Register now for IFT’s Food Policy Impact
The IFT Food Policy Impact conference, taking place on Dec. 6, 2012, at the Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel, Arlington, Va., will address current and emerging food policy and how to comply with regulations.

Establishing food regulations and standards and understanding how they affect the food industry is important to maintaining the safety and quality of the food supply. The Food Policy Impact conference offers high-quality education that covers national and international issues through balanced policy perspectives. Content for the conference is driven by IFT members of the Food Policy Impact Advisory Panel, a group of industry professionals, attorneys, consultants, regulatory affairs specialists, government representatives, and food policy academics who develop the program and select the topics best suited for food policy professionals.

Hundreds of professionals in attendance will receive updates from government officials who develop policy and guidance documentation, analysis of global food policy standards, and commentary about the Food Safety Modernization Act Rulemakings. Other topics that are scheduled to be discussed are an assessment of the political, business, and economic landscape and the trends that may affect the regulatory environment, the future of labeling and mandatory disclosures, an update on Canadian regulatory modernization, and more.

A two-day short course, “Labeling Requirements and Implications for Foods Marketed in the U.S.,” will take place on Dec. 4–5, 2012. Participants in the course will learn about the legal naming of a food product, listing its ingredients, presenting its nutritional details, and making claims related to nutrient content, health effects, and production method. For more information, visit www.ift.org/foodpolicyimpact.

Froning wins Eckhoff Award
Glenn Froning has won the inaugural Gilbert Eckhoff Award from the United Egg Association Further Processor Division for making notable contributions to the industry.

Froning is Professor Emeritus of Food Science and Technology at the University of Nebraska and since 2002, he has served as Food Technology Advisor for the American Egg Board, answering technical questions related to eggs and food manufacturing. He is a renowned expert in assisting food manufacturers on how to formulate with eggs to achieve desirable results in finished products. Froning is a Professional Member of IFT.

Tang chosen for Distinguished Chair
Juming Tang has been named Washington State University’s first Distinguished Chair of Food Engineering.

Tang, a professor of food engineering at the university, was honored for all of the research work that he has contributed. Among his notable achievements was the development of a new technology that could revolutionize how food is preserved and processed. The new position and title provide additional funding to Tang’s research program.

Tang joined the university’s faculty in 1995. His research focuses on developing advanced thermal processing technologies to control pathogens in packaged food, for which he has received numerous awards and honors. He directs the university’s Microwave Sterilization Consortium, consisting of members from the world’s top food processing and packing companies. He is a Professional Member of IFT.

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Two IFT members join Takasago
Takasago has hired two IFT members.

George Marinos was named Manager of Flavor Applications. Prior to joining Takasago, Marinos worked for Kraft Foods where he led new product development, open innovation, and commercialization of beverages, desserts, coffee, confectionery, biscuits, and natural products. He is a Professional Member of IFT.

Ratapol Teratanavat was named Director of Consumer Insights and Market Research. He is responsible for managing strategic and special consumer insights and market research projects for the company’s flavor division in the United States, Brazil, and Mexico. He is a Member of IFT.

Linton named dean at NC State
North Carolina State University has named Richard Linton the dean of the university’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Linton most recently was a professor and chair of the Dept. of Food Science and Technology at Ohio State University. Before that, Linton was a professor of food science and Director of the Center for Food Safety Engineering at Purdue University. He is a nationally recognized expert of food microbiology and in developing food safety systems to reduce the risk of foodborne illness. He has received numerous awards for his research, and he co-developed the textbook Essentials in Food Safety and Sanitation and a nationally recognized retail food manager’s certification testing program. He is a Professional Member of IFT.

Enroll in the CFS prep course
IFT will hold a Certified Food Scientist (CFS) preparatory course to help those interested in obtaining their CFS credential. 

The CFS credential is a new way to recognize food scientists. Through this program, the food science profession will have a formal certification process to identify the applied scientific knowledge and skills of food scientists.

This optional course will include one-anda-half days of face-to-face instruction, followed by a series of 4–6 weekly webcasts and check-in calls with course faculty and participants. It is geared toward those interested in reviewing applied scientific knowledge in a group setting. Participants will have access to a practice exam. The course will take place on Dec. 4–5, 2012, at the Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel, Arlington, Va. For more information, visit www.ift.org/certification.

Section & Division meetings
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