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Episode 17

Sustainable Product Positioning, Plant-Based Product Safety, Where NOVA Goes Awry

In this episode of Omnivore, our hosts interview food science thought leaders appearing in the pages of the August 2023 issue of Food Technology.

Dr. Dave Lundahl, CEO of behavioral research firm InsightsNow, talks about the importance of—and challenges related to—sustainable food and beverage product positioning. Dr. Erdogan Ceylan joins us once again, this time to discuss potential food safety risks when formulating plant-based foods. Drs. Job Ubbink and Allen Levine assess the shortcomings (and strengths) of NOVA food classification.

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Dave Lundahl Dave Lundahl, PhD, applies his skills as a statistician and food scientist to understanding consumers’ motivations and their impact on product development priorities, as CEO of InsightsNow behavioral research firm.

Erdogan Ceylan Erdogan Ceylan, PhD, is director-scientific affairs with Mérieux NutriSciences and chair of IFT’s Refrigerated and Frozen Foods Division. He is an award-winning food safety and quality executive with 25 years of experience in industrial research, food processing, operational food safety issues, troubleshooting, crisis management and regulatory affairs.

Job Ubbink Job Ubbink , PhD, is Professor and Head of the Food Science and Nutrition Department at University of Minnesota, and a member of IFT’s Food Chemistry Division.

Allen Levine Allen Levine, PhD, is a past Vice President of Research at the University of Minnesota and Professor Emeritus of Food Science and Nutrition.

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