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Kickstart Breakfast Bar

Lenny & Larry’s Kickstart Breakfast Bar contains plant-based protein and probiotics to help start the day and support the immune system.

Sunkist Sauces and Dressings

Sunkist Sauces and Dressings include a wide variety of flavors to add some citrus to a favorite meal.

ONE’s Rocky Road protein bar

With no added sugar, ONE’s Rocky Road protein bar lets consumers take their ice cream fix with them anywhere.

Kickstart the morning

Lenny & Larry’s announced the launch of its Kickstart Breakfast Bar, a soft and chewy breakfast bar made with plant-based proteins and whole grains. The bar will be available in four flavors: Blueberry Lemon, Apple Cinnamon, Banana Chocolate Chip, and Cranberry White Chocolate Chip.

The company created the Kickstart Breakfast Bar to address consumers’ growing interest in consuming plant-based protein and eating foods that support their immune system. Each bar contains 8 g of plant-based protein, 14 g of whole grains, and probiotics for immune support.

“Receiving feedback from our consumers is crucial to our business and part of our brand’s commitment to research and development, setting us apart from others in the category,” CEO Jolie Weber said in a press release. Kickstart Breakfast Bars will be sold in 4-count boxes and will be available in Kroger stores this summer.

Citrusy sauces and dressings

Sunkist has partnered with Sokol, a family-owned food formulation team with over 100 years of experience, to create a new line of sauces and dressings. Each sauce features a refreshing citrus flavor from Sunkist’s flavor profile, including Lemon Pepper Caesar, Grapefruit Poppyseed, Spicy Mango Habanero, Blueberry Chipotle, and Orange Sesame Ginger.

Made for tacos, salads, and marinades, the Sunkist Sauces and Dressings allow home cooks to add a citrusy splash to their favorite recipes and incorporate more flavorful ingredients in their meals. The new line also includes gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, dairy-free, and egg-free options. 

The Sunkist/Sokol collaboration “represents over a century of expertise and know-how from our agricultural cooperative as well as from Sokol,” said Mark Madden, vice president of marketing and global licensing at Sunkist Growers, in a press release. The line of Sunkist Sauces and Dressings is available nationally at Walmart.

Ice cream, now in a protein bar

Summer is in full swing, and that means it’s time for ice cream. ONE Brands announced its new Rocky Road protein bar is available now to enjoy on warm days. “Summer and ice cream go hand in hand, and ONE is making it easy to enjoy the delicious flavor of Rocky Road in a convenient bar,” said ONE general manager Eric Clawson in a press release.

Joining other flavors such as Birthday Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Fruity Cereal, the new Rocky Road protein bar adds to ONE Brands’ line of gluten-free treats. Each bar contains 20 g of protein and 1 g of sugar. The Rocky Road bar features a chocolate center filled with almonds and marshmallow-flavored bits and is topped with an icing-like coating. ONE Brands protein bars are also free of excess sugar, and the bars can be eaten any time of day for a little extra protein.

The Rocky Road bar will be available for a limited time this summer on the ONE Brands website, Amazon, The Vitamin Shoppe, Circle K, and other retailers. The bars will be sold individually or in variety packs.