Differentiating Your Product with Probiotics
This webcast—taking place Sept. 17 and sponsored by Ganeden Biotech Inc.—will demonstrate how simple it is to formulate food or beverage products with probiotics. Learn how the composition of a probiotic affects a product and how probiotic strains differentiate themselves through their ability, or inability, to survive extreme manufacturing processes such as baking and boiling, freezing and refrigeration, and high pressure applications such as extrusion and roll forming. This webcast also explores the digestive and immune health benefits of probiotics and how these benefits may differentiate your product from the competition. This webcast is free to IFT members with a capacity of up to 1,000 registrants.

Face-to-Face: Meet Peter Snyder
In this month’s Face-to-Face series, we will be introducing you to Peter Snyder, President of the Hospitality Institute of Technology and Management. Snyder began his foray into the food industry as a 15-year-old working as a line cook in a cafeteria. From there, the Army sent him to get his master’s degree in food science and nutrition, which has enabled Snyder to work as a consultant to the foodservice industry. Read about how Snyder has become increasingly focused on behavioral change so that food safety rules become habits in employees’ daily conduct in IFT’s Face-to-Face.

The Farm Bill: Where Are We Now
It can be hard to keep up with the latest developments in regulations and policy, especially when it comes to complex legislation such as the U.S. Farm Bill. In the latest ePerspective post, Vincent Smith, Co-director of the American Enterprise Institute’s agricultural policy initiative and Professor at Montana State University, helps clarify the standstill surrounding the Farm Bill. Read about the differences between the two versions of the Bill and how Smith sees it impacting the food industry. And don’t forget to add your opinion to the dialog by commenting on IFT’s ePerspective blog.

IFTSA Blog: Science Meets Food
The IFT Student Association (IFTSA) recently launched its official blog—Science Meets Food. Here, students pursuing a food science degree and members of IFTSA share opinions and advice on everything from how to choose a graduate program to the latest confectionery trends. For example, in a recent post, Thomas Siebertz, an undergraduate student at Kansas State Univ., takes readers through a “day in the life” of his job as a seafood inspector with the USDC Seafood Inspection Program. Check out the Science Meets Food blog and comment on posts to start a conversation with fellow food science students.


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Digital Media Editor
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