Sugar-free cocktail mixes
Baja Bob’s
, purveyor of sugar-free, low-calorie cocktail mixes, has introduced a line of convenient, single-serve powder cocktail packets designed to provide a cocktail-on- the-beach experience while leaving the calories and guilt behind.

Baja Bob’s cocktail Singles are available in three festive flavors: Original Margarita, Piña Colada, and Mudslide. The cocktails can be enjoyed individually or mixed together to create a mouthwatering pitcher for party guests.

For a nonalcoholic cocktail, the Piña Colada or Original Margarita Singles can be mixed with club soda or ginger ale for a sparkling refresher. Otherwise, Baja Bob’s Singles can be combined with ice for a delicious, low-calorie frozen cocktail that can be enjoyed anywhere.

“The average cocktail mix has over 250 calories and 20–30 grams of sugar and carbs,” says Craig Cook, co-owner and co-creator. “At Baja Bob’s, we’ve spent 20 years creating delicious cocktail mixes with zero sugar and only 5–10 calories per serving, without sacrificing on taste. Add those numbers up and you get the perfect skinny cocktail for any diet with zero guilt.”

Baja Bob’s Singles are available online and in retailers nationwide for a suggested retail price of $6.99 for eight packets.

Protein bars feature real meat
DNX Foods
debuted a new lineup of real meat protein bars. Combining grass-fed beef, grass-fed bison, and free-range chicken with certified organic spices, fruits, and vegetables, the nutrient-rich bars deliver complete nutrition in a convenient snack.

Developed by a team of nutritionists, fitness experts, and culinary artisans, DNX Bars are high in protein, omega-3s, vitamin B12, and prebiotics—and feature superfoods such as goji berries, sacha inchi, and Moringa oleifera. They are also low in sodium and free of artificial preservatives, fillers, antibiotics, hormones, GMOs, dairy, soy, gluten, MSG, and added sugars.

DNX Bars are available nationwide in six varieties—Peri Peri Style Chicken, Jamaican Style Bison, Mexican Style Beef, Sweet Potato Pecan Beef, Dark Cacao Cherry Coconut Beef, and Fennel Sweet Potato Beef—for a suggested retail price of $2.99 each.

Ready-to-eat chicken in pouches
has launched its newest product innovation, Chicken Creations, marking the brand’s first foray outside of the seafood space. The line of premium white chicken is available in four flavors in ready-to-eat pouches: BOLD Buffalo Style, Ginger Soy, Zesty Lemon Pepper, and Chicken Salad.

“After 100 years in the tuna business, we proudly announce that StarKist is now a diversified healthy food company,” says Andy Mecs, vice president of marketing & innovation. “It is our goal to provide convenient, healthy options that satisfy the palates and nutritional needs for all Americans. Chicken Creations is a natural extension to our highly successful Tuna and Salmon Creations, as we already have the pouch expertise and consumer trust in our high-quality flavored protein products.”

The white meat chicken pouches contain between 70 and 90 calories each and can be enjoyed in a salad or wrap, over rice, or right out of the pouch. Chicken Creations retail for approximately $1.75 per pouch and can be found adjacent to tuna in the shelf-stable meat section at retailers nationwide.

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Baja Bob’s Sugar-free cocktail mixes

Baja Bob’s cocktail Singles contain no sugar and only 5–10 calories per serving.

DNX Food real meat protein bars

DNX Bars feature real meat combined with certified organic spices, fruits, and vegetables to deliver complete nutrition in a convenient snack.

StarKist Chicken Creations

StarKist’s new line of premium white chicken is available in four flavors in ready-to-eat pouches.