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Episode 25

The EPA’s Recipe for Food Sustainability

Join podcast host Matt Teegarden and guest Claudia Fabiano from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as they discuss food waste management. In this episode, we explore the collaborative efforts from the EPA, USDA, and FDA in formulating a national strategy to halve food loss and waste by 2030. Discover the innovative funding programs, educational campaigns, and the newly updated Wasted Food Scale that are driving change and offering practical solutions for individuals and communities alike. Tune in as the speakers discuss the environmental, economic, and societal implications of food waste and learn how simple changes in our daily habits can make a significant impact.

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Claudia Fabiano Claudia Fabiano has been with the Environmental Protection Agency since 2002 and joined the Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery's Sustainable Management of Food team in 2016, where she works to help communities prevent wasted food and manages national wasted food data and related tools. She is also on the board of Washington DC's Food Recovery Working Group. When she’s not chasing after her two daughters, she’s coming up with creative solutions for how to cook what's left in the fridge.


Matt Teegarden Matt Teegarden, PhD is a food scientist and chemist with expertise at the intersection of food and health. An emerging leader in the science of food, Matt has previously served as a board member, student association President, and Proud Resource Group chair for the Institute of Food Technologists. Based in Columbus, Ohio (USA)- Matt enjoys cooking (duh!) and eating way too much food (double duh!). He plays in LGBTQ+ sports leagues around the city, recently picked up ceramics as a hobby, and is living his HGTV dream renovating a 100 year old house. Matt spends a lot of time with his family and friends and is absolutely obsessed with his dog, Huckleberry.

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