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Plantspired Steak

Plantspired Steak is made with only four core ingredients and seasoned in a sweet and savory sauce.

Mezete’s on-the-go hummus packs

Mezete’s on-the-go hummus packs spice up snack time with no need for refrigeration.

Wild Harvest’s plant-based meats

Wild Harvest’s plant-based meats are made with pea protein and non-GMO project verified ingredients.

Meatless steak

Leading tofu brand Nasoya has added Plantspired Steak to its line of microwaveable vegan meals that are ready in minutes. After launching successfully in foodservice in 2021, Plantspired Plant-based Steak made its retail debut this spring.

Tender, meatless steak-like strips are marinated and then charcoal grilled over an open flame to create Plantspired Steak. Each meal includes 14 grams of plant-based protein per serving. Along with Plantspired Steak, the brand’s Plantspired line of convenient plant-based proteins and meal solutions includes Hearty Chili, Breakfast Scramble, Savory Tuscan Style, and Zesty Mexican Style varieties.

Shelf-stable hummus

Snacking just got easier with Mezete’s new hummus products, which are distributed by Mann Packing Co., a subsidiary of Del Monte Fresh Produce. After two decades of extensive research and development, the Mezete brand successfully created a hummus with an 18-month shelf life without the use of preservatives.

Mezete’s natural products are not only ready-to-eat, they are also long-lasting and do not require refrigeration. With the ability to stay fresh without refrigeration, Mezete products reduce supply chain complexity and food safety risks.

Created by Jordan-based Kasih Food Production Company, the Mezete brand uses ultra high temperature and aseptic tech-nologies to revive the smooth, velvety, authentic hummus recipe, using only five basic ingredients, including 30% tahini.

The hummus variations are available in five signature flavors: Sundried Tomatoes, Zesty Mixed Herbs, Fire Roasted Red Pepper, Red Hot Chili, and Classic Authentic Recipe. Sold in on-the-go, 92-gram packs, the hummus is now available at select 7-Eleven stores. 

Plant-based patties and more

Consumers want more plant-based meats that have a desirable nutritional profile and taste like the real thing, and Wild Harvest is responding with products that are ideal for the backyard grill and breakfast skillet. Wild Harvest, operated by UNFI (United Natural Foods Inc.), is introducing four new plant-based ground meats. They include Plant Based Burger Patties, Plant Based Grounds, Plant Based Meatballs, and Plant Based Breakfast Patties.

These new products represent Wild Harvest’s first foray into the plant-based meat sector, and like the brand’s other offerings, they are free from more than 140 ingredients that the company considers undesirable. They are soy-free, gluten-free, zero cholesterol, high in protein, non-GMO, and 100% domestically sourced.