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Better. Faster. Safer. Tastier. Higher quality. Lower cost. When you work in the science of food, the pressure is constantly on. The good news is: you don’t have to bear the weight of the food system’s challenges alone. IFT is here to help.

IFT is more than just a membership. It’s a powerful community ready and able to help each other solve problems, consider alternatives, leverage insights, and go further faster. The benefits are tremendous, and at less than $20 per month for individuals, it’s an incredible investment.

No matter what you need, IFT will take you further.

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Strapped for Time

Strapped for Time?

Innovate smarter and faster with access to the latest technical applications of science.

IFT members have access to the resources they need to quickly and efficiently solve problems.

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Searching for Community

Searching for Community?

Find your people among our powerful community of science of food professionals.

IFT members have access to our expansive community of science of food professionals, which spans every career stage from student to retiree and nearly every role across the food supply chain.

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Inspired by Innovation

Inspired by Innovation?

Be on the forefront of the latest scientific breakthroughs.

IFT members have the latest research, innovation, trends, and educational materials right at their fingertips.

Enhance your knowledge and skills with:

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Current IFT members share how access to IFT’s time-saving resources, welcoming community, and valuable insights takes them further every day.

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More than 12,000 professionals and students from more than 100 countries are part of the vibrant IFT community. Our members span every career stage from student to retiree and nearly every role across the food supply chain. People join IFT for a variety of reasons as unique as they are, but they share the same goal: to harness the power of this community to help them as they work to develop food that is safe, nutritious, tastes great, and feeds our growing global population.

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The ability to connect with other members of the science of food community is one of the most powerful aspects of your IFT membership. The Member Directory located in IFT Connect is the place to find contact information and initiate conversations with any IFT member. Login Required.

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