American Egg Board Eggcelerator Lab Product Development Competition

External Competition

Logo of The Eggcelerator Lab An Insights and Innovation Network brought to you by American Egg BoardThe American Egg Board invites undergraduate and graduate students in the United States to compete the inaugural Eggcelerator Lab Product Development Competition, developing new snack food products incorporating eggs as an ingredient.

With protein snacks and protein-fortified foods in such strong demand, formulating with eggs ensures the highest quality and complete protein among food ingredient options, second only to mother’s milk. Eggs are a familiar ingredient with endless nutritional and functional benefits that can support the creation of new taste and textural experiences in snack foods.


Students participating in the competition will have an opportunity to win a share of $18,000 in prizes plus a trip to Chicago to attend the 2024 IFT First Annual Expo, the world’s leading food technology event.

2023–2024 Competition Submission and Deadlines

Competition Submission Letter and Preliminary Report are due January 16, 2024. For competition rules and resources, visit American Egg Board’s Eggcelerator Lab Student Competition page or contact Elisa Maloberti with questions.