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Episode 23

Cultural Appropriation in R&D, 2024 Technology Forecast, A Certified Food Scientist’s Journey

This episode of Omnivore features all-new conversations on timely topics with leading food scientists and experts taken from the pages of the November 2023 issue of Food Technology magazine.

Food scientist and entrepreneur Abena Foli explains what cultural appropriation in food product development looks like and how to avoid it by bringing emerging cuisines to market respectfully and authentically. Julie Larson Bricher provides insight into technology trends for 2024, which centers on advances and applications of digital transformation technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning and Industrial Internet of Things sensors and devices. Hala Ali discusses her journey to become the first certified food scientist in her home country, only to be uprooted by an ongoing war.

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Abena Foli Abena Foli, the founder of POKS Spices, which brings West African seasonings to market, is a veteran of several food industry roles. She has a BA in biochemistry from Mount Holyoke College and an MS in food science from the University of Minnesota.

Julie Larson Bricher Julie Larson Bricher is science and technology editor, Food Technology magazine. She has 30 years of experience covering the food and environmental industries.

Hala Ali Hala Ali is a Certified Food Scientist and R&D professional currently residing in the United Arab Emirates. She previously worked as a food research scientist at DAL Food and as a new product development consultant at Solar Foods.

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