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Episode 4

Sandwiches on the Menu, Chemicals of Concern in Food Packaging, Meat Analogue Binders

In this episode of Omnivore, Food Technology’s editorial team gets in the New Year’s groove with stories and interviews taken from the January print issue.

Insight from Maeve Webster, president of Menu Matters, about sandwiches and why they are getting lots of love both from consumers and foodservice operators. Maricel Maffini, an internationally recognized scientist committed to public health advocacy through regulation and oversight of chemical exposure, provides us with a window into the world of chemicals of concern in food packaging. A chat with the lead researcher about a new University of Hohenheim study on how stickiness in meat analogues is influenced by different ratios of proteins and carbohydrates in the form of pea protein and apple pectin.

Plus: Information on IFT’s just-released Salary Survey resource.

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Maeve Webster
Maeve Webster is president of Menu Matters, an independent consultancy, based on 18 years of industry experience, designed to help foodservice clients identify, evaluate and leverage trends from flavors and preparation techniques to consumer behavior and operational innovations.

Maricel Maffini
Maricel Maffini, PhD, is an independent consultant with MVM Consulting, whose accomplishments include successfully persuading FDA to eliminate unsafe uses of chemicals in food.

Pascal Moll
Pascal Moll, M.Sc., is a product development manager with E.V.A. GmbH and a consulting food scientist of his own company, Better Food Consulting, located in Germany. As a recent doctoral student at the University of Hohenheim’s Institute of Food Science and Biotechnology, whose recent research focuses on using pea proteins and apple pectin as binding agents in meat analogues.

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