Kelly Hensel

Kelly Hensel

Gluten-Free Advancements
A study in the Journal of Food Science delves into the latest discoveries in gluten-free product development. Scientists and technologists continue in their quest to improve the taste and texture of gluten-free products, but the quality of these products still tends to be poor. Bread products have a low volume, pale crust, crumbly texture, bland flavor, and a high rate of staling. In this review, the authors discuss the most recent advances in gluten-free research that have arisen in the last three years. In particular, the manuscript focuses on ingredients and processing methods which have been documented to develop or improve the processing characteristics and nutritional properties of gluten-free products.

Face-to-Face: Meet Mariano Gascon
A new member of the Gold Coast Ingredients R&D team, Mariano Gascon is a Certified Flavor Chemist with more than 20 years of experience in the flavor and ingredient industry. See what he has learned over the years by reading the Face-to-Face interview.

IFT14 Show Photos
Search #IFT14 on Instagram to see the happenings from the IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo—everything from behind-the-scenes set-up to Food Expo floor photos.

IFT14 Videos
If you weren’t able to attend the IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo, you can now access on-demand video recordings of keynote presenter Doug Rauch, Hot Topic sessions, and the Beacon Lecturers.

Certified Food Scientists Making Strides One Year Later
The Institute of Food Technologists debuted its Certified Food Scientist (CFS) credential in 2013 to recognize the applied scientific knowledge and skills of food scientists, and the recently released Employment & Salary Survey from Food Technology magazine suggests that it is indeed a beneficial designation. According to survey data, CFS recipients earn a median salary of $101,000 vs a median of $81,048 for those who do not have CFS certification.

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