Smart Snacks for Kids Product Development Competition

IFTSA Competition

The IFTSA Smart Snacks for Kids Competition challenges students to develop a fun and nutritious food or beverage product targeted at kids and/or teens. Products must abide by the USDA “Guide to Smart Snacks in School” recommendations. (Specific information can be found here.)

Teams are empowered to use their imagination in the science and overall appeal in the creation of a novel product. A crucial component of a winning product is the team’s ability to relay the food or beverage’s “smart” qualities to both a technical and general audience.

Leveraging your “smarts,” channel your inner child and develop the ultimate kid-friendly product!

2022–2023 Winners

  • First Place: Hungry Monster, McGill University
  • Second Place: Jungle Clusters, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
  • Third Place: Critter Crackers, Texas A&M University


Each of the finalist teams will receive reimbursement for travel and registration to IFT FIRST of up to $1,800. Winners will be announced at the IFTSA Closing Ceremony.

  • First place will be awarded $3,000
  • Second place will be awarded $1,500
  • Third place will be awarded $500


Teams submitting proposals should have two to five members and be enrolled at the same institution during the fall semester. All members of the team must be IFT student members. For complete details, consult the guidelines document for this competition.

2023–2024 Competition Submission and Guidelines

Preliminary Applications for this competition close February 1, 2024

Finalist Application Deadline: May 1, 2024

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Rules & Guidelines

Sample Verification Letter (PDF)

Competition Chair

Brittany Kralik, University of Minnesota