Packaging Steams Potatoes
The Asda supermarket chain in the UK is selling innovative, ready-to-cook potatoes thanks to Amcor Flexibles, Zurich, Switzerland, and QV Foods, Lincolnshire, UK. QV Foods created two exciting new convenience products—new potatoes with a splash of mint oil, topped with melting butter and fragrant herbs and new potatoes with a splash of fiery chili oil, topped with a melting sun-dried tomato and basil butter—for Asda. “We wanted to ensure that the packaging which protects the Asda New Potatoes also allows for optimum first time cooking,” said Kevin Woods, Group Business Product Development Manager, QV Foods.

Amcor Flexibles provided the solution with its ProtectValve self-venting system for microwave cooking. The self-venting system is integrated into the lidding film; the packaging does not have to be pierced. The system gives improved cooking results as it allows pressure to be built up inside the package, steaming the product gently in its own juices and helping to retain vitamins and nutrients.

Organic Snacks for Kids
Plum Organics,
Emeryville, Calif., a leading premium organic baby food brand, is growing up and introducing a line of Plum Kids organic snacks. The Plum Kids line contains more than 30 organic options, including new and innovative pouch products such as organic Greek Yogurt Mashups and Morning Mashups for on-the-go breakfast. With options for breakfast, lunch, and anytime snacking, new items feature noteworthy ingredients such as protein-rich Greek yogurt, ancient grains such as quinoa and millet, and superfoods like kale. All products meet USDA organic standards, and contain no artificial ingredients, trans fats, or GMOs.

“Four years ago, Plum pioneered the squeezable pouch format in the U.S. baby food market,” says Plum Organics Co-founder and CEO Neil Grimmer. “Consumers have rapidly adopted the pouch and parents have come to trust Plum to nourish their babies. Our Plum moms have asked for healthy snacks for school-age children, so we’ve anchored the Plum Kids line around Mashups, a kid-friendly squeezable pouch snack.”

Chicken Dressed with Pretzels
In an effort to add more crunch to its breaded chicken, AdvancePierre Foods, Cincinnati, Ohio, is launching Fast Fixin’ Pretzel Crusted Chicken Tenders into the retail sector along with new packaging. The updated packaging highlights that Fast Fixin’ products are made with all-white meat and all-natural chicken, and are printed with eco-friendly water-based ink on glare-free matte finish bags for clear messaging and easy visibility by consumers. The new snack combines crunchy pretzel bits, blended and set in a golden brown seasoned breading, and all-white chicken breast meat. “This is an exciting time for Fast Fixin’. In keeping with our commitment to innovation, we are launching a fresh, new approach to marketing the brand,” said Trey Taylor, Vice President of Marketing for AdvancePierre Foods’ Brands division. “In the upcoming months, we will introduce several fun initiatives that will drive incremental sales for our customers.” These initiates include $1 coupons and a sweepstakes to see NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick race in Miami on November 17, 2012.