavor, fats and oils, sweetness, texture, chocolate, and health-promoting ingredients. Cargill,, Booth 2826

Commercial Creamery celebrates 100th anniversary
Latest organic powders, including Parmesan cheese, cheddar cheese, sauce mixes, and seasonings will be showcased, along with new diacetyl-free butter flavors for use in seasonings, sauces, and baked goods. Also highlighted will be the newest shelf-stable cheese Chunkettes and Crumbettes.

The ingredients will be shown as part of Commercial Creamery’s 100-year anniversary. For those interested in a little bit of history, the booth will also feature several photographs from the company’s early years. Commercial Creamery Co.,, Booth 4500

New flavor concepts for beer
A range of flavors, Bemix, can help diversify beer-based beverages. The line of 22 flavors is formulated especially for beer applications and is classified in three families.

One group targets men, with notes coming from such spirits as tequila, whisky cream, Curacao, and vodka. The second group mixes beer and a spirit with flavors such as brown (vanilla or chocolate); exotic (coconut or lemon green tea); and fruity notes (apple or tutti frutti). The third range are fruity flavored beers with 15% juice content, developed for customers who are looking for beers that are fruitier and have less bitter taste. Some examples of this last group might include peach, raspberry, cherry, and lychee.

Also, organic sweet and savory flavors will be highlighted. These flavors are available for various applications, including alcoholic beverages, nonalcoholic beverages, dairy products, biscuits, confections, and health foods. These flavors have a wide variety of organoleptic notes and profiles and are offered in such forms as liquids, emulsions, powders, spray-dried, and granule. Aromatech Group,, Booth 4640

Prototypes showcase Matcha green tea flavoring
New formulations for Matcha green tea have been recently launched. One blend is specially prepared for premium green tea ice cream/green tea gelato and another blend tailored specifically for smoothies/latte containing green tea flavoring.

Prototypes made with Matcha green tea will be showcased. Attendees will be able to sample Matcha green tea ice cream, Matcha smoothies, and other products. A variety of materials will be available supporting Matcha as a functional food ingredient, including a newly redesigned brochure and technical and specification write-ups supporting the product from marketing, ingredient, and scientific perspectives. Aiya America Inc.,, Booth 433

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Lemongrass will be offered in a fresh pureed form
A traditional flavoring in Thai and other Pacific Rim and Caribbean cuisines, lemongrass offers a hint of citrus without the lemony bite. Several trend watches name lemongrass as one of the top flavors for 2008. Refreshing and light with a hint of ginger, this delicate flavor is traditionally difficult to process for commercial use.

A special cutting process has been developed which creates a whole puree that “melts in your mouth.” Three different types of lemongrass are offered, including one frozen with no preservatives, one refrigerated with citric acid, vinegar, and salt (for salad dressings), and one soft-frozen variety. The soft-frozen line offers formulators a scoopable form of lemongrass in a frozen state.

Potential applications for lemongrass might include baked goods, ice creams, fillings, sauces, salad dressings, and frozen entrees. Vegetable Juices Inc.,, Booth 1148

Natural colorant provides shelf-stable blue hue
A natural colorant enables food product developers to obtain a shelf-stable blue hue at a lower pH than conventional anthocyanin-based products. Available in liquid or powdered form, it increases the range of foods that can be formulated with a non-synthetic blue colorant.

Anthocyanins, whether derived from fruit or vegetable juices, exhibit a reversible molecular structural change—from red to purple to blue—as the pH of their environment changes from acidic to basic. This innovation, however, demonstrates a shelf-stable blue hue at pH 5.5–8.0, whereas anthocyanins normally demonstrate a faded and unstable purple hue at pH 5.5.

The water-soluble blue colorant, derived from anthocyanins extracted from vegetable juice, recently obtained U.S. Patent No. 7279189. Water-soluble green colorants can be created by adding a variety of yellow colorants to the natural blue colorant.

Also available is a new brochure that provides a guide for using blends of natural colors to replace synthetic options. Improved blending of natural colors helps maximize attributes and enhance product stability compared to using a single natural colorant. Selecting the best-performing natural colorant blend requires a thorough understanding of the specific application. D.D. Williamson & Co.,, and colorMaker Inc.,, Booth 4319

Making sundaes with natural colors
Make Your Own Sundae Bar features a variety of toppings containing natural colorants. These toppings include naturally colored candies, chocolates, and cookies, as well as antioxidant-rich fruit toppings for those interested in boosting anthocyanin or carotenoid content in their diet.

Exberry® natural fruit- and vegetable-based colors, as well as Nutrifood® whole fruit and vegetable extracts, will be highlighted in a variety of other applications, including salad dressings, extruded cereals, dairy products, soups, and dry blends. These ingredients are processed with only water and can be used in most applications around the world. Color specialists will be available to answer technical questions. GNT USA Inc., Booth 633

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Natural red colorant derived from tomatoes
A cold-water-dispersible powder, Tomat-O-Red® 10%, derives its red color from lycopene extracted from tomatoes. The free flowing dry powder rapidly dissolves in cold water to effectively release the bound color in a vibrant and application-stable form.

The natural colorant from LyroRed can provide a variety of red shades, depending on the needs of the customer. Potential applications include dairy foods, processed meats or meat analogs, baked goods, confections, and beverages. The product offers a safe, vegetarian alternative to other common red colorants. P.L. Thomas., Booth 2709

Resources highlight the functionality of the egg
Reducing the sodium content in certain applications can affect product integrity and stability. Egg products can help, as they are capable of binding other ingredients, providing structure and stability, and assisting with moisture migration while not conflicting with flavors of other ingredients.

Eggs can foam, leaven, bind, thicken, coat, color, emulsify, and control crystallization, making many food formulas possible. Custom-blended egg products that include carbohydrates, gums, starches, sugar, and salt are available to meet manufacturers’ specifications and to improve functional performance. To simplify your search for an egg product supplier that will meet your needs, visit the newly revised EGGSolutions section of American Egg Board’s Web site to learn about the many varieties of dried, refrigerated, and frozen egg products and cross-reference the products to processors and distributors.

Also available from AEB are complimentary subscriptions to the quarterly newsletter, EGGSaminer, a product development resource, and a monthly electronic newsletter that contains timely information for product formulators, identifies the appropriate egg products for various food categories, and highlights the many functions, advantages, processing, storage, and handling aspects. For product formulation and technical assistance, call toll free at 1-877-488-6143. American Egg Board,, Booth 3020

Starting the day with an egg
New research published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition suggests that starting the day with an egg breakfast can reduce hunger and help reduce caloric intake by more than 400 calories over the next 24 hours. Researchers discovered that compared to a bagel-based breakfast of equal weight, the egg breakfast induced greater satiety and significantly reduced the participants’ food intake for the rest of the day. Eggs have an impressive macronutrient composition to contribute to their satiety impact.

Further processed egg products also supply excellent functionality, as demonstrated by studies that compare their benefits vs various egg replacers in products such as angel food cake, French vanilla ice cream, and pasta. At a 2008 IFT Supplier Solutions Session, the American Egg Board will give a presentation on the results of these studies.

The session will also provide new research that uncovers more health benefits derived from egg consumption. Find out how egg products can help you meet today’s formulation challenges, including gluten-free, weight control, or the providing of energy. And discover the positive ways that egg products can impact “label health.” IFT Supplier Solutions Session

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Oven-roasted ingredient provides meat and poultry solutions
A new meat and poultry solution, Oven Roasted Medallions, Strips, and Dices, provides food manufacturers with a number of performance benefits. These whole-muscle ingredients, available in turkey, chicken, pork, and beef options, are suitable for entrees, pizzas, calzones, meal kits, salads, and other products.

Imagine, for example, Chicken Carbonara made with the diced chicken. Or Turkey Medallions with Mushroom Gravy featuring glazed medallions. The ingredient, offered in random or exact cuts, demonstrates excellent muscle texture, a natural appearance, and customized flavor profiles. It is available in Oven Roasted, Glazed, and Grill Marked versions.

Representatives will be on hand to distribute a new brochure describing further this IQF ingredient, which is refrigerated in 20-, 30-, and 40-lb gas-flushed bags. Its initial rollout this past year has proven successful, and the product will be available for sampling at the show.

Land O’Lakes will be highlighting this product as part of its 50th year anniversary as a custom processor providing research and development assistance to food manufacturers. The company develops meat ingredients suited specifically to a particular process or end use. Land O’Frost Inc.,, Booth 4812

Insoluble fibers offer functionality benefits in meat products
Over the years, many types of insoluble fibers have been applied to a wide variety of food products. In particular, the baking and cereal industries have made use of the nutritional and functionality properties of fibers in their products. The meat industry, however, has not adopted the use of fibers in the same widespread manner, owing primarily to the prohibition on nutrient fortification.

Aside from fortification, insoluble fibers offer meat producers the ability to alter the texture and “bite” of their products. In particular, the use of mechanically deboned/separated meat products can result in textural and functionality changes compared to conventionally prepared products. The use of insoluble, colloidal fibers—either alone or in combination with non-colloidal insoluble fibers—can restore some of the lost textural properties and water-holding capacity to meat formulas incorporating mechanically deboned/separated meat components.

Representatives will be available to discuss how insoluble fibers and colloidal insoluble fibers offer a viable solution to mitigate some of these challenges while at the same time help to provide further economic benefit to manufacturers. J. Rettenmaier USA,, Booth 3327

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In the soup
A natural poultry-based ingredient, IDFChicken Broth, delivers a savory profile to a variety of recipes. The product offers flavorful, cost-effective formulations for seasoning blends, flavors, bouillon, sauces, gravies, marinades, batters, breadings, stuffing mixes, and snacks.

A line of Agglomerated Powdered Chicken Broth provides optimum dispersal with the flavor and aroma of typical cooked chicken. These free-flowing broths feature improved functionality, a variety of flavor profiles ranging from light to savory to roasted, and versatility.

Other highlighted solutions will include spray-dried meat and poultry powders, chicken fat powders, powdered combinations of chicken broth and fat, 32% frozen chicken broth, and a shelf-stable liquid chicken fat.

Theme of the booth is “In Every Great Soup,” and representatives will be on hand to distribute data sheets and showcase different applications for the meat- and poultry-based ingredients. International Dehydrated Foods Inc.,, Booth 3009

Fiber ingredient increases yields in meat applications
A fiber ingredient, Citri-Fi® 100M40, has an extra-fine particle size (averaging 35–40 microns), making it suitable for injecting into whole-muscle meat and poultry products to increase yields. It can also be used as an alternative to hydrocolloids and phosphates, and can serve as a mechanism for carrying flavors and oils.

For example, in whole-muscle meat products, the ingredient can replace sodium tripolyphosphates, eliminating purge and improving yields. Compared to chicken that has sodium tripolyphosphates at 0.5% and 3.6% purge after tumbling, the fiber ingredient at the same dosage can reduce the purge down to zero. This results in a 3.6% increased yield.

An additional benefit of the ingredient is that it is not detectable in the mouth and is neutral in terms of flavor. This means that it can be used in sauce, dairy, and dressing applications to utilize the high water-binding capacity, thickening, and fat-replacement properties without being detected in the mouth. The high degree of internal surface area of the ingredient leaves a larger number of bonding sites available for strong hydrogen bonding and makes an amorphous fiber structure that is special compared to other fibers.

A presentation on this ingredient and the functionality properties it offers in meat products and other applications will be given at a New Products & Technologies session, held on Sunday afternoon, June 29. Fiberstar,, Booth 4743

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Crystalline fructose offers innovative solutions
Crystalline fructose, under the brand name Fruitose®, will be featured in flavored water, yogurt, and applications fortified with minerals. A folder will be distributed that contains a wide range of recipes that use fructose with other sweeteners and minerals.

The sweetener is produced by a process that efficiently purifies fructose into crystals. Manufactured from pure sugar, it has a purity level that is above 99.5%, is characterized by a low glycemic index, and can enhance flavor perception while masking bitterness of artificial sweeteners.

Recently, customized sweetener blends for the beverage industry have been developed. These allow the formulation of products that have low or no sugar, are low in calories, and are suitable for diabetics. Innovative solutions for mineral fortification will also be shown, including a full range of gluconates and lactate salts. Galam Group,, Booth 4309

Sweeteners demonstrate synergy in low-calorie beverages
High-intensity sweetener acesulfame K (Sunett®) will be highlighted in health and wellness products. These products, which have fewer calories while maintaining a sugar-like taste, demonstrate how synergistic blends of Sunett and nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners can outperform any single high-intensity sweetener in the replacement of sugar and high fructose corn syrup.

Attendees will be able to sample a variety of low-calorie beverages, including a reduced-sugar energy drink with B vitamins sweetened with a Sunett/sucralose blend; a green tea enriched with honey and ginseng with a Sunett/aspartame blend; and two elderberry-cherry-flavored beverages, one sweetened with Sunett/sucralose and the other with Sunett/aspartame. Nutrinova Inc.,, Booth 3017

Take the sucralose taste test
See if you can tell the difference between a full-sugar application and a calorie-reduced version sweetened with Splenda® sucralose. Attendees will have such an opportunity to taste test formulations and learn more about the functionality of sucralose vs other sweeteners.

With issues such as childhood obesity on the rise, reduction of sugar and calories is relevant for today’s food and beverage manufacturers. The aim of sweetener optimization is to determine the optimal level of nutritive sweeteners that can be replaced without affecting the flavor profile and other characteristics of the application.

Also highlighted is Promitor™ soluble corn fiber that can be used to replace traditional sweeteners such as liquid and dry corn sweeteners, sucrose, and sugar alcohols. The ingredient maintains the texture and body provided by nutritive sweeteners while helping to reduce calories. Tate & Lyle,, Booth 1633

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A grapefruit-flavored marshmallow?
Marshmallows—fluffy cushions of air, gelatin, and sugar—are traditionally enjoyed for their texture. A new gelling and foaming system, Rousselot® ACPE, now makes possible the development of marshmallows with intense fruit flavors that require a low pH.

These confections, appropriately called “acid marshmallows,” have a pH below 3.4. Such low pH environments are necessary for optimal flavor release and flavor expression of many flavoring systems. Some examples of possible flavors for acid marshmallows include citrus fruits such as lime, lemon, or grapefruit.

With these new flavors, acid marshmallows give an impression of lightness and fluffiness while maintaining traditional marshmallow texture. The system used for their manufacture combines the properties of gelatin and pectin. With this system, stable acid confections can be produced on traditional extruding lines. Process adjustments, along with the application, have been submitted for a patent. Rousselot,, Booth 4409

Sweets for the sweet confection
Colored sugars can be applied as a topping to accentuate confections. These uniform crystals are available in a variety of colors such as blues, oranges, violets, greens, and rainbows.

A variety of fondant sugar systems for candy products will also be highlighted. These systems are resistant to caking and can help improve the appearance and texture of cream centers, cordials, caramels, fudge, glazes, and other products.

And pure cane sugar products will be featured that provide a natural alternative to traditional sweetening agents in confections. Organic and Natural Evaporated Cane Juice and Specialty Sugar options may be used as colorants, providing light to dark golden hues, as well as a sweet flavor and functionality properties. Domino Specialty Ingredients,, Booth 1225

Chocolate innovations highlighted
Tooth-friendly chocolate holds potential, especially in the children’s segment. Endorsed by dental experts, the new product is made with isomaltose, a constituent of honey and sugar cane that has a very natural sweet taste and is not laxative.

A variety of other chocolate innovations will be highlighted, including soluble cocoa powder, chocolate with probiotic properties, new techniques to preserve chocolate flavor, and developments that harness the inherent benefits of cocoa beans.

Also, new taste experiences will be provided. These include numerous origin chocolates and limited-edition products, a collection of white chocolate and fruit flavors, a variety of cocoa powders, and many others. Representatives will be on hand to discuss trends related to chocolate and distribute technical literature. Barry Callebaut USA,, Booth 2900

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Prototypes highlight dairy ingredients
Food and beverage prototypes will highlight innovative uses of dairy ingredients. For example, hash browns can be reformulated to provide the taste of cheese. The resulting product, cheesy hash browns (shown in photo), offer a convenient breakfast option.

Other prototypes include a fruit-flavored drink infused with whey protein and fiber to promote consumer satiety; an indulgent chocolate-coated truffle with a milky center fortified with calcium and vitamin D; a low-calorie, whey protein-enhanced isotonic beverage that aids in muscle recovery after exercise; and a children’s pudding snack with added milk protein.

DMI will present a symposium, “Dairy and Weight Management: Bridging the Gap Between Nutrition Science and Consumer Behavior,” on July 1 from 10:30 a.m. to noon. Leading dairy researchers and nutrition professionals will discuss consumer perceptions of weight management and obesity and how such perceptions may drive food choices. Dairy Management Inc.,, Booth 3926

Whey proteins provide creaminess in low-fat dairy products
A new heat modification process can transform whey proteins into particles that can create a creamy perception, similar to that created by fat particles. The micro-particles have an excellent water-holding capacity.

Whey proteins are globular proteins that can denature and aggregate upon heat treatment. With this newly developed production process, whey proteins can provide improved functionality properties. When the denaturation degree during the heating process is controlled, a product can be obtained that not only contributes to creaminess, but to the network formation during yogurt fermentation, resulting in an excellent texture. The sensory profiles of low-fat and reduced-fat yogurts produced with micro-particular whey proteins were studied with a sensory panel, and the obtained data will be presented at a Supplier Solution Session, held on Tuesday, July 1, 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Friesland Foods Domo, Supplier Solution Presentation, Booth 625

Whey green tea?
The use of whey protein isolate in tea will be demonstrated by a prototype product. A “pixie stick” iced tea formulation, easily shaken into cold water, combines green tea with Hilmar9410, a highly dispersible whey protein isolate.

Along with an antioxidant boost from green tea, the beverage delivers 3 g of protein, fiber, calcium, and vitamins in a convenient mix n’ go format. Variations have been developed from this basic formulation, including the addition of ginseng, one with a higher protein content, and a sports market version containing isotonic salts.

The instantized whey protein isolate has spoon-stirrable solubility, clean flavor, acid and heat stability, and protein nutrition. Hilmar Ingredients,, Booth 854

Symposium updates the role of milk proteins in dairy foods
The functional properties of milk proteins determine many physicochemical properties of dairy products—for example, the texture of cheese, the viscosity of yogurt, or the stability of milk during heating. A symposium, “CSI New Orleans: The Role of Milk Proteins in Dairy Foods,” will update the properties of milk and whey proteins, focusing in particular on casein structure and function.

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Casein proteins are present in milk as spherical particle assemblies of about 200 nm in diameter, commonly referred to as casein micelles. Over the past three decades, researchers have attempted to describe the structure of these micelles, and to understand how these particles behave during the various steps of processing dairy products. A presentation reviews the most important properties of the caseins, pointing out how changes to the outer and inner structure of the micelles affect the processing functionality of milk.

The symposium will be held on Monday afternoon, June 30, 2–3:30 p.m., Session 103

Prototypes reflect the future of cheese
Booth theme, “Best of Food Thinking,” reflects innovations in cheese and whey ingredients and how these ingredients are being incorporated into new applications. For example, freeze-dried cheese in trail mix can boost energy on a hike. Or orange juice with Clear Pro 75™ provides the same protein level as milk—6 g.

Le Pro Cal™ pumps up the calcium of lemon-flavored water to provide 100% of the Daily Recommended Value of this nutrient. Gummies taste like candy while providing calcium and protein. You’ll also find varieties of cheese in low-fat, reduced-fat, and reduced-sodium varieties, served on pizza or available in string cheese form.

Daily presentations and culinary demonstrations will deliver the information to expand and energize product formulations. Leprino Foods,, Booth 4019

Get your licks in with dairy dessert
An organic soft-serve frozen dairy dessert made with rice maltodextrin will be showcased. The ingredient, Maltrin OR™, adds body and texture to frozen dessert formulations without excessive sweetness or freezing-point depression.

Rice-based and hypoallergenic, this addition to the Maltrin line is versatile for use in applications such as healthy snacks, sports beverages, and nutrition bars.

Try your dairy dessert with a baked snack made with TruBran corn fiber, available in two particle sizes. Grain Processing Corp.,, Booth 2433

Gum innovations help broaden application opportunities
A next-generation emulsifier, TIC Pretested® Saladizer® Max, uses modified gum acacia technology to create regular and low-fat dressings and marinades. It can replace propylene glycol alginate in many salad dressings without any discernable difference in mouthfeel.

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The agglomerated gum system allows for easy dispersion and rapid hydration, resulting in more batches per shift and increased yields from existing production equipment. It is versatile both on its own and when used in combination with other ingredients.

Also featured is a beverage emulsion stabilized with a modified gum acacia product, TICAmulsion A-2010. This ingredient, part of a line of emulsifiers that has self-affirmed GRAS status, offers improved functionality in difficult systems such as those that contain oil levels of more than 10%.

At the 2008 Supplier Solution Session held on Monday June 30, a presentation will be given titled “A New Twist on an Old Favorite: Reduced-Odor Guar Gum.” The use of traditional guar gum as a thickener can sometimes be restricted because of its grassy or beany odor and flavor that can be detected in delicately flavored foods. When manufactured using a new process that reduces the chemical compounds that cause these undesirable attributes, the resulting guar gum can be used in a much wider array of applications, including granitas and frozen beverages, fiber bars, meal-replacement drinks, soups, and sauces. TIC Gums,, Booth 1133

Stabilizer provides suspension of particulates
Stabilizer system, TexturezeUB500, can be used to create a fluid gel that provides excellent suspension of particulates and has a water-thin viscosity. It can suspend particulates such as minced seasonings and spices and fruit or vegetable pulp. In fat-free or low-fat dressings and sauces, the hydrocolloid-based system can provide suspension without adding excessive viscosity.

In addition to suspension at low apparent viscosity, the stabilizer has transparency in solution and provides a light, clean mouthfeel that enables excellent flavor release. This is especially suitable for novel beverages and exotic flavor combinations. ISP Food Ingredients,, Booth 1513

Improving stability of insoluble materials in beverages
A microcrystalline cellulose/carboxymethylcellulose product, Avicel® BV1518, maintains the stability of insoluble materials such as cocoa and minerals in low-viscosity, neutral pH beverages.

The newest line extension of MCC/CMC products, it allows beverage manufacturers to formulate products with a refreshing mouthfeel. More information about this product’s functionality and suitability in health and wellness beverages will be presented by FMC BioPolymer at a New Products & Technologies session on Sunday, June 29. Session 026-02.

Enzyme reduces acrylamide formation
Acrylamide is classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as “probably carcinogenic to humans” based on studies conducted in mice and rats. The potential risk posed to humans by dietary exposure to acrylamide is not yet known, but numerous studies are currently in progress to collect the data needed to make an informed evaluation.

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The main mechanism for acrylamide formation in starchy foods involves two common components of these foods: reducing sugars and the amino acid asparagines. The sugars react with asparagines when the food is heated, and—through a series of reactions—the side chain of asparagines is converted to acrylamide. These reactions, which produce acrylamide, are a small part of a broader set of heat-induced reactions called Maillard reactions that produce the brown color and characteristic tasty flavor of baked, fried, and toasted foods.

One very effective means of reducing acrylamide formation is the removal of asparagine from starchy foods, using the enzyme asparaginase. The enzyme converts asparagine to another common amino acid, aspartic acid, which will not act as a precursor to acrylamide formation. This can be achieved in many foods by simply blending asparaginase into the dough before the final product is baked or fried.

When using asparaginase, the final baking or frying process is undisturbed, and Maillard reactions in general, except those involving asparagines, are unaffected. This means that foods produced with asparaginase look and taste the same as untreated foods.

The enzyme Acrylaway has been recently developed, tested, and launched to provide effective acrylamide reduction. The technology can be applied in a wide range of products to reduce the overall average daily intake of acrylamide. Further details about this enzyme will be provided at a New Products & Technologies session, presentation 084-03, held Monday, June 30, at11:05 a.m. to 11:20 a.m. Novozymes, Booth 519

Enzyme brand celebrates 50th anniversary
Enzyme brand, Veron® from AB Enzymes, is having its 50th anniversary. As part of the celebration, Veron HF will be promoted. This enzyme product reduces vital wheat gluten in baking formulations. It can replace up to 50% of the gluten used in a formulation, enabling gluten users to reduce their costs significantly.

In addition to cost savings, bakers will enjoy the product’s distinct stabilizing effect on dough systems. The final baked products have an attractive baking volume with break and shred.

AB Enzymes forms part of the ABF Ingredients group of companies. ABF Ingredients,, Booth 1903

New prototypes made with grains of antiquity

Individual and multigrain blends with distinctive flavor profiles will help inspire next-generation whole-grain product development. These products include ConAgra Mills Ancient Grains (100% whole grain), ConAgra Mills Multigrain Flours (100% multigrain whole grains), ConAgra Mills Flour with Ancient Grains (55% multigrain whole grains and 45% premium enriched white flour), and ConAgra Mills Coarse 8-Grain and Seed Inclusion with Flax.

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Cutting-edge applications made with Ancient Grains will be available for sampling. These flours are milled from such sources as amaranth, millet, quinoa, sorghum, and teff. With more fiber, phytonurients, vitamins, and minerals than their conventional counterparts, these grains may be used to improve the nutritional profile of applications ranging from whole-grain muffin mixes to artisanal, Parisian-style boule. ConAgra Food Ingredients,, Booth 449

Grain ingredients provide label benefits
Specialty ingredients that help manufacturers “Put a better label on the table” will be featured. Product lines showcased include Insta Grains® reduced cook-time grains, Briess® Roasted Grains, malt ingredients, sprouted-toasted wheat flours, and natural sweeteners.

The extensive portfolio of ingredients delivers functionality, including improved processing, flavor, color, and texture. Technical staff will be available to help explain the vast applications and functionality that these ingredients offer, and the label claims they help achieve, such as natural, organic, non-GMO, kosher, whole grain, gluten-free, and low-fat.

Two applications will be sampled. A variety of specialty grain ingredients that help achieve “natural” and “whole grain” label claims will be featured in a granola bar. Organic Tapioca Caramels made with Organic BriesSweetTapioca Syrup demonstrate the effective 1:1 replacement of corn syrup to achieve both “natural” and “organic” claims on this popular candy. Briess Malt & Ingredients Co.,, Booth 518

‘Superheated’ starch may be used as a fat mimetic
Heating starch in water at a very high temperature results in a creamy, spreadable, and gellable product, known as “superheated starch.” This enables the ingredient to be used as fat mimetic. Compared to maltodextrin, superheated starch has a key advantage in being functional at low concentrations, which leads to lower energy intake when consumed.

The new product can be transformed by UHT treatment into a smooth, cuttable, gelled product. An additional advantage is that the viscosity remains low during the processing. Superheated starch is a physically modified starch and can be produced on an industrial scale using current technology. TNO Food & Nutrition Research,, Booth 619

Panel re-examines saturated fats
Since the 1970s, saturated fat has been called the worst kind of dietary fat, and has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease. In the past 10 years, however, new data has emerged, casting doubt on this belief.

A session titled “A New Paradigm of Saturated Fats” will review recent and earlier dietary fat research and discuss whether current thinking on saturated fats needs to be modified. Panelists include Gary Taubes, author of “Good Calories, Bad Calories;” Dr. Eric Westman, Duke University; and David M. Klurfeld, USDA. The session, which will be moderated by Loders Croklaan, will be held from 4–5:35 p.m. Tuesday. Session 197

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‘Snack shop’ highlights new soybean oils
The soy oil snack shop, hosted by the United Soybean Board, will make available a selection of different foods prepared with new soybean oils that have improved functionality. The oils contain zero grams of trans fat, while offering enhanced stability and performance.

The soybean industry is introducing new oil innovations that will allow food technologists to create healthier and more stable products. USB Snack Shop provides an opportunity to speak with oil experts, experience the neutral taste of soybean oil, and share needs with the soybean industry. United Soybean Board,, Booth 3142

Impact of fatty acids on food structure and stability
A symposium reviews the role of fatty acids in food function and their impact on building food structure and stability. Attendees will gain an improved understanding of how fatty acids are bridging the gap between food functionality and health.

This session, “Fatty Acids in Our Foods: A Functional Role in Providing Structure and Function with Healthy Oils,” will highlight the functional characteristics of specific fatty acids and how they can aid in the reformulation and innovation of sustainable products.

Panelists will discuss the pros and cons of specific fatty acids in food structure. Current blend and shortening options for processed foods will be reviewed and examples of options for building structure with improved health will be provided, along with an outlook on new solutions. The session, moderated by Dow Agrosciences, will be held from 2–3:30 p.m. Sunday. Session 15

Laissez les blueberries rouler!
With their fruity, burst-in-the-mouth flavor and healthy profile, blueberries give products lush taste, broad appeal, and a clean label. And now you can enjoy blueberries as an ingredient in foods offered by many Big Easy restaurants.

The Blueberry Restaurant Guide will showcase the ways in which blueberries can be included not only in desserts but in savory sauces, salads, and meat dishes. You will also want to check out the recipes featured in the guide to learn more about how you can incorporate blueberries in your meals.

Stop by the booth to sample blueberry-studded treats like Blueberry Ginger Biscotti, Blueberry Freedom Bar, and Blueberry Happiness Cookies, as well as to receive information about the different forms of blueberries such as whole, fresh, or dried; puree, concentrate, or juice; freeze-dried; and osmotically preserved. U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council,, Booth 5237

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Vegetables add flavor to products
Two vegetable ingredients offer ease of use as well as emphasize the flavor and nutrition trends that are important to consumers. Controlled MoistureVegetables, available in fire-roasted and grilled varieties, are said to offer more nutrition pound for pound, vibrant color, and less weeping. GardenFrost® Purées bring fresh-tasting vegetable flavor and bright color to a variety of applications such as traditional garlic herb sauces, moles, salsas, Indian chutney, and sweet chili sauce.

Also available is a wide variety of chile ingredients to add the perfect amount of spice and flavor to products.

Information about FoodCast™, a quarterly collection of ideas and innovations shaping the way Americans eat, provides manufacturers with insights from the field, in the test kitchen, at the bench, and through the company’s exclusive consumer research teams. It helps manufacturers stay up-to-date on the latest product development, culinary, and health trends. Gilroy Foods,, Booth 449

Dried fruits show versatility
Looking to add color, crunch, or nutrients to your products? When used as inclusions and bases in product development, dried fruits provide various functional properties and have been shown to add many health benefits to all types of products.

Cranberries, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries are used in a variety of baking and confectionery applications, cereals and granolas, and snacks and trail mixes. Apricots, dates, and figs provide sweetness with no added sugar. In paste form, these fruits replace fat. Low-moisture dried fruits can be used in panning and enrobing applications.

Samples of these and many other dried fruit products will be available at the booth. There is also a line of sun-dried and roasted tomato and pepper products. Bedemco Inc.,, Booth 4837

Soy sauce flavors Asian dishes
Experience a world of Asian flavors and learn how to incorporate soy sauce in your finished products. Example of ingredients and products that can add savory or umami notes to food or that bring Asian flavors to food are soy sauce, teriyaki, hoisin, Thai style chili, black bean and plum sauces, kotterin, salted mirin, salted sake, and gravinol.

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The 350-year-old natural brewing process for Kikkoman Soy Sauce blends ancient tradition with cutting-edge technology. The soy sauce is available in a wide selection of forms, including liquid, powdered, granulated, clear, reduced-sodium, and preservative-free. It is a balanced natural flavor enhancer that offers manufacturers a clean-label solution for all kinds of applications—from Asian to mainstream.

Stop by the booth to try featured prototypes and pick up a copy of the company’s newly updated industrial product guide, The Flavor Handbook: A Reference and Product Guide. Kikkoman Sales USA Inc.,, Booth 3027

Improve flavor with less salt, sugar
Meet Wixon’s new corporate chef Jud McLester, who will tempt the taste buds with New Orleans cuisine made with a “good-for-you” twist. Several prototypes will showcase the company’s flavor modifiers and sodium reduction systems that complement, enhance, or otherwise modify the flavor of a food product. Other ingredients include seasoning blends and flavor technologies developed to improve fresh and pre-cooked meats by improving taste, neutralizing off notes, and extending shelf life, as well as ingredients for use in reduced-sugar applications.

Visit the booth to sample a 25% Reduced Sugar Bourbon St. Hurricane Cookie formulated with Mag-nifique Sweet Lift; 50% Reduced Sodium Gumbo Flavored Chips made with KCLean Salt; and Jambalya Wrapped Andouille Sausage made with Wix-Fresh Technology, which extends shelf life and masks off notes. Wixon Inc.,, Booth 4017

Ingredient maximizes umami flavor
Yeast extracts enhance the original flavors of a variety of food products, providing more body, mouthfeel, and natural umami enhancement.

The Bionis line of yeast extracts have umami and dark-roasted characteristics that add a savory flavor to soups and sauces, bouillons, seasoning blends, snacks, meat products, tomato products, and ready-made foods. The extracts are produced from a specially selected strain of Saccharomyces cervisiae. Biotaste yeast extracts are developed to add culinary savory notes. A line of dry, autolysed, and mineralized inactive yeasts, Goldcell, can be used in food applications such as bakery products, meat products, seasonings, and spreads.

Also available are yeast-derived ingredients for use in industrial fermentation, winemaking, and animal nutrition applications. Biorigin Ingredients Ltd.,, Booth 3541

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Minerals extend shelf life
A patented blend of GRAS vitamins and minerals called NatureSeal® is said to extend the shelf life of fresh-cut produce up to 21 days by inhibiting respiration and oxidation. The ingredient also protects the taste, texture, and color.

The recently introduced NatureSeal Fresh Frozen formulation helps to maintain the taste, texture, and color of IQF apples, pears, and avocado. Fresh guacamole treated with the ingredient can be frozen, shipped to market, and stocked year-round without browning. Mantrose-Haeuser Co.,, Booth 2210

Tocopherols preserve food’s taste
A variety of mixed tocopherol ingredients, including blends of d-alpha-tocopherol, d-beta-tocopherol, d-gamma-tocopherol, and d-delta-tocopherol, are produced from edible oils. They have been shown to preserve taste and freshness in foods that contain fats. Tocopherols are also allowed as an antioxidant in U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Certified Organic foods under Section 205.605 of the National Organic Program.

Several concentrations of tocopherols for specific applications are available. These include 30% powdered tocopherol for solid antioxidant formulations; 50% mixed tocopherol oil for liquid antioxidant formulations; 70% mixed tocopherol oil for liquid antioxidant formulation; and 90% enriched gamma-tocopherol oil (80% active gamma). Organic Technologies,, Booth 1449

Leavening agent enhances products
Satisfy your sweet tooth with cupcakes and sugar cookies made with Cal-Rise®, a slow-acting, calcium-based leavening agent. The ingredient is a mixture of monocalcium phosphate and calcium acid pyrophosphate. It is said to deliver excellent taste and texture and may provide a “good” or “excellent” calcium health claim depending on the finished product’s formulation.

Also featured will be Curavis® So-Lo 93, a developmental food-grade polyphosphate blend that offers 93% less sodium than standard phosphates and is said to deliver excellent binding with good flavor impact.

Electrolytes, sequestrants, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus are available to fortify beverages. VersaCal® Clear is a highly soluble calcium source specifically designed for use in clear beverages. Innophos Inc.,, Booth 3137

Silica properties highlighted 
Four updated technical literature brochures that highlight the inSight™ silica and silicate product lines include information about how silica and silicate are used as anti-caking and free-flowing ingredients in food and as carriers in food and industrial applications. Silica coats the surface of particles to prevent caking without compromising color. Silica is also useful as a processing additive to increase machinery throughput and minimize downtime due to caked ingredients and build up.

Technical experts will discuss a variety of precipitated silica and silicate products used in spice blends and powdered food and drink mixes. Huber Engineered Materials,, Booths 4800, 4804

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Happy birthday to Morton Salt!
Morton Salt Co. is celebrating its 160th anniversary, and to help commemorate this event, Morton representatives will serve birthday cake at the booth during scheduled times.

The company began in 1848 in Chicago as Richmond & Co. Joy Morton, whose father was J. Sterling Morton, the Secretary of Agriculture under President Grover Cleveland, acquired a major interest in the company and renamed it Joy Morton & Co. In 1910, it was once again renamed, this time to Morton Salt Co.

The company in 1911 began incorporating magnesium carbonate, an anti-caking agent, into salt, leading to the creation of the Morton Umbrella Girl and the slogan, “When It Rains It Pours®.” The logo appeared in 1914 on packages of table salt and in a series of Good Housekeeping magazine advertisements. Over the years, the Umbrella Girl has undergone several makeovers to modernize her look.

Morton launched iodized salt in 1924 to help prevent the development of goiter, a major health problem at the time. In the 1960s, the company pioneered the concept of using salt and potassium chloride mixtures for sodium reduction, and it continues to research that area today. In 2007, the company introduced Salt BalanceSalt Blend reduced-sodium product that has 20% less sodium but delivers 100% salt taste. Morton Salt,, Booth 2423

Z Trim enters new markets
Z Trim Holdings Inc. has entered new markets with the inclusion of its ingredient, Z Trim, in certain prepared foods as well as the retail launch of its salad dressings line.

A specialty corn fiber ingredient, Z Trim is being used in several culinary-based prepared food products formulated, manufactured, and marketed by Amazing Food Creations, which manufactures the Chef Papillote Entrees™ line of prepared meals. The ingredient is included in many of the Chef Papillote Entrees products as well as many of the frozen and refrigerated consumer packaged food products formulated by Amazing Food Creations for other brands.

Z Trim also recently launched its line of low-fat salad dressings, which are available on the company’s Web site and at the Sunset Foods grocery store chain in the Chicago area. The dressings include Z Trim Ranch, Z Trim Honey Dijon, and Z Trim Creamy Italian varieties and contain between 40%–80% reduced fat. Z Trim Holdings Inc.,, Booth 5140

Riviana builds new plant 
Riviana Foods Inc. earlier this year broke ground on its new, state-of-the-art rice processing and packaging plant and on-site warehouse and distribution center adjacent to its packaging facility in Memphis, Tenn.

Packaging and shipping of the company’s brands Mahatma®, Water Maid®, Carolina®, and River® rices are currently handled from the existing Memphis plant. Upon completion of the new 400,000-sq-ft facility, Riviana will consolidate operations from its Houston plant, warehouse, and technical center to Memphis. This will include the Success® and Minute® rice brands as well as private label instant rice products. Riviana Foods Inc.,, Booth 3311

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Refinery to open in Louisiana
Louisiana Sugar Refining LLC, a joint venture between Cargill Inc. and Sugar Growers and Refiners Inc., last month broke ground for its new million-ton-per-year sugar refinery.

The facility will be adjacent to Cargill’s 200-acre plant in Reserve, La. The construction is expected to take about 24 months, and commercial production should begin in the first half of 2010. Cargill will market and distribute the Refined sugar products to food and beverage customers. Cargill Inc.,, Booth 2826

Chocolate’s popularity grows
Seeking information about Americans’ chocolate-consuming habits, Barry Callebaut asked people to reveal such information as their brand loyalty and if they have tried premium chocolate.

The company in January spoke with approximately 1,000 people per country in the United States and five European countries. It learned that Americans are more likely to consume chocolate at work and on the go than Europeans. It also reported that Americans pay attention to name brands, with 59% of those questioned stating that they choose a particular chocolate because they like the brand.

More than half (53%) of the U.S. consumers questioned have tried single-origin chocolates. This number has increased from 42% in 2006. Barry Callebaut said that organic and fair trade chocolate is also growing in popularity. To meet the demand for origin chocolate, the company recently launched six new country origins chocolates, four new regional origins chocolates, five new origins cocoa powders, and 10 new limited edition country origins chocolates. Barry Callebaut USA Inc.,, Booth 2900

NutraCea expands business
NutraCea Inc. is expanding its business by increasing operation capacity and forming alliances.

The company in April announced that it has accelerated its plans to expand the recently acquired Irgovel plant located in Pelotas, Brazil, to produce more rice bran and deoiled bran. NutraCea plans to install its proprietary technology to produce value-added products at the facility and expects to have this completed by the first quarter of 2009.

NutraCea has completed the purchase of a 124,000-sq-ft production facility in Phoenix, Ariz. The company will expand its stage-two production of value-added rice bran derivatives and its line of baby cereal products to supply growing customer demand.

Additionally, the company has entered into an alliance with Fortune Finance Overseas Ltd. to construct a new wheat flour mill in Indonesia that will incorporate its new wheat bran stabilization technology. NutraCea Inc.,, Booth 2700

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Mushrooming ingredients

For manufacturers looking to include mushrooms as toppings on sandwiches and pizza, as fillings, or in pasta dishes, sauces, spreads, and dips, a new line of sautéed, ready-to-use mushrooms are available in a number of cuts and varieties to suit your needs.

They are seasoned with a blend of garlic, salt, and pepper and are sautéed without the use of hydrogenated oils. A proprietary process allows the mushrooms to go through a freeze/thaw cycle without destroying their cell structure. This helps to maintain a flavor and texture very close to fresh mushrooms.

Since these mushrooms are packed in a quick-thaw frozen pouch and are essentially ready-to-use, there is no prep labor required. Phillips Gourmet Inc.,, Booth 1541

Sunflower ingredients add crunch
Two prototypes will highlight how sunflower ingredients can be incorporated in various applications. SunClusters combine sunflower kernels, sunflower bits, and okara puffs into a sweet crunchy cluster. This ingredient was developed for use in cereals, granolas, snack bars, trail mixes, and as toppers on salads, yogurts, and parfaits. Sunflower Bits can be used in place of nuts like chopped pecans, almonds, walnuts, and peanuts. Use the bits in applications where the potential allergens of some nuts are of concern.

The sunflower ingredients are organic-Certified and non-GMO. SunOpta Grains and Foods Group,, Booth 4807

Flavor enhances sweetness
A flavor solution is available to manufacturers who want to improve mouthfeel and heighten taste impact in reduced-sugar, low-brix beverages. This ingredient, SymLife Sweet®, is part of the Get Active™ category of the Taste for Life® branding platform. It enhances the sweetness of sugars, sugar alcohols, and sweeteners.

The ingredient, which does not contain artificial sweeteners, requires a carbohydrate to function, which results in interactions with sweetener receptors on the tongue that stimulate sweet sensations. It can be used at low levels in a variety of beverage applications where sugar is present. SymLife Sweet comes in two versions: regular and low-pH stable.

Taste for Life is a series of ingredients and flavor concepts that fall under three categories: Get Active, which includes ingredients for use in functional foods; Lighten Up™, which includes flavors for use in low-sugar, low-salt, and low-fat applications; and Be Natural™, a range of natural flavors. Symrise,, Booth 463

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Prototypes reflect ingredients from a wide portfolio of companies within one group. The products available for sampling include a granola mix and a fruit smoothie from PGP International, a dairy beverage from Protient, and a flavored meat stick and a smoked hickory chip from Ohly, a yeast extracts company. Protient will also be unveiling its new image complete with a contemporary logo to signify the future of proteins. ABF Ingredients,, Booth 1903 

A full line of hot-fill sauces are customized for “tomorrow’s dinners.” Packaged in flexible 2–9 oz pouches, these shelf-stable sauces include Cheddar, Szechuan, Jerk,Parmesan Alfredo, Mango Chutney, and a variety of others. In addition, latest dairy flavor offerings will be highlighted in Green Chile & Tomato dip for chips as well as a Ranch dip for vegetables. Gamay,, Booth 3606

• Creative food ideas are delivered through a mix of new technology, key consumer insights, proactive problem solving, and the identification of new markets and applications. A variety of food formulations that reflect this approach will be available for sampling. Continued investment in new ingredient categories and expertise make possible these innovative product formulations that support future business success. Kerry Ingredients & Flavors,, Booth 3441, 3427

New Orleans treats are made with ingredients and flavors from Wixon. Chef Jud is putting together some creative samples, such as Cajun-inspired Turducken served with a sweet potato craw fish spread on a hush puppy andouille pancake; a reduced-sugar Bourbon Street Cookie with Mag-nifique Sweet Lift, and gumbo-flavored chips with an andouille dip containing KCLean Salt, which cuts the sodium in half but retains the taste and texture of regular table salt. Wixon Inc.,, Booth 4017

Theme, “Jazz It Up,” will reflect the southern-style prototypes available for sampling. Attendees can try a Double Bourbon and Cola featuring Bourbon vanilla ice cream twisted with a Bourbon-, whisky-, and cola-flavored water ice. Also experience sweet and savory bread puddings with complementary sauces.     • Product stations for sweeteners, starches, polyols, and functional ingredients highlight the latest ingredient innovations in health & wellness and sweetener systems. Prototypes shown will help underscore booth theme, “A World of Ingredients, A World of Ideas.” Corn Products International,, Booth 2121

Fruit flavors will be showcased in a variety of prototypes, including HortRealFruitGolden Kiwi Granita Beverage, HortRealFruit Jazz Apple Granita Beverage, Mangosteen Dragon Fruit Juice Drink, Pink Grapefruit with White Tea, and HortFruit-flavored Vitamin Gummies. These prototypes were a cooperative effort between HortResearch and Blue Pacific Flavors. Blue Pacific Flavors & Fragrances,, Booth 1138

Booth theme, “We Create Great Taste,” reflects a wide range of food and beverage prototypes that demonstrate functionality and health-promoting ingredients. The innovative concept-to-market approach brings new ideas to the forefront of the industry. New health ingredients, natural flavors and colors, and proprietary technologies will be showcased in these prototypes. Wild Flavors Inc.,, Booth 3707

Restaurant of the Future enables the food industry to observe food choice and eating behavior real time and do well-controlled studies in a real environment. Under this theme, several activities will be organized in and outside the booth. Attendees will be able to experience the “Eye-tracker” and “Face-reader,” two high-tech tools also used to understand consumer behavior. Wageningen UR and the Food Valley Netherlands, Booth 619, 625

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A new line of pepper flavors, Zero Degrees™, releases all the distinct flavors of Habanero, Jalapeno, Ancho, and Chipotle, without the heat. Initial product development has shown that these pepper flavors work best in salsas, dips, sauces, and prepared meals. Further development in additional applications is currently underway and will be highlighted at the show. Kalsec Inc.,, Booth 3737

New flavor ideas for the confectionery, bakery, savory, dairy, beverage, and organic markets will be highlighted in a wide range of prototype applications. These prototypes will demonstrate the effectiveness of these flavors and their technologies. Flavorists, application support, and sales representatives will be present to help showcase these flavors and discuss the next big concepts. Bell Flavors and Fragrances,, Booth 3917

• Portfolio of flavors—natural, natural and artificial, and artificial—will be featured in liquid, powder, and spray-dried forms. Kosher and organic certified flavors will be available as well. Some examples of flavors highlighted include international varieties as well as innovative flavor combinations that demonstrate upcoming trends. Representatives will be on hand to distribute literature and help explain prototypes. Gold Coast Ingredients Inc.,, Booth 903

Exciting additions to an extensive portfolio of flavor ingredients will be presented. Stop by to experience the latest innovations in Treattarome flavor distillates in prototype beverage applications. Other highlights include organic flavors and organic essential oils. Treatt USA,, Booth 1323

Natural food colors, Granor™, are available in free-flowing granular formats. These agglomerates minimize or eliminate dusting, which improves storage and handling characteristics. Kancor Ingredients Ltd., Booth 1503

Color solutions, natural and synthetic, are offered. Natural pigments, such as annatto, beet juice, black carrot, elderberry, paprika oleoresin, red cabbage juice, and many others, have application in coatings, panned confections, rubs, sauces, and other products. Synthetic colors include FD&C reds, blues, yellows, and green. Food Ingredient Solutions,, Booth 851

Organic caramel colors in powered and liquid forms are featured. The dry organic color, OC234, can improve the visual appeal of organic baked goods, cereals, dry blends, meat rubs, and seasonings. The liquid organic caramel color, OC114, is more than 40% stronger than other commercially available liquid organic versions and is milder in taste. Sethness Products Co.,, Booth 3811

New range of natural colors, Natracol, is launched in the U.S. Other color solutions include Idacoat, ready-to-use color-coatings systems in sugar-based, sugarless, and oil-based forms, and a range of pearlescent colors. Roha USA LLC,, Booth 5407

Color portfolio is available from Hilton Davis Dyes, one of several divisions. Others include antifoams, flavor ingredients, and preservatives. Emerald Performance Materials,, Booth 4637

Processed egg products are available in a wide range of liquid, frozen, and dried forms. Custom blends are also offered to meet specific needs. Oskaloosa Food Products,, Booth 4712

Egg products include egg patties with a variety of flavors and inclusions; liquid quiche mix that offers efficiency and premium quality; egg-battered and baked French toast and French toast sticks; and refrigerated scrambled eggs. Also highlighted is an enzyme-modified liquid egg product for use in heat- or freeze-stable sauces or in mayonnaise-type products. Michael Foods Inc.,, Booth 2443

Latest research on protein will be discussed by a leading protein scientist from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. The amino acid composition of leading protein sources such as eggs will be examined, as well as the benefits of protein consumption during breakfast. The presentation will be part of a symposium held on Monday, June 30, 2008. Presentation 065-01

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A line of freeze-dried eggs is available for use in a number of applications. The functionality of the egg product will be discussed in specification sheets, along with its benefits over other products. Oregon Freeze Dry Inc.,, Booth 4917

• Meat ingredients include stocks, broths, fats, flavors, and functional proteins for the global meat, savory, and prepared food industries. Newest additions to this portfolio are Dehydrated Natural Turkey Broth and Proto-Gel™ functional ingredient. These products offer excellent water-binding and gelling characteristics, while improving overall processing and slicing yields. Proliant Meat Ingredients,, Booth 2317

Hot dogs may be formulated with Eterna omega-3 fish oils. The fish oils are made with a technology that eliminates all traces of fishy taste, odor, and impurities. Also highlighted is a line of all-natural soup stocks. Hormel Specialty Products,, Booth 3300

• Whey proteins, Grande Bravo, perform a variety of functions in meat products. When used in these applications, they can bind water, decrease purge, improve flavor and texture, increase yield, and enhance the freeze/thaw stability of the product. The whey protein has been used successfully to improve the quality of many different meat products, including coarse ground, chopped, and formed. Grande Custom Ingredient Group,, Booth 425

• Chicken wings do not necessarily have to be hot, as demonstrated by a new line of marinating sauces that combine different flavor combinations. Some examples of these flavors include Tamarind, Cape Gooseberries (a wild Andean berry), Korozo (a wild Caribbean berry), Chipotle, Mango, and, of course, the classic Buffalo style. With these flavors, your chicken wings can really take new flight. Comexa Foods,, Booth 948

Muscle foods, such as red meat, poultry, and seafood can be restructured by an enzyme, Activa® transglutaminase, with the ability to cross-link proteins. Restructured breast and thigh products, bacon-wrapped turkey medallions, co-extruded items, and cold-formed products are some of the novel applications that can benefit from this development. Because the enzyme has the ability to cross-link and strengthen the structure of meat products, it may be used to increase the strength of the meat portion of products such as Cordon Bleu. For meat items wrapped in bacon, the adhesion qualities of the enzyme preparation can keep the bacon attached to the product throughout the cooking process. Ajinomoto Food Ingredients,, Booth 833

• Stabilizer systems, TexturezeMT 200 and 230, can be used to bind all types of lean meat (maximum 20% fat), including beef, pork, poultry, lamb, and some varieties of fish. Binding by these systems can be done without the need for salt and phosphate. International Specialty Products,, Booth 1513

Maple syrup productsMaple Butter, Clearly Maple, and Pure Maple Syrup Concentrates—hold their consistency and quality under variable conditions, providing all-natural flavorings that are suitable for industrial applications. Derived from pure maple syrup, these products are shelf stable at ambient temperatures. Maple Butter and Clearly Maple can be swirled into a variety of ice cream flavors, while Pure Maple Concentrates offer a consistent maple flavor when combined with an ice cream premix. These products may also be used as a base in savory applications such as barbecue sauces. Citadelle Maple Syrup Producers Cooperative,, Booth 1132

Malt extract, rich in sugar, functions as a flavoring and coloring. It provides a natural sweetness, improving the organoleptic properties of the finished product. Potential applications include breakfast cereals, biscuits, chocolate-flavored milks, and other products. Maltexco, Booth 420

Licorice extract and honey offer a natural sweetening power and aromatic richness for a variety of food formulations. Products include Quick Soluble Licorice (QSLic™) and customized honey blends. Alfred L. Wolff, Inc.,, Booth 2163

Citrus extract, Oh! So Sweet™ L-150 Organic Compliant, will be featured in a raspberry pomegranate beverage. The extract imparts a sweet flavor profile in a variety of applications, including beverages, juices, health drinks, flavored waters, breakfast cereals, yogurts, and other products. Flavex Technologies, a divison of the Arnhem Group,, 

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Booth 5026Almonds are associated with chocolate bars, according to a 2007 independent survey, “U.S. Consumer Attitudes, Awareness, and Usage of California Almonds.” The survey found that 57% of the respondents identified almonds as the nut most associated with chocolate bars. These results indicate that almonds have the potential to make further inroads into the confectionery industry. Almonds help address consumers’ concerns about health, and yet are indulgent, flavorful, and versatile. Almond Board of California,, Booth 455

Organic confectionery coating line, CQ-Organics, will be showcased in dark, white, and yogurt formulations. Also offered is Impac, a nutritionally enhanced coating, customized to deliver functional ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber. Clasen Quality Coatings,, Booth 4435

Confectionery indulgence starts with the eyes. Ingredients will be highlighted for the precoating of dragee centers; the glazing, oiling, sealing, and anti-sticking of product surfaces; and the gelatin-free texture of chewy sweets. Learn more about the process-optimizing functionalities of Quick Coat™, Quick Shine™, Quick Glanz™, Quick Oil™, Quick Acid™, and Quick Chew™. Alfred L. Wolff Inc.,, Booth 2163

Innovative chocolate products for the confectionery industry will be showcased. These include a premium line of Organic Milk and Dark Chocolate, High Cocoa Mass/70% Dark Chocolate, and a variety of Nib Alkalized Specialty Cocoa Powders. Blommer Chocolate,, Booth 3814

Dairy-based ingredients include cheese and dairy powders, process cheese, butter blends, and seasoning blends. Showcased will be a range of “Better for You” ingredients such as fat-free cheese powders and calcium-fortified cheese powders, as well as reduced-fat and reduced-sodium process cheeses. Also featured will be versatile, pumpable butter and seasoning blends, Firecracker and Tomato Basil. Prototypes will be available for sampling. Land O’Lakes Ingredient Solutions,, Booth 825

Solutions for ice cream and frozen desserts are highlighted. An innovative range of functional mixes, Procream™, has application in fat-free and non-sugar frozen desserts, adding functionality and protein enrichment. Procream HF2 is a dairy preparation made of milk proteins for use as a foaming agent for frozen ices, sherbets, and desserts. A wide range of other ingredients based on milk protein isolates and whey protein concentrates are also offered. International Dairy Ingredients,, Booth 5212

Textured whey protein crisps, Grande WPCrisp, may be used in cereals, snacks, bars, and a variety of other products. Other whey protein innovations highlighted include Grande Bravo, a line of functional whey proteins used in dairy, sauce, bakery, and meat applications. Grande Custom Ingredient Group,, Booth 425

Dairy concentrates from butter, cream, cheese, and other flavorful fats will be featured. Proprietary enzyme modification technology is used to unlock the hidden, potent flavor in these dairy sources. The result is highly concentrated flavors in a convenient powdered form. These natural dairy concentrates deliver up to 400 times the flavor strength of standard dairy ingredients and may be used at extremely low application levels (usually less than 1.0%). At typical application levels, they contribute less than 0.1% fat. Butter Buds Food Ingredients,, Booth 4100

Whey proteins that are instant dispersing, 80 WheyUSA and 90 WheyUSA, function in a variety of applications. Other products available include Instant 90% WPI SlimMilk, Instant Nonfat Dry Milk DairyMalt, and Instant Malted Milk Powder SweetBreeze. Marron Foods, a custom ingredient manufacturer, specializes in agglomeration, dry blending, packaging, and custom formulation. Marron Foods,, Booth 2655

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Portion-control cheeses and cheese products will be featured. Highlighted, in particular, are Portionables, products made using technology that enables formulators to work with minimally processed ingredients and overcome the separation and texture problems that often occur with other processing methods. This technology can be applied to sauces, soups, frozen entrees, side dishes, desserts, purees, and beverages. Sargento Foods Inc.,, Booth 2323

Foam stabilizer, AeroWhip, provides non-dairy and vegetable toppings with a cream-like texture. The cellulose-based ingredient combines high surface activity with thickening and stabilizing properties. Benefits include foam stability over time at ambient temperatures; short, light foam structure; improved body and mouthfeel; and syneresis control. Aqualon,, Booth 954

Hydrocolloid portfolio includes such gums as acacia, guar, organic guar, xanthan, agar-agar, locust bean, and carrageenan. Products derived from acacia—Quick Fibre and Quick Gum—will be showcased. Alfred L. Wolff Inc.,, Booth 2163

Natural gum systems for stabilizing specific food applications will be featured. For example, A-1010S Premium, composed of various natural hydrocolloids, functions as a thickener, suspending agent, and stabilizer in salad dressings, sauces, gravies, drink mixes, and other food products. Gumix International Inc.,, Booth 4440

Specialty carrageenan, Ceambloom 3240™, functions as a kosher gelatin replacement. P.L. Thomas,, Booth 2709

• Treatment of caseins with the enzyme transglutaminase can improve functional properties of milk proteins considerably. The enzyme catalyzes the formation of covalent cross-links between proteins. Transglutaminase cross-links both caseins on the micelle surface as well as those in the core of the micelles. As a result of these cross-linking reactions, the stability of casein micelles against acid-induced coagulation is reduced, leading to firmer yogurt gels. More information about the effectiveness of this enzyme in dairy products will be given in a paper. Nizo Food Research, Presentation 103-03, Booth 625

Specialty enzyme products will be highlighted. Examples of the enzyme portfolio include Flavorase, which enhances fruit juice or wine flavors, and Aromase, which enhances the aroma of white wine and tea. Also featured is a protein glutaminase, which provides improvement in protein functionality, including solubility, especially at low pH. Amano Enzyme USA Co., Ltd.,, Booth 1048

Enzyme portfolio has been expanded to include two new proteases for the baking industry. In biscuit and cracker production, Veron HPP provides reduced dough resting times, with improved dough extensibility and dough handling. The final products have a pleasant brown color, smooth surface, and round edges. Veron S50, a papain protease in powdered form, optimizes the properties of baked biscuits and crackers. ABF Ingredients,,

Special functional flours, most of which are wheat, overcome processing and stability problems and other challenges associated with traditional flour. These flours offer food processors consistency so it is not necessary to constantly adjust flour content because of seasonal and batch inconsistencies. The flours are especially effective in such applications as sauces and dressings. National Starch Food Innovation,, Booth 3319

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Parboiled brown rice, BP-106, is a low-moisture product that rehydrates in 10 minutes. It was developed for use in rice mixes, where instant brown rice and seasoning can be packaged without clumping. Riviana Foods Inc.,, Booth 3311

Whole grains, such as oats, barley, wheat, rye, and others, can be coated with sweeteners to produce visual, taste, and textural differentiation. Potential applications include snack and granola bars, ready-to-eat and hot cereals, snack mixes, baked goods, toppings and inclusions, dairy products, and nutraceuticals. Flavor profiles and particle size can be customized. 21st Century Grain,, Booth 4836

Flax is offered in two versions: as an organic flax flour and as a roasted-salted flax. The flour can help increase the omega-3 fats in baked goods. Roasted-salted flax is made by a process that seals the seed coat, resulting in a crunchy, nutty-flavored ingredient. Heartland Flax,, Booth 1151

Ingredients for bakery, grain processing, and processed foods will be featured, including a full line of emulsifiers, dough improvers, and enrichments. For example, Slipper Deluxe 5 can be mixed with flour, yeast, and water to produce a sour taste that classic European ciabatta-style bread and rolls are known for. Caravan Ingredients,, Booth 4236

Latest additions in the SansTrans™ line of trans-free fats, oils, and shortenings for bakery and snack foods will be showcased. Myths about saturated fats will be discussed, with Loders Croklaan organizing a session, A New Paradigm of Saturated Fats (see story on page 76). Loders Croklaan,, Booth 2525

Hydrogenation procedure involves the use of a conditioned nickel catalyst that selectively prevents the formation of trans fats. The improved process reduces the content of trans fats in par-fry and donut-fry shortenings by more than 85%. In addition, the process delivers a reduction in the sum of trans and saturates by 33%. Bunge North America Inc.,, Booth 4216

New brochure features complete line of medium-chain triglycerides, products for delivery, and polyglycerol esters. Products described include Neobee® MCTs, which may be used as a low-calorie source of fat as well as solubilizers for flavor oils; Drewmulse® GMC-810, an efficient wetting agent; and Drewpol® PGPR, an approved emulsifier for use in margarines and other products. Stepan Co.,, Booth 3910

Vegetable shortening systems, under the EsSence and Cisao brands, are free of trans fats, non hydrogenated, and low in saturated fats. Additional systems will be introduced, including shortening, frying oil, and margarine hardstock. These products may be used in applications where trans fats, hydrogenation, and high saturates are a concern. AarhusKarlshamm USA Inc.,, Booth 1758

• Frozen açai juice and acerola puree are available for use in blended fruit juices, smoothies, yogurts, dairy-based desserts, and other products. Bolthouse Farms Inc.,, Booth 1303

IQF Tropical Gold pineapple blanched tidbits and 3/8-in diced pieces are used as a topping on frozen pizzas. Also available are pineapple concentrate; tropical fruit, berries, and deciduous fruit in a variety of pack forms; and purees. Dole Packaged Foods LLC,, Booth 4906

Dried plums are said to improve the savory taste of proteins while rounding out the flavors of herbs and spices in meat products. Additional information about how plums can raise the value of underutilized proteins and samples of marinated beef lifter steaks, pork loins, and roasting hen breasts that include plum ingredients will be provided. California Dried Plum Board,, Booth 2937

• Verifruit® is produced through a cold-infusion process. The water from the fruit is largely replaced by sugars. Dozens of other fruits and vegetables in many forms are available. SVZ–USA Inc.,, Booth 4830

Cactus juice puree has a pink color similar to beet juice but lacks the vegetal notes of beet juice and is said to be more similar in flavor to the juice of watermelon. Session 026-03

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• Salt products, including Star Flake® Dendritic porous cube salt, Culinox® 999® high purity salt, Lite SaltMixture, Refined Sea Salt, Top Flake compacted topping salts, and Extra Fine 200 and 325 pulverized salts, are available. Morton Salt,, Booth 2423

Bitter blockers and flavor enhancers enable the reduction of sugar, salt, and bitterness without sacrificing taste or increasing cost. Senomyx Inc.,, Booth 4446

A proprietary blend containing KCl or NH4Cl combined with yeast extracts can allow up to 50% sodium reduction. BioSpringer,, Booth 641

HVPs and yeast extracts improve food’s body and add savory notes. Also available are flavor bases in chicken, beef, pork, turkey, bacon, and umami versions. Savoury Systems International,, Booth 937

Salt in processed meat products provides flavor and functionality as well as enhances food safety. This session will discuss the challenges of reducing sodium and offer techniques for making reduced-sodium processed meats. Session 189

Learn how to reformulate to reduce sodium and enhance flavor while paying attention to food safety, controlling pH, and extending shelf life. Purac America Inc.,, Booth 4717

The historical and cultural food practices that have delivered the umami taste as well as information about methods for enhancing the umami taste in products will be presented. Session 109

• Rosemary extracts, StabilEnhance® and Oxy’Less®, act as antioxidants in meat and poultry. Naturex,, Booth 3119

Sodium-free leaveners can be used in products labeled as “sodium-free.” Clabber Girl Co.,, Booth 4501

• Levona® is a calcium-enriched, zero-sodium formula leavening ingredient that can be used in low-sodium formulations without affecting the flavor, volume, texture, and overall appearance of the finished product. ICL Performance Products,, Booth 4415

• fryliquid™ antioxidant is said to prevent the formation and accumulation of unhealthy substances when added to frying oil. MirOil,, Booth 2255

• A mixture of fermentation intermediates is said to improve the taste and microbial stability in food products with a pH of 5–7. Purac,, Booth 4717, Session 112-10

An antimicrobial preparation helps to prevent the growth of Listeria monocytogenes. EBI Food Safety,, Booth 619

Reduce juice purge and inhibit the growth of Listeria monocytogenes with Flavex BioProtection Coatings™. Arnhem Group,, Booth 5026

An extract of the Chinese bayberry is used to prevent the deterioration of flavors and colors caused by light. San-Ei Gen F.F.I.,, Booth 4910, Session 112-05

Nisin has exhibited antimicrobial activity. Ecobio Biotech Co. Ltd.,, Booth 957

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• Wixon Inc., recently broke ground for a culinary center to create, test, and demonstrate food specialties and to develop new meat products. The 4,200-sq-ft facility will be named the Wixon Innovation Center for Culinary & Protein. Construction is expected to be completed by September. Wixon Inc.,, Booth 4017

• Senomyx Inc., and Firmenich SA have entered into a collaborative research, development, commercialization, and license agreement for novel flavor ingredients intended to provide a cooling taste effect. Senomyx Inc.,, Booth 4446

• Legacy Foods LLC was acquired by CHS Inc., which will operate the business as part of its oilseeds processing group. Legacy Foods LLC,, Booth 4401

• Wild Flavors Inc. has announced that American Purpac Technologies (APT) will become Wild Aseptics LLC and be an integral part of the Wild organization. Wild Aseptics will combine Wild’s expertise in concept development, supply chain management, and technological advancements with APT’s capabilities in aseptic processing and packaging. Wild Flavors Inc.,, Booth 3707

• Blue Pacific Flavors & Fragrances and HortResearch have entered into a strategic partnership to develop new flavors. Blue Pacific Flavors & Fragrances,, Booth 1138, and HortResearch,, Booth 2369.

Huber Engineered Materials has agreed to purchase the precipitated silica production-related assets of Changzhou City Mingfan Fine Chemicals Co. Ltd. Huber Engineered Materials,, Booths 4800, 4804

Martek Biosciences recently announced that its patented, vegetable form of docosahexaenoic acid omega-3, life’sDHA™, is now available in two new flavors of Rachel’s® Wickedly Delicious Yogurt. The flavors—Pink Grapefruit Lychee and Marionberry Guava—join 10 existing flavors of the yogurt that feature the ingredient. Martek Biosciences,, Booth 2603

Fortitech Inc. has appointed AB Mauri, a new operating division of Associated British Foods plc, as distributor of Fortitech’s nutrient premixes to a number of African countries. Fortitech Inc.,, Booth 4515

Hormel Foods Corp. opened its Idea and Innovation Center in the Baoshan district of Shanghai, China. The facility will be dedicated to developing products for the Chinese market. The company already has a presence in Asia, with business ventures in China, the Philippines, South Korea, Japan, and Vietnam. Hormel Foods Specialty Products Division,, Booth 3301

Aromatech expanded its operations with the opening of a subsidiary office in Orlando, Fla., for its Aromatech Flavorings Inc. This location coordinates all flavor projects for the company’s North, South, and Central American customers. Aromatech,, Booth 4640

• A gelatin that is 100% traceable back to its raw material sources is offered. Gelnex,, Booth 5017

Organic coating systems for seafood and poultry; more than 100 different graham meals for cheesecake bases; Hush Puppy blends; and organic cookies and crackers; and many other breading systems and dessert crumbs meet a variety of customer needs. Richmond Baking,, Booth 3845

A taste- and odor-free omega-3 fatty acid, Omega-360, can be incorporated in many food and beverage systems without affecting the taste of or imparting an odor to the finished product. Denomega Nutritional Oils,, Booth 1161

Extruded snack pellets are available in whole-grain, multi-grain, corn, rice, wheat, oat, potato, soy, tapioca, flavored, salted, sweetened, and other versions. J.R. Short Milling,, Booth 1514

A Web site,, sponsored by the Corn Refiners Association, provides information about high fructose corn syrup., Booth 5416

A soluble fiber, Cavamax W6, has a viscosity like sucrose, is colorless, has a neutral taste, is heat stable, and has no browning effects. It is useful in complex beverage and food systems. Wacker Fine Chemicals,, Booth 3237

Grain, dairy, and specialty ingredients can be used in a variety of products. Grain Millers Inc.,, Booth 1233

• Olean cooking oil allows snack food manufacturers to formulate low-calorie, zero-fat foods. P&G Food Ingredients,, Booth 3344

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