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Episode 15

Mars CSO Abigail Stevenson, Inside the Genomics Institute, Eco-Certification Programs

In the July episodes of Omnivore, Food Technology magazine’s award-winning editors bring you into the room with a not-to-be-missed line-up of food scientists and industry thought leaders.

Dr. Abigail Stevenson, chief science officer at Mars, talks about the science that sparks her joy as she leads Mars’ efforts from blue sky to practical application to future-proof food innovation. Dr. Brad Ringeisen, executive director of the Innovative Genomics Institute, offers a fascinating overview of the institute’s research initiatives related to the use CRISPR gene-editing to bring about next-gen agricultural advances. Consultant and sustainability expert Arlin Wasserman comments on the unintended consequences of the proliferation of eco-certification programs.

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Abigail Stevenson
Abigail Stevenson, PhD, is chief science officer, Mars, and vice president of the Mars Advanced Research Institute, where she champions the multinational food and pet nutrition manufacturer’s involvement in cutting-edge science discovery and application.

Brad Ringeisen
Brad Ringeisen, PhD, is executive director of the Innovative Genomics Institute (IGI) at the University of California, Berkeley. The IGI is a groundbreaking research institute founded in 2014 by Nobel Laureate Jennifer Doudna to advance applications of CRISPR gene-editing technology to address challenges in the areas of agriculture, health, and climate change.

Arlin Wasserman
Arlin Wasserman is the founder and managing director of Changing Tastes, where he helps companies identify and catalyze shifts in the way business and consumers think about food.

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